Written by Loco Fireman

28 Feb 2013

Florence had left school a couple of years ago and had been as a home help to the local vicar and his wife before she came to work for my Aunt who I was lodging with at the time

Now just 18 with a figure to die for I used to watch her as she walked round the house thinking how much I would like to be in her knickers.

I worked shifts and used to come home from work at very vering times day or night but after she had been with us for about a month I was on late afternoons and arrived home about 12.30.

My aunt usually left me some supper ready to eat but on this occasion Florence was still up watching T.V when I arrived sitting in her dressing gown.

I had a quick shower and came down in my slacks and tee shirt,she had put my supper on the table so I sat down with the coffee she had made and tucked in.

The programme she was watching finished then she stood up and came to stand behind me.

I had just about finished by now when she started to stroke my neck and ears which had a wonderful effect and got me an immediate erction.

I just sat there wondering what was next and she slowly slid her hand down my side, within seconds she was feeling the lump im my slacks and squeezing it gently

I turned in the chair and stood up, picked her up then carried her to the settee where I laid her down, then knelt at the side, slowly opened her gown to find she was naked underneath.

I leaned forwards kissed her breasts, nibbled and sucked her nippled before moving slowly down at the same time spreading her legs then diving between them sucking her warm wet slit, savouring the jiuces that were oozing out copiously.

She writhed under me as a climax hit her moaning loudly crying out "Yes, Yes" before pushing my head away.

I stood up and quickly stripped then roughly dragging her to the floor spread her legs wide again ,lay on top of her letting my erection find it's own way into the warmtth of her vagina.

Once in I lay still kissing her, she opened her mouth for my tongue as we laylike this for ages, my prick deep inside her.

Then I knew the end was near as my prick began to twitch and throb so I began to fuck her hard and fast.

She moaned and cried her fingers scratching my back then my buttocks as we both hit the end together.

I lay inside her my cum finished throbbing out until I began to slacken off.

I rolled off her, she followed that by rolling on top of me, still kissing.

After about 1/2 an hour we stood up and finished up in my room, where from that we slept together until I had to leave for another posting.

Some months later she left her job and followed me where we got together again and continued where we had left off.