Written by Fender

3 Apr 2018

Whenwe awoke the next morning we showered togetherand i got fucked in the shower bent overdave shot on my back and the water washed it off . At breakfast dave told me he had to workin alicantethe day after filming so i would be alone most of the day .he then asked if i had enjoyed watching the blonde woman being fucked i said definately and i was jealous .dave surprised me by asking did i fancy trying it ? I said certainly but i was to scared to do it he surprised me again by saying that he would love to get my sister in that situation he had always fancied fucking her tits ( she had my share ) lolwith big nipples he asked if i thought she would go for it and i said i dont really know . But a couple of my bf s have told me she was red hot and she was cheating on her husband . Around an hour later he rang paul her guy and asked him what he thought he said paul was all for trying it it was a kink of his to watch her fucked so they arranged to come over for the evening in a couple of days .then dave rang his mates and arranged it . I was alone for a few hours the next day and soaking just thinking about it whendave came home from alicante we went out for a meal and came back and he shagged me alloverthe living room and the next day we stayed around the pool he just kept fingering me and wanking me off he wanted his balls full for the evening ... more