Written by Alan

18 Jul 2018

For those of you who have read my previous posts you will know that my wife of 25 years had recently admitted to a string of sexual encounters with fiends and colleagues. One of her most shocking disclosures was that she had regularly fucked our groomsman both before and after we were married. It carried on for years after we were married,on and off until he got remarried and they decided to stop.

However it was Ally's 50th birthday and I threw a massive surprise party inviting old friends neighbours and colleagues. Obviously I invited Robert - as I didn't know he had regularly been fucking Allison. The party went well and I didn't think anything more of it. However apparently a day or so later Allison was working on a Sunday and Robert who worked in the same building on the outskirts of Belfast suggested she called up after work when it was quiet for a coffee and a chat about her party. When she called up he did talk about the party but only in respect of how he missed fucking her and how much he would have loved to have taken her to his car and fucked her in the back seat the way he used to. Allison said she still found Robert sexy and knew she was going to let him fuck her.

She played coy and after chatting got up to leave. As she got to the door Robert locked it and grabbed her kissing her in a way which made her wet and desperate for his cock. He said he so much wanted to see her naked again and as all the other workers had gone home they stripped completely naked and started kissing again. Robert put Allison onto the desk and got her to lean back and spread her legs - he asked did she still love to get her pussy licked and she replied 'you know I love it you dirty bastard please lick me' after a minutes teasing he started licking her out and as always she started to cum quickly shouting as always 'lick my cunt luck my cunt' just before cumming and soaking his mouth. Robert then stood up and got between her legs and started fucking Allison with his hard fat cock. He told her that two other men at the party told him how much they would like to fuck her - this made her cum again. Robert pulled out and bent her over the desk and she said he fucked her just like old times - hard and fast doggy style. Allison said 'your groomsman could not hold his spunk when he doggied me and it hadn't changed' after just a minute or so he said he was going to cum and shot what felt like weeks hot spunk up her wet pussy.

After cleaning up he asked would she be up for meeting at a hotel for an afternoon. She said she would and whispered that she would tell him all about having more than one man at a time. This was too much for Robert - he said you are one horny bitch and bent her over pulled down her jeans for another doggy fuck unloading more hot cum into Allison. Little did I know when we went to bed a few hours later and she was really wet - even for Allison who is always wet- that I was licking my groomsman cum out of my wife's wet cunt.

They did meet in a hotel but that's another story if you want to hear.