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How it started with Maureen

"First time with Maureen"

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This is how I started with Maureen. I have known Maureen for years now as I met her through her eldest daughter Gemma. I have always found Maureen attractive. Maureen is in her late 50's, blonde hair, with a curvy figure she is the true definition of a milf. She married her husband Alan a few years back. I've met him several times over the years and have always thought that he has been punching well above his weight. Anytime I have met Maureen I would always flirt with her and she would do the same it was nothing more than harmless fun, which all of Gemma's male friends use to do. I started seeing Maureen just before the pandemic started. I had ran into her in the town centre one afternoon and got talking to her. We had lunch and coffee together and more or less spent most of the day in each others company. I don't know what came over me, but I mentioned to her that I've always found her attractive and that Alan was punching well above his weight, which she found to be funny. Maureen had informed me that I was the only person out of Gemma's friends who actually still keeps in contact with her and asks how she is every so often. I admitted to Maureen that it was because I fancied her and I even told her that she was a Milf. At this point Maureen told me that things with her and Alan weren't great in the bedroom and that she and him haven't had sex in over 3 months. I used this opportunity to tell her that she needed to give it a go with someone more younger than Alan. Looking her in her eyes I placed my hands on her arm and again told her how pretty I thought she was. I think Maureen knew what I was doing. Looking at the time it was time for Maureen to leave as she had to return to do dinner. We both walked back to the car park and we were both in the lift alone. Maureen had parked on the 2nd floor and I had parked on the 3rd. Just before the lift was about the enter the 2nd floor Maureen started saying goodbye and thanked me for the lunch and coffee. Instinct took over me and I grabbed her and gave her a brief kiss on the kiss. Maureen semeed to respond to me and showed no sign of resistance towards me. Looking at each other as she grinned at me. I could feel myself getting hard from kissing Maureen as she walked out of the left. Returning home I messaged Maureen telling her how long I've been waiting to kiss her and how it got me excited. Maureen responded pretty much straight away telling me how confident I was in kissing her. I told her that I would come over and show Alan how to really satisfy a women. I was getting horny and told Maureen this. I straight up asked Maureen when she will be free to meet up again. Maureen told me at first that she didn't want to do anything as she was married and didn't want to risk her marriage. After some more flirting with her, Maureen told me to come round at the end of the week as she knew Alan would be away during the afternoon time and wouldn't be back untill the late evening. The days leading up to it I was telling Maureen all the things I was going to do to her and getting her excited. On the day we met was a Friday, Alan would be leaving at around 12 midday and Maureen would have the house to herself. Maureen messaged me to say that Alan was getting ready to leave and that I should start to leave. I made sure that I was nice and fresh for Maureen. Maureen had told me to get a bottle of wine for when I come over as she didn't have any in the house. I odered a cab and made my way to her place. There was a BP petrol station on route to where Maureen lives and I asked the cab driver to just pull in quickly whilst I got a bottle of wine. The cab driver didn't mind this as it gave him a chance to get some fuel. Inside I made my way to the wine section at the BP, looking over my right shoulder guess who I see? It was Alan who had stopped to fill his car up and to get some snacks. I was hoping that he wouldn't see me. But he started walking my way as he was heading to the soft drink freezer. I still hadn't picked up a bottle of wine as I hadn't decided which one to get. Alan had seen me and had come over to say hi. I greeted him and shook his hand. I always called him Mr A, he had seen that I was some what dressed up and looking at the wine section. He asked where I was going and I told him that I had a lunch date. He had obviously worked out that I was meeting a women, he didn't realise that the women was his wife! He asked where abouts I was going for lunch and I made an excuse that it some restaurant not too far away, but I was buying the wine for afters. Alan looked at me and grinned and said that I would be lucky to get lucky on a first date. I chuckled when he said this and was very tempted to tell him that I would be fucking with his wife very soon! Alan suggested a wine for me from South Africa and stated that it was Mo's favourite. Mo was his nickname for Maureen. I thanked him very much for this and thanked him in my mind for going out this afternoon so I could spend it fucking with his wife. We both left and I made sure Alan left in his car first driving away from his home direction. I had messaged Maureen to let her know that I was on my way. The cab driver dropped me a few doors down from Maureen's. As I approached I door had opened slightly and as I made my way in. Maureen was wearing a silky black dressing gown and I could see that she was wearing only her black panties. We both shared a deep kiss and I ran my hands over her body opening her dressing gown. Even for age Maureen still had a great body. I stood in the hallway sucking both her tities one at a time and shared deep kisses with her. Maureen lead me into the living room where she removed her gown and pulled off her panties. Maureen laid back and opened her legs and invited me to lick her out. Going down on her I pulled opened her pussy and went straight for her clit. Sucking her licking and biting my way around her pussy as she moaned in delight. I could taste her sweet pussy juice in my mouth. I started fingering her pussy as her wet sounds filled the room as well as her moans. Maureen suggested we go upstairs as it would be more comfortable. She took my hand and lead me upstairs as I carried the bottle of wine with me. Sharing kisses as we made our way to the bedroom. Entering the room I placed the bottle on the side and started kissing Maureen as she removed my clothes. Maureen took.took my rock hard cock in her and started wanking me off. Maureen told me to lay on the bed. She followed me on and started sucking me off. Maureen took my cock deep in her mouth as I laid on hers and Alans bed. I told Maureen to come and sit on my face whilst she sucked me off and she positioned herself in the 69 position whilst I licked her out. Pulling her pussy apart and sliding my tongue along her clit she pushed further down on my face and started rubbing her pussy ober my, covering it with juices. I was getting rock hard and Maureen told me to lay on my back. With my wrt cock she took a seat on my cock and started riding me. Back snd forth she went on my cock. Coming in close so we can share kisses in between amd rubbing her hands over my body as I took control of her ass as she grinded on my cock. Her moans were filling the room as I lay there. I sat up and bent Maureen over and started giving it to her doggy style. Pulling her back and pounding her ad she screamed in delight and begged me to fuck her harder as she crouched over the pillows as my cock slammed into her. Grabbing the bedhead I continued giving it to her. Faster and harder as I grabbed the bedhead and began slamming her with all my forced as the bedhead slammed against the wall, I thought at one minute the bedhead was going to rip off. I turned her round and started kissing her deep my tongue all the way down in her mouth. I made my way down her body licking her tits and licking her all over. I picked up her legs and started kissing them and then started sucking her toes. I have a foot fetish and have always thought Maureen had sexy feet. Taking most of her toes in my mouth I worked my tongue and mouth around both of her feet. Maureen told me get on her and fill her up. I slid my cock into her and started banging her, grabbing her tits as I slammed into her. I got down on her and started sharing kisses as I continue to slam into her as her adulterous screams filled the room. Maureen pulling me in close as I continued pounding her as bodies were clapping together. I continued going and going as I was getting close. Thrust after thrust I knew I was getting close, I could feel it building up inside. Maureen pulled me in close as I felt her juices ran on my cock. Maureen screamed as I continued pounding her and I was getting closer and closer. I let out a massive scream as I unloaded my warm cum in her pussy. I held it in there as we continued kissing with each other. We lay there carressing each other sharing small kisses in between.
Written by Stupastar21

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