Written by Sue

20 Aug 2017

I am now 59 years old, supposedly mature woman, and have to admit I have often read these stories and although some appear to be within the realms of fantasy and fiction, some do turn me on. I enjoy reading them and realise just as I can get excited , there must be many other people who react and are stimulated by what is written; so here is my story.

My first marriage was punctuated by a number of extra-marital relationships. Some were long lasting, others were one nighters or rather any time in the day timers. I think it was the knowledge I was attractive and could do it; it became a challenge and I was peeved if at times it didn't happen. I had maintained my slim youthful figure and firm breasts, my legs are long and the shortish skirts enhanced the view. I was very promiscuous. I met my second/present husband this way and was hooked. I moved out and fortunately the necessary divorce was civilised. I was then 42 My new husband, Peter is 5 years younger than I am, he knew of my past life and we were happy. We had often talked about sleeping with others but nothing had transpired or was even seriously considered. Until one day without planning it happened; I was then 47 years old and should have known better.

We were staying with Peter's friends John and Carol; we got on well, a bit of flirting over a couple of years but no serious intent or so I thought. On this occasion there was plenty of wine to loosen and relax, but we were not drunk. At one point Carol said the dog needed a walk and disappeared off into the rainy night; I though Peter had gone with her, but he was looking for more wine in the garage.

John and I were relaxed and carried on chatting; we were both on the settee. He kept stroking my leg and this caused my skirt to ride up a little but enough to expose the tops of my hold ups - this approach always turns me on and I could feel my nipples stiffening and pussy swelling. Whether he was looking at my nipples or not, I was beginning to feel aroused; I had always liked John but said we should be careful. John took my caution as a sign to say that he had always fancied me and wanted to kiss me.

I told him that Peter and Carol will be back shortly; he suggested this wasn't the case as she was probably having sex with Peter. That took me aback and I remember looking shocked, but he leaned forward and kissed me straight on the lips whilst sliding his hand straight up my leg and used his thumb against my panties to massage my pussy; it was already damp. His tongue darted into my mouth. My mind was all over the place but I responded slowly to his sensuous tongue and let my tongue play with his, whilst easing forward on the settee, opening my legs, to allow him more entry to my pussy lips. He moved the scant panties to one side and gradual digitally penetrated my inner depths while using his other hand to pinch my nipples which were like organ stops in my lacy white bra. I could feel the tell-sign of a fast approaching orgasm and I thrust my groin up to meet his insistent finger fucking. Then he stopped and looked at me. I was a shuddering wreck and I knew I wanted him. He asked if we should stop but I was too close to cumming and standing I took off my blouse, bra, skirt and knickers and told him to get his trousers off and fuck me. I know I also said that if Peter was fucking his wife, this was only fair.

John stripped and his cock was much bigger than Peter's ; thick and cut about 7 inches long. I grabbed it and sucked the angry looking head, gasping at its girth as my tongue swirled over the tip. I could taste the salty pre-cum. Pushing me back into the settee so that my gaping pussy was on the edge of the seat. He knelt and started to lick my blossoming flower, I held his head close as his tongue lanced into my wet channel, he expertly flicked my clitoris. I cried and wailed out loud as the first orgasm hit me. My legs clamped his head to my quivering sex. As I came back to earth, I released John's head; it was covered in my juices and I kissed him drinking in my wetness.

John lay down on the floor and holding my hand I straddled his body and eased down onto his large cock; it was amazing as the thickness stretched my tight cunt. Slowly I descended until I engulfed it, I could feel it twitching inside me. Grasping my hips and arse he began to raise his body to fuck me. I lifted up and forced my tube of joy down on his cock. I'm very noisy when I fuck and I know I was making untold noises of heated passion shouting at him to cum hard in me. As I forced down on him I orgasmed again and this lit his fuse and his cock convulsed and I could feel him shooting deep into my wet cunt, spurt after spurt.

Not happy at that as I lifted off large evidence of our lovemaking dripped out over his groin. I scooped this up and licked my fingers but also sat on his face and made him lick my pussy lips again. This produced another crescendo as his tongue pierced my mouth and I drowned his face with a mixture of his cum and my love juices. A voice behind us spoke and suggested I got off him as I was likely to suffocate John.

It was Carol. Being defensive but undeterred, I shot her a question of how well my husband had fucked her; she responded that she had found my husband asleep in a pile of laundry in the garage. Nothing had happened, but walking across the room and talking off her top, she said the evening was but young and she kissed me on the lips.

The evening was young and continued as a3sum until there was a pale watery dawn. I was sore and bruised from John's repeated fucking and from Carol's more gentle but insistent lovemaking; Peter was blissfully unaware and slept through the night like a baby.

Following this night, I knew I craved for more sex and slowly and insidiously designed ways to get more sexual encounters - some with Peter but others without his knowledge. That is still the case today. Sue x