Written by wifewill

31 Mar 2010

Following on with Sylvia,s sexual adventures. We had a friend who used to visit us regulary, his name was Phil he was about 30 but had never had sex with a man or a women. One night when he was at our house I said to Sylvia she should teach him about sex and that I would go out to work and leave them to it, Sylvia said she would give it a go, Phil was in the lounge having coffee and Sylvia went upstairs to get ready, I told Phil I had to go out but would only be a couple of hours so he could stay and I would see him later.

Sylvia came down the stairs wearing a very sexy red slip and panties and nothing else and went into the lounge, I left the house but was outside watching through a chink in the curtains, the poor lad had no chance Sylvia was sitting in a chair and had Phil standing in front of her, she took his hands and put them on to her tits, she then unzipped his troucers and let them fall to the floor, she took his underpants down and started to suck his cock. I had a real real hard on watching this and was wanking myself off. I had to stop for a while before I shot my load so I went for a walk.

I returned 30 minutes later and Sylvia had him lying on the settee with her in the 69 position sucking each other off, very sexy. Sylvia then laid him on the floor and got on top of him riding his cock. I was suprised how big his cock was much bigger than mine, her panties were on the floor at the side of them but she still had her slip on but pushed up so they could fuck. Sylvia rode him for ages until thay were tired out. After the 2 hours passed I went back into the house and into the lounge, they were both sitting there back to normal except Sylvia was still wearing just her slip and had put her panties back on, you could smell the sex in the room. Phil said he would have to go home as it was late and he had work next day.

Sylvia and I went to bed and I asked her how it went, she said it went well except when she was shagging him she could'nt make him cum, probley frightened of getting her pregnant even though she told him to shoot his load as it was quite safe.

About 2 weeks later we went to an airshow at southport and Phil went with us. one of the nights I drove off to the beach in southport with sylvia and phil, we were running amongst the sand dunes when Sylvia and Phil went off somewhere, when I found them Sylvia had gone back to the car took her dress and panties off and put them in the car and she went into dunes with phil wearing just a while silk slip.

When I caught up with them again they were shagging in the dunes, Slyvia had certainly taught Phil about sex, he was getting more sex out of Sylvia then I was. We went back to the caravan on the airfield and had a drink and went to bed, Sylvia and I in the caravan and Phil was sleeping in the awning. In the early hours I noticed Sylvia had left the bed, I thought she had gone to the toilet but after about 10 minutes she had'nt come back, I opended the curtain and looked into the awning there was Sylvia and Phil shagging, so I lay back and had a wank. I like to see Sylvia being fucked by someone else. She wouldent do it to start with but now she could'nt get enough, she was making up for lost time.