Written by Dirty D

25 Jan 2010


A few months ago during the holidays I went with my son to stay with friends. My husband was working away and I needed the break. Our friends have a swimming pool and hot tub so the week was fun and relaxing.

On our last evening we went out for a meal and I had rather a lot to drink, which always makes me feel horny. When we got back my son went to bed and the 3 of us sat talking for a while, then A asked who was getting in the Jacuzzi with him. C said no she was tired and was off to bed, so I said I would go in for a while to keep him company. So C went to bed, A got into the Jacuzzi naked, I changed into my black bikini and joined him in the hot bubbling water.

We sat talking for a while when the conversation turned to sex and fantasies, my pussy soon started to ache as A told me some of his fantasies. But as I was going home early the day and it was now midnight I said I was getting out and going to bed. A then asked for a goodbye kiss as he would still be asleep when we left. So I thought "I'll just give him a little kiss and then go to bed". But as he kissed me and his tongue slipped into my mouth, I found myself responding to him and kissing him back just as passionately. As our tongues entwined my pussy began to moisten. As we kissed he slowly undid the strings on my bikini top and let it slip into the hot water. As his hand moved to my tits I felt my nipples harden under his touch. I think he now realised the effect he was having on me and moved a hand down towards my now very wet pussy. I knew I should stop him but it felt too good. His hand was soon feeling my cunt through my bikini bottoms. His fingers quickly found my hard swollen clit and he gently caressed it through my wet bikini. A then pulled aside my bikini and his hand was now on my smooth shaven cunt and again he began massaging my hard clit, this was enough and I came on his hand, my whole body shuddering in sheer pleasure. I moved my hand down now to feel his hard throbbing cock and started to slowly wank him.

A had now slipped 2 fingers into my dripping pussy and began to slowly finger fuck me. He then lifted me out of the water and onto the steps of the Jacuzzi and spread my legs wide apart so he could get a good view of my smooth wet cunt. He then bent his head and slowly began to lick my pussy as he again slipped his fingers into my dripping hole. By now I was moaning loudly and crying out for A to fuck me. I slipped back into the water as A pressed his throbbing knob against the lips of my wet cunt and slowly eased it into me. I could feel my pussy stretching around it as he pushed it further and further into me and began to fuck me with slow steady strokes, gradually speeding up until he was thrusting deep inside my tight hole. I began to feel another orgasm building up inside me and I had another shattering climax. This obviously pleased A as I felt his cock throb as his hot cum spurt into me. He then stood and I licked and sucked his cock dry of both our juices.

Now it was time for bed.

Let me know what u think!!!

D xx