Written by Craig

11 Jun 2018

Hi, I posted recently about my episode with a man who came to my parents house to sell internet stuff etc.

Anyway during the visit he had indicated that he would like to come back and meet my mum after seeing her undies in a dresser drawer in the bedroom and said he would like to get her on her own and related that he had a lot of success with mature married women who’s husbands had maybe not been giving them the attention they were looking for.

This had got me really turned on and I knew mum was no saint as I had previously seen her having a sly kiss and then disappearing for a while with a guy she was dancing with at a do at one time.

Anyway during the week the phone went and she answered and was chatting for a bit and ended saying okay see you then, I asked casually who it was and she said it was the guy who came last week and he’s coming back to go over stuff with me. I said cool he’s a decent bloke and she said yes he sounded nice.

My thoughts all week had been would he make a move on her and if he did what would she react like. Anyway the day came around and mum said I have to go into town but have to be back late morning to see the internet guy, I said I'm going out for the day so see you later, I had no intention of not seeing what happened so went out but hung around till she came out and got in the car to go then I went back inside.

The house is pretty big with rooms we never use so there is one room across the hall from the lounge which we never use so I went in there knowing I could see the lounge without anyone knowing I was there. I heard mum come back later and then the doorbell rang and she answered, I saw them shake hands etc and she led him through the hall to the lounge, on the way I could see him having a good look at her legs and smiling to himself.

They sat down and were going through stuff and sat very close, his arm went up and around the back of the sofa and he started to touch her face with his hand, I heard her say hey I’m married and he said well perhaps hubby shouldn’t be taking his ripe wifey for granted and leaving her on her own for a younger horny guy to take advantage of.

He pulled her towards him and was kissing her, she seemed like she was liking it and he stood up pulling her up as he did and said lets go upstairs love. I had seen and heard it all but had to wait in the room till they went past to the stairs, on the way he said to her to lift her skirt up, she did till it was up around her waist, he said nice love thanks, still kissing her he was stroking up over her legs and over her stocking tops and bare legs to touch her through her panties.

She was gasping and he said come on love lets get upstairs, he almost pulled her into the bedroom, by now I had chance to follow at a distance behind them. I was just outside the bedroom and could hear him saying to her what a dirty bitch she was and what would hubby say if he knew what she was like.

He had her take her top and bra off so he could stroke and suck her nipples, she was squirming and moaning while he laughed at her. He was undressing and told her to kneel on the bed and take her panties down, she did and they were just below her stocking tops, he was stroking the backs of her legs and her fanny which I could see was pink and wet. He had her say yes please before he started to fuck her and continued to talk dirty to her saying stuff like maybe hubby would like to watch.

They both started to come so I left the landing and went out.

He left a while later but that evening I had a look in the laundry basket and saw spunk stains on the shiny tops of her stockings, have to admit I used them to add my own after a quick wank.