Written by jo

21 Aug 2016

just writing to this story to let you know about something that happened 3 months ago ,

my name is joanne , I am 39 with a decent size 10 body ,and mousey blonde shoulder length hair , this happened when I went on holiday with my daughter in law Kerry who is 23 ,she has black hair with a great body as well . we were in marmaris

in turkey , we had been there 4 days ,after a lot of sunbathing ,we used to go out in local bars , always getting chatted up by the locals ,mainly because we normally wore light , short dresses or skirts and heels. we had made a pact that what ever happened in turkey stays in turkey . one night ,we are in a bar and Kerry got chatting to a waiter , he was about 18 and good looking , when his shift was over he came and sat with us and they got a bit touchy feely , at about 1 a m we were going back to the apartment and Kerry invited him back . any way back home we opened a few beers , they were on the couch he had his hand on her thigh so I said I will just go down to the bar and get some wine , I had been gone only about 10 mins and when I got back, as soon as I heard, I knew what was happening , they were in the bedroom having sex I sat down with a glass of wine , listening ,then I went over to the slightly open door and peeped in, they were both on the bed naked , fucking. as I watched I was getting turned on so I went back to the couch lay back and started playing with my smooth pussy , I was laid back with my eyes closed ,making my self come when I heard a noise , I opened my eyes and he was stood watching me , he was still naked with a big hard on , his end covered in come and without thinking I leant forward and took him in my mouth , he then pulled me up and got me in the bedroom , I still had my dress and heels on ,Kerry was laid there with a smile on her face , he pulled me on the same bed ,got between my legs and entered me ,as we fucked she was touching her self and kissing him, I was about to come when he pulled out , he got me on my hands and knees ,between Kerry open legs then entered me again , as I felt my orgasm building again Kerry took hold of my head , pulled me down to her soaking wet smooth pussy leaking his come ,I started licking her, this made him get more exited and he came in me , that night we had sex with each other as he watched , he ended up having sex with us both again , and in the morning when he had gone , we said this is our secret. before we came back home we had sex with 3 more lads ,some times by our selves and some times as a threesome