Written by Craig

18 Jul 2013

Hello my names Craig and wanted to share an experience which happened yesterday. I am home from college for the summer as it's free rent at my parents so all my disposable money can go on booze and chasing women.

Anyway My folks were out for the day but asked that I stay home as they had a rep from one of those companies that provides phone and internet bundles etc coming round. I reluctantly said okay and hung around.

Around lunchtime the man arrives and we were sat on the sofa and he was showing me brochures etc and giving me the sales bullshit. He was sat very close and he gave my leg a stroke while he had the magazines in his hand. This was totally new to me and I'm sure you cant do anything about it but my dick started to get hard.

I was wearing shorts as it's so fucking hot and my erection was noticeable. He had seen this and said looks like you are enjoying the touch. He then stroked up my leg to go under my shorts to touch my by now throbbing penis.

He said lets go upstairs and I was so turned on I agreed. We got to the landing and he pulled me into my parents bedroom, he went over to the dresser and started opening the drawers. He got a couple of drawers down and said wow I bet you would look good in these, he pulled out a pair of my mums dark hold up stockings.

He came over and told me to put them on. While he was doing this he got his dick out and was wanking. When I had the stockings on he said get on the bed and bend over, I did this and he took a bottle of moisturizing lotion of the dresser and came over and smoothed a handful over my arse.

He played with my arse for a bit before moving behind me and after a bit of further touching pushed his dick in. He Fucked me till he shot shot his spunk up my arse then took it out and said as you've been a good lad I'll do something for you. He turned me over so I was laying on my back and bent down and took my dick in his mouth. While wanking and sucking it I shot my load in his mouth in seconds.

I got tidied up and he left but not before saying your mum has some interesting underwear for a middle aged woman, and that he would be making a further appointment when she would be around on her own.

I'll post again if anything happens.