8 Jul 2017

We both love the warm sunny weather, it is a great opportunity for us to have fun with some of my favourite turn on games. I of course refer to female flashing. My wife has been an exponent with my encouragement ever since we met and I explained the interest in this sport along with many other sexual games and experiences. However we do not confine these deeds to purely hot sunny days, the winter can also provide magical moments to the enthusiast.

Naturally we are prepared to allow other men to witness this exciting yet quite tame sport but it does not always work as the mind's eye predicts. We have had starers who can't believe what they have seen, some who pretend they have seen nothing. Then the furtive opportunists who insist on making a second or third take to believe what they saw. However I want to reveal a particularly happy occasion when we went to the coast near Hornsea. A superb weekend and on the Monday we had the day to ourselves. I suggested a bit of fun and Liz took a nano second to agree. Upstairs for a search for suitable skirt and top. reappearing with a stunning new top with breasts tanned and proud, short skirt, mid thigh, panties and no bra.

We drove off and took the quickest route, all the way she was touching herself, exposing her tight cunt to me and talking dirty about her hopes for the coming day. We got to the car park we knew and began a lovely walk. It being before the school holidays, apart from a couple of dog walkers, there was nobody else around in the direction we were walking. Pretty soon we were isolated and with minimal encouragement she removed each of her garments, leaving just her shoes. I bagged her clothing, neatly folded, and followed my now naked wife towards some small woodland. She looked beautiful in the bright sunshine and I suggested she walk on while I hold back for a minute or so. I love doing this with the thought of her maybe coming across a guy who might be up to fuck her. It is rare because the shock is normally too much too soon and they move on rapidly, but others are brave enough to stop and chat or attempt intimacy. That is extremely rare and more often than not we meet nobody until she has covered up again.

However this particular day was when we had moved through the woodland, we followed a path towards the beach then as we arrived we saw it was a nudist beach, rather there were three guys laying naked in the sun on the soft sand. I said I would stay out of sight and see what happened while she had a chance to seek out some cocks for her pleasure. She asked for her bag of clothes and took it, gave me a kiss and started down the slope to the beach. The men all saw her approach as soon as she broke cover from the woods. I stayed in the shade behind some small trees hoping to catch some action but unsure whether or not they were possibly gay. I scoured the beach for anyone else and saw nobody, estimating that perhaps a couple of miles of unpopulated sand was in view. I made out a couple of car roofs and assumed the naked sunbathers had arrived that way.

I found a tree stump and sat on it, maintaining a decent view. Liz had now strolled along the shoreline naked in full view of the now attentive trio. They were spaced out around forty metres apart in total and she stopped and looked out to sea, expecting some sort of approach if they were on for fun. One stood and strolled towards her while the other two hesitated. They were close to each other, two or three feet or so and too far to have the slightest hope of catching the conversation over the constant lapping of the waves. They spoke for a few minutes and then both walked back to his small pile of clothes and towel. He took her bag and carried it for her, gentleman eh, or thief. I thought if it were the latter she was going to be naked for the day. My mind pondered that sexy thought.

They sat and chatted then she put her hand in his lap, sadly out of my view, but the action told me she was wanking his cock and he was feeling her tits as they kissed. This was more like it. I heard voices behind me and saw two more guys coming towards the same stretch of beach. I was piggy in the middle but stayed my ground, I could hardly do anything else really. They saw me and said hello so I made the excuse that the sun was too hot for me. Then one of them asked if I was watching the couple on the beach and I grinned and said that was an added bonus. By this time his cock was in her mouth and the now audience of three had a great view of the action taking place around thirty yards away. I would have loved to get closer but knew that might spoil it all. The other two guys started a commentary. 'Bet he fucks her', 'She is loving that', 'I would love a fuck with her, she looks fit' 'Better than that one last time when she just teased us all'. I sat and smiled and nodded my head. 'How long they been at it?' asked the older of the two. 'I followed her here and saw her strip off about fifteen minutes ago' I told them 'Nice arse' said the younger. The complements about my wife continued when she stood up and turned her back, taking a position on all fours ready for doggy style. I was excited and the three of us held our breath collectively as he slipped deep inside her. 'He's got it right in her, look at him ramming it in, lovely, she'll soon be full of spunk at this rate, wonder if we might get lucky', the younger one said. 'Hold back until he's finished we might spook them and fuck it up'. We all continued to watch as the fucking continued. Our stud eventually came when we saw him throw his head back and groaned a sound we heard above the waves. I thought of the fifties movies where a love scene was met with phallic crashing of waves, made me smile. They parted their coupling a few seconds later and I saw her walk down to the shoreline and wade in to wash away the excess. I was standing in awe of the sight and the other two decided to chance their luck and went towards the water's edge. A few pleasantries were exchanged but she refused to accept their offers of more fun of the kind they had just witnessed. The guy with her shook his head backing her up and they moved away without further ado.

I sat a while longer and then she kissed the guy goodbye and retraced her steps to me. As we got into the woods I asked her to remain naked until we got closer to the car but a woman with her dog put a premature end to that and Liz dived for cover to avoid embarrassment, re-emerging with top and skirt on, literally seconds later. Her panties were still in her bag so we went to a local pub and sat outside in the sun with her staying uncovered and flashing a few lucky drinkers.

We set off home and reminisced about a very fruitful day. She said he had given her his number but she threw it in the bin saying it was a good one off and maybe the novelty was good enough that a follow up might well disappoint. Good point really.