Written by wifeonenite

6 Sep 2008

One night recently, i was out with my husband and some of our friends. We were at a local pub where we all seem to meet up with each other. We had all been drinking quite a bit, when my husband started to get nasty towards me.

He started to say really hurtful things to me, i think he was trying to be clever in front of his friends. It got to the point where he really upset me, so i went to the toilets to dry my eyes. A few of our friends followed me, trying to cheer me up, but in the end i just said i am getting a taxi home, if he wants me i will be there.

I went outside and called a taxi. I stood waiting for a minute, when a car pulled up. It was Gaz, one of my husbands workmates. He asked me if i was ok, and what was i doing there? I replied to him that i was waiting for a taxi, as my husband had just been evil to me, the pig.

Gaz said to me, why don\'t you get in and i will take you home. I said ok. We drove along for a while just chatting about things. Gaz said why dont you come back to mine, have a coffee, sort yourself out, then i will take you home.

I thought ok, the thing is i have always fancied Gaz. He is about eight years younger than me, lives on his own and my husband is always telling me about some girl Gaz had taken back over the weekend and what they had been upto.

Anyway we soon pulled up at his house, then went inside. Inside he told me to make myself comfortable, he would be with me soon. I looked around me, and wondered if anything he had told my husband was true, or what had gone on where i was sitting, i was getting very turned on and wet between my legs.

Gaz entered the room with the coffee and sat next to me on the sofa. We chatted for a bit, then totaly out of the blue, he kissed me sexily on my lips, working down to my kneck. I moved away quickly, through shock more than anything, then he said he was very sorry, he got his wires crossed, but carried on to say that he had fancied me from the momment he first saw me.

The next thing i found myself responding, by kissing Gaz full on the lips, then undoing his shirt. He put his arms around me, then undid my dress at the back. I stood up infront of him then let the dress fall to the floor, exposing my tits and black lacy pants. He started to suck on my tits and nipples, then feel my pussy over my pants. He pulled my pants to one side, then rub and poke my pussy, within seconds i cum over his hand.

More through duty than anything, Gaz said what about my husband. What husband i replied, after how he has been with me tonight, he does not exist, at least until i get in that is.

With that Gaz expertly brought me to another orgasm. I dropped down to my knees, then took out his rock hard cock. It was about the same size as my husbands. I started to suck his cock, then lick his shaft, i could feel his hips rocking getting ready to cum in my mouth, when he pulled his cock out and told me to sit on the edge of the sofa, which i quickly did.

He opened my legs wide and pushed his cock into me. He started to fuck the arse off me. It may have been the same size as my husbands, but he knew how to use it, better than his friend, my husband. Gaz gave out a couple of grunts, then spurted his cum deep inside me. He told me to turn over, so i did. I was kneeling over the sofa, as he started to lick my pussy from behind.

I put my hand behind me to feel his cock, to be surprised that it was still rock hard after he had cum in me. I wanked him off a couple of times, before he pushed forward and rammed hard inside me. It went so deep i could feel it inside me. He fucked me through a few more orgasms, until he spunked up my pussy again.

He wanted more , but i told him i had to go home. We dressed, all apart from my pants, which he said he could not find. He must want them to as a momento i thought.

We got in his car, then drove home. As we pulled up outside, i thanked him for the lift. He grabbed me and snogged me hard, i pulled away saying someone will see, then said goodnight.

I got in and made it upstairs. I got undressed, then got in beside my husband. He turned around and appologised for earlier in the evening. I said i had been to Beckis house to talk. I then felt him thrusting his cock against my pussy hole. I thought what the hell, then let his cock pump inside me. He commented on how wet i was, we both came, me with earlier visions in my mind, then we both fell asleep.

My husband came in from work on monday, smiling away. What are you smiling at, i asked? He said that Gaz had been in work, telling them all about his weekend, that he had a married woman at his house, one of the best he had ever had. He was saying that that if he could he would love to see her again. My husband then went on to say that Gaz had taken some black, lacy pants in to show the lads, but they just said that he had bought them from a shop, so he told them to smell them, and they agreed that they had been worn.

How many people smelt the pants i asked my husband? About five or six he said. This strangely turned me on knowing that they were all sniffing my pants, but my husband didn\'t know they were mine.