Written by SuzyE

8 May 2014

Hi. I have just joined the site and I need to tell my story more to get peoples opinions than anything else especially other women because I am hooked on visiting a couple who do things to me.I cant' put a photo on the site for lots of reasons at the moment but will send photo's to people I get to know and trust on the site. I'm 19, I refer to myself as slim with hips, I am proud of my body and I know you won't believe me when you read my story but I am very shy. I have been told I'm very pretty by people and I do get a lot of attention when I go out which can be annoying But I have what I suppose you would call a 'Fuck Buddy couple'. I met Jo and Ian about a year ago when I was out one night and after I lost contact with my friends they invited me back to their place rather than leave me in town on my own. I suppose I was a bit silly becouse I had only just turned 18 at the time but they appeared quite nice. Jo is 35 and Ian is 40. When we got to their flat we continued finishing off a couple of bottles of wine. Jo told me that she has something I could wear to sleep in but she is slim with DD breasts and so the stuff she had didn't really fit so I ended up wearing one of Ian's shirts. I was in the spare bedroom completely naked getting changed when Jo walked in, she just stared at me and said how sexy I was and Ian would love to see me like this. We laughed, put on his shirt( I was a bit drunk ) and she took my hand and led me into the living room. She told Ian that he had missed something special and sat me down on the settee next to Ian whilst she went to her bedroom. After a few minutes of silence Jo came out in a negligee that was pretty much see through. She sat next to me and they asked me about boyfriends and stuff. Jo turned me so I had my back to her half sitting up half laying down. All I could remember was that I was laying on her breasts. Another few minutes of silly talk went by and Jo told Ian that I had the most amazing breasts she had seen and how nice and firm they where. I can remember now how much my face burned and all I could say was something silly like 'thank you'. She put her hand on my chest and opened the shirt, she leaned me forward and pulled the shirt off which ended up on the floor. I was completely naked in front of strangers but I felt so comfortable, probably the drink. Jo started to touch me and rubbing my nipples and moving her hand down until she was rubbing my clit. Until then I was the only person to do that to myself. I had my eyes closed whilst she touched me, when I opened them Ian had undressed. This was the first time I had seen a black guy completely naked and he is huge. Jo moved and lay me down. This was the first time I fucked a women. She told me to close my eyes and suck her nipples which I gladly did whilst she fingered me. She took her fingers out of my pussy and put them in Ian's mouth telling him to 'taste me'. Within seconds he was licking and sucking at my pussy whilst Jo moved from my mouth to my breasts back to my mouth. For a while Ian,s fingers where in me and then I could feel something much much thicker.Jo moved to the side and watched as Ian thrust his cock into me again and again. He fucked me for what seemed ages I must have cum two or three times so strongly I was almost paralysed. Before Ian came he slipped out of me stood beside me and wanked himself until he came over my chest, face even dripping into my mouth, He just kept cuming so much so I had to wipe a handful from my eyes just to see. Jo just pushed him to the side and climbed on top of me licking his cum off me, sucking my breasts like a possessed women, licking my face until I was clean, then she straddled me and rubbed her pussy against mine until we both orgasmed. Ian put his cock in her mouth and then mine dripping a little more cum into my mouth. Now I see them about once every week or so and each time Ian wanks over me and Jo just goes nuts with me, never once has he cum inside me. Until then I was straight but now just love women. For a laugh I asked Ian to measure himself a couple of months ago, he is 9" erect with a 5" thickness. he has promised to cum inside me next time but we will see.