7 Nov 2015

After a weekend of going out with the same friends yet again I decided that was enough the endless football shit and pretending to be a lads lad, so I thought I'll give my wife's friends a try. All was going very well I had a few beers and a cupola lines of Charlie I got talking to my wife's best friends husband

And it just slipped out "I have fancied your wife for so long your a Very lucky man "he turned to me and with a very serious face said I would love to watch you fuck her only if I can fuck you'd wife , well what could I say yes obviously. But you have to unberstand my wife was not in the slitest bit that way it was going to take a lot of persuading and a lot of drink. We hatched a plane to make her see that this was a good idea. After everyone had gone home I had a quiet word in my wife's ear and to my surprise without hasetation she said yes not only yes but" I want bouth of you at the same time "not I problem I said but can I have sex with his wife first yes but we all have to be in the same room so up we went to there bedroom. My god I thought that only happens in porn movies, picture my wife's best friend , blonde the best tits you have ever seen big very big not dropey a body to die for ,don't get me wrong so has my wife but to have permission to fuck an other women while you wife is watching and then fuck her anal while she is being fucked by your mate out of this world I don't think iv ever come so much in all my life the night was just perfect and so where many more after that but we are looking for a new adventure now so if any one or two thinks they can top that send me a massage and see what happens. ❤️??