Written by Tessa

18 Jan 2016

A lot of stories here are obviously male fantasy which is understandable. But it’s that male prospective of fantasy that men think that women want that means they never get it. Women have brains and needs and if men take that into account then “surprise” men usually get what they want. I will explain.

We have been active with other partners for many years. In fact when my husband of 3 years told me he wanted to see me with another man I was very relieved. In my college days I had had quite a few lovers and although I loved my husband dearly I realized monogamy was not for me.

It has worked for us. I have had men join with my husband and both have made love to me. Actually have had 2 men join my husband so there was 3 guys loving me. He has also watched other men love me and not taken an active part. We both enjoy these situations. Incidentally, you mentioned “friend”. I would never have sex with a friend as that would change the relationship for both hubby and myself. We have become friendly with a lover but that was after we met him and knew him sexually.

As for doing something to a lover that I would not do for my husband, I can’t think of anything. My rule is if I enjoy it then I will do it.

Also from a woman’s point of view, I don’t have to prove I am a good lay by sucking them, swallowing or letting them cum on my face. I will suck a guy as part of foreplay, I don’t get any satisfaction from sucking and swallowing. I like them to cum inside me whether it be natural or in a condom. I orgasm quite easily and I do this by penetration of a penis, fingers or orally so hence that is what I want them to do.

I have let a couple of lovers who had to wear a condoms ripe it off when he was about to cum and pump it on my stomach but that is a compromise that my husband would not want.

I do suck my husband and swallow but I reserve this for that time of the month when I don’t want sex but don’t want him to miss out either, if you understand.

I have also had lovers who my husband is not involved with. These are more longer term situations. I am careful that they don’t affect our marriage and that the romantic part does not take hold. My husband is quite happy with this as well. I usually never tell my husband when I would be meeting one of these but let him find out when I come home and he touches me. It drives him wild and our sex is brilliant.

It’s not all one sided either. If my husband wants another lady then he can do that too. He has done but not anywhere near as much as I have. I have watched him make love to another lady but it didn’t do anything for me really other than see that he enjoyed himself.

Hope that helps. Like I said we have a brain and don’t treat us like a toy and many more men may get what they dream about.