Written by JJFisher

22 Apr 2015

Outside the wind was howling and the snow fell quite heavily. We had been at a wedding reception. It wasn’t a night from driving so were glad that we had booked into the hotel. We headed off to the lounge for a nightcap. Apart from Robert one of the groom’s friends the bar was empty. We said hello and he offered us a drink then brought the glasses over to our table.

My wife had danced with him a couple of times so we asked him to join us and chatted about the day. Robert was about 23 years old medium athletic build and longish fair hair. He was good company and enjoyed chatting to my wife Janine. She is a slim blonde 42 years old and looked very attractive in her outfit.

“Are you staying at the hotel?” she asked. To which he replied that the rooms were all booked and because he had had a few drinks he was going to have to sleep in his car.

We both commented that he would probably freeze outside. He asked to be excused and went to the toilet.

“We have a couch in the room” she said. “He could use that.”

“Yeah right” I replied. “He might try to shag you during the night” I said in a joking manner.

“Mmmmmmmm” was her reply as Robert came back into the room.

Janine got up and went off to the loo so I mentioned the couch to Robert. He seemed pleased with the idea.

“I have to warn you though that she is quite horny tonight.”

“You are very lucky as she is a very attractive and sexy woman.”

“Have you ever made love to an older married woman” I asked

“No” he replied

“But you would like to I’ll bet.

He nodded embarrassingly”

Janine came back and I told her that Robert was happy to use the couch and a few minutes later we headed up to the room, which was large with a huge double bed, and at the end of the room near the window was the couch. We found some covers for the couch and then Janine said she wanted the light’s out so she could get changed. She went into the en-suite and when she came out in her short lingerie and panties the place was in almost darkness with me in bed and Robert on the couch.

I briefly spotted Robert catching a glimpse of her as she climbed into bed with me. We rolled together and kissed. My hand slid down her tummy and into her panties then probed a very wet very warm pussy. She gasped as I stroked her clit then asked me to stop as Robert might hear. I ran my finger back over her clit which seemed to be getting bigger and her pussy a lot moister.

“Are you randy” I asked in a whisper.

“Mmmmmmmmm yes” she whispered back

“Is it because he is here”

“Yyyyes” she replied.

“Do want to fuck him cos he fancies you like mad” I whispered. "Do you want him to join us.”

I ran my finger over her wet pussy and she gasped in reply.

“Oh god yes if it is OK with you.”

At that I got up and went to the loo. On my way back I tapped Robert and pointed to the other side of the large bed. He stood up naked and in the semi darkness I could see a very large thick and very stiff cock thrusting out.

We got into bed on each side of Janine and I could hear her gasp. I slipped my hand into her panties then slowly removed her nighty to expose her lovely firm boobs. I then turned her on to her side towards me then kissed her whilst rubbing her nipples. Robert moved against her and his cock brushed against her bum. She reached back and took his cock in her hand and rubbed it against her. Both of them moaned in pleasure. I turned Janine over on to her other side so she was face to face with Robert.

The two of them started kissing and his hands stroked her nipples as she moved her fingers over his cock. Robert slid his hand down her back then pulled down her panties. Janine turned on to her back with Robert kissing her sucking her nipples and a hand stroking her pussy. She was in the throes of ecstasy.

“Oh Robert make love to me now” she moaned.

Robert moved over her and Janine lifted her legs as high as I have ever seen. She almost screamed as he sank his thick cock into her. Robert sucked on a nipple and they both kissed madly. Janine was thrusting like mad as Robert moved slowly then faster. They moaned like mad as they both came together. Robert rolled off then I turned Janine on to her side then sank my throbbing cock into her soaking very hot pussy. As we moved together Robert sucked on her nipples and kissed her. As he did so and I pushed harder Janine rubbed on Robert’s cock, which was obviously growing harder. It didn’t take long for Janine and me to come. Robert by now was rock hard again and then he moved up the bed and knelt beside Janine’s head. She lifted her head up and took him slowly in her mouth gasping and moaning as I flicked a finger over her pussy again.

“Oh make love to me again” she moaned

Robert turned her over on to he tummy then pulled her up on to her hands and knees. I knelt beside her head and she took me in her mouth as Robert pushed into her. Within minutes we all came again together in a fit of moans and groans.

For the rest of the night Janine must have been fucked and sucked six times.

We all met up again a few weeks later and Robert brought a friend. But that is the next story.