Written by Jack

6 Apr 2016

Never thought I would be saying that or even writing about it but it’s pretty much what has happened.

I spend 2 days and the night between in a different city to where I live each week. My company runs an unmanned office and I fly in early Wednesday morning and out Thursday evening. I have prearranged meetings in the office and for some meetings I visit the clients on site or at their place.

Just near the office is a rental car company and I use their cars if I need to do the visit meetings.

The rental car office is managed by a very hot and beautiful lady who I have got to know. I will call her Eva, she is 36. It’s not her real name but I don’t want people trying to guess who she is as I tell about our situation.

She would drop car keys over to me and chat. We had coffee and chatted quite a few times. I really had the hots for her but it was wishful thinking on my part as I am married and only ever looked and dreamed and never thought I’d get to touch her.

One afternoon she dropped in and invited me to her place for a drink with her and her husband. She said to come over after dinner and have a relaxing evening. I knew she had 2 children and she said that they would be at their grandparents for a sleepover.

I turned up at about 8pm with a bottle of wine. We chatted for about an hour. He husband is a conveyancing lawyer and the talk was interesting as we discussed each other’s work.

Eva then left the room to get more snacks when her husband said. Eva is very attracted to you and enjoys your company. She would like to sleep with you. How do you feel towards her? My mind was a blur but agreed that I would like to. I honestly did not consider my own marriage just this extremely hot woman who wanted me. I was flatted. I had only dreamed about it.

Eva came back into the room and her husband said let’s get comfortable Jack wants to play. She just smiled and came straight over and kissed me on the mouth in front of her husband. It all went from there.

She and I kissed and explored each other’s bodies through our clothes for about half an hour. Slowly we shed bits and pieces until she broke away and took my hand and led me to their bedroom. Her husband followed and he was still wearing all his clothes at that point.

She and I were soon naked and on the bed. I kissed all over her body and ended up licking her pussy till she convulsed as she came. She reached to the bedside table and handed me a condom which I tore open and pulled it on. I then entered her and rode her for a good 20 minutes. She came a few times before I let go. I rolled off her and lay beside her.

Her husband by this time had lost his clothes and was sort of half kneeling on the edge of the bed stroking his cock. She reached for him and he pushed his cock straight into her. He came in a few minutes. I was glad as it was kind of odd to be lying there while he pumped away at her.

When he got off her she immediately rolled over to me and kissed me and said that she was going to clean up and would I stay the night and have more fun. I hesitated, not because I didn’t want to but I was starting to think about want I had done. She then added that she and I would stay here in their bed and her husband would sleep in the spare room. I could not refuse that.

He said goodnight and she went to shower. I joined her and we played in the shower before coming back to the bed where we fucked once more. I didn’t go down on her again and I apologised to her for that but even though she had washed I didn’t want to lick where her husband had cum. I have a thing about that.

We fell asleep and we fucked again in the morning. Just after I had cum I noticed the bedroom door half open and her husband standing there with 2 cups of coffee for us. It felt bizarre to lie there with her drinking coffee and talking. Her husband sat on a chair and he was dressed.

I had meeting to attend so I got up and dressed and she saw me to the door still without any clothes on. She kissed me long and deeply before I slipped out the front door.

I phoned both of them that day and talked and thanked them for the night. Both said they looked forward to the following week.

The next week she saw me at my office when I arrived and told me that they would come to my hotel room if that was ok as they would have a sitter stay with the kids at their place. They did not want to over use his parents as sitters.

They came to the hotel after dinner and things went much the same as before. She and I played, I licked her to orgasm and then we fucked. He then had his turn. Just as I thought that would be it, she asked, could she stay with me the night as her husband would go home and let the sitter go. I could not refuse that.

He dressed, said goodbye to me and she saw him to the door. She stayed naked and she just kissed him on the cheek and he was gone. She then said she would shower and clean up. I just lay back and half dozed off for a while. She was in the shower for a long time.

When she came back to the bed she cuddled up to me and we talked and played. The playing got more heated and I started to finger her and she was soon cumming and cumming hard. Despite her husband having cum in her I took a chance and went down on her super wet pussy. It tasted good and she smelled of scent which she must have placed there.

I really gave her a licking and she just kept cumming. I eventually dragged myself up pulled on another condom and fucked her good. I kept this up for at least half an hour and swapped positions about 3 or 4 times. When I came I was done and just collapsed beside her.

It was then she said that was the best sex she had ever had. I have to admit it was dammed good.

We talked about the oral sex that I did on her and I admitted that I didn’t like going down on her after her husband had cum there. She said she understood that and that was why the long shower and really washed her pussy.

It was then I suggested that he wear a condom when he had his turn. No problem with that was her reply. We had sex again next morning before we both dressed for work.

She had brought her work clothes with her. I dropped her near her work so as not to be seen to arrive together. She never saw her husband till that evening. I called him later in the morning and he was very happy and even asked if we enjoyed ourselves. She dropped into the office when I was about to leave and offered me a quick fuck if I wanted it but I said next time.

The next week was at the hotel again and sure enough he wore a condom and went home as before to look after the children.

I decided to push my luck and told her that I wanted to cum directly in her. We had already discussed that I only had slept with my wife for years and she was all for it. I went down on her again and then fucked her bareback. She went home the next evening to her husband to tell him that I was cumming in her.

He took that news well as the next week at the motel I fucked her bareback in front of him. He didn’t fuck her but watched and then left. He was happy to do that and acted just the same as before.

That’s the way we do it now and have done for 2 years. He does not fuck her when I am there.

I also arranged that if they fuck the night before I arrive that he uses a condom.

I really started to enjoy making the rules and she enjoyed that too. We fuck at their house about once every 5 or 6 weeks when his parents can have the children. I have fucked her in every room in the house and place I can think of. So wherever he goes he has memories of me fucking her. Great fun for us and he seems to enjoy and go along with it. I have fucked her in all the bedrooms, including the children’s, kitchen, by the pool and in the garage.

She and I have talked about what we do and about him. He has never had a very high physical sex drive and fucking her once has always been enough for him. She realised that he likes to watch but he also enjoys not watching but knowing that she is being fucked.

So we often don’t let him watch but lock him out the room.

Just recently I had her kiss him just after she had blown me and still had cum in her mouth. He went along with it.

They have told me that she has had 2 other men fuck her since they were married. Neither were what they wanted and did not stay round long.

He and I still get on well. He has sent me clients and I have referred people to him. She is an incredible fuck and we have fantastic sex. There are no demands on my life from her other than one night a week. I hope it never ends.

And I am a bull, I never in my wildest dreams set out to be but I enjoy it