Written by Bloooo

27 Jul 2010

As I stood at the bar I could feel his eyes on me, looking me up and down in my short red mini skirt and black high heels. He walked over to the bar and stood next to me, as I turned around slowly making sure I brushed my arse against his crotch as he softly grabbed hold of my hips. I turned around flashing him my wedding ring and brushed my hand against his cock, I whispered in his ear to follow me, as I slowly made my way towards a dark corner of the club. As soon as we were in the shadows he pinned me against the wall and ordered me to spread my legs for him. I could feel my pussy was already wet as he slid his hand up the inside of my bare thigh, and slowly pushed my damp thong to the side, I spread my legs open a little more giving him easier access to slide his finger inside my warm wet pussy, as he did this I moaned quietly in his ear, he quickly dropped to his knees to tease me by licking my clit once and once only, this almost made my knee’s buckle, and I was getting even more excited at the thought of my husband at home knowing I was out tonight to get fucked by a guy with a huge cock and he loved the thought of it, which worked out well for both of us ;) as I wasn’t complaining! He stood up and turned me around pinning me to the wall by my hands and lifting my short skirt up exposing my perfect arse. I could feel my pussy dripping as I whispered in his ear that my husband knew how dirty was and loved it and loved hearing about the guys that fucked me hard. He was forceful as he slammed his cock deep inside me he grabbed my hips and said ‘scream u dirty bitch!, let me know how much your enjoying this big cock inside you’ He turned me around and still had me pinned against the wall as he lifted one of my legs up around his waist he continued to fuck me hard and deep in my wet married pussy he then said to me ‘will your husband like this!!’ as he fucked me harder and harder ‘ Of course! You’re fucking me like a whore!’ I replied with this he pounded my pussy harder than I have ever felt before, I had never felt a cock as thick and as long as his before! My pussy was dripping with my juices. I felt his cock began to throb and I knew he was about to explode, with this I dropped to my knees like a good wife ;) and began slapping his thick hard cock off of my wet tongue and shoved it into my mouth as I twisted my mouth around his huge cock, he grabbed hold of the back of my head and began fucking my mouth hard, fast and deep until he pulled out and sprayed a huge thick white sticky load all over my face and tongue! I had never seen so much cum before. He definitely had the biggest cock I’ve ever had! With this I got up and straighten myself out and left for home to tell my good little husband every detail, which was at home waiting for me eagerly! As I got home I undressed and lay next to hubby with my vibrator at hand as he was already touching himself when I arrived I slipped the vibrator into my already wet pussy and began telling him every detail of my eventful night, as I came I sat on his face, which he loves! Making sure he licked up EVERYTHING that was down there, all of my fuck juices!! With this I inserted the vibrator back into my pussy and noticed hubby was about to cum, which is when I grabbed his hand and made him fuck me with the vibrator and told him..’Only I’m Cumming tonight..You’re not!’

Until next time.... ;)