Written by Simon

19 May 2011

I've always thought that Andrea was like me, a bit reserved at least in public. She dresses quite conservatively for work, but with sexy underwear underneath. Shorter skirts and tighter more revealing tops if we go out. Don't get me wrong when it comes to sex she's enthusiastic, willing to try most things, not at all prudish. A few times when we were out I noticed she might, accidentally flash a stocking top, or sit a little carelessly revealing her panties. I never mentioned anything not wanting to embarrass her.

After going out together for less than a year we married a couple of years ago, I didn't know much about her past or really give it much thought. We couldn't afford to go on holiday the first year, last summer we went on a cheap holiday to Spain. We went to Paris for our honeymoon so this was our first beach holiday. She surprised me on the first day by wearing a triangle bikini which didn't leave much to the imagination. Mind at 29, she's got the figure for it, slim just the right side of skinny, her tits a nice handful. It was just unexpected, even more so, when she removed the top going topless to sunbathe. I wouldn't say she flaunted herself, but I got the impression she was enjoying being looked at practically naked. I didn't connect the two but she was randy as hell for the whole holiday, wanting to fuck before we went out for the evening, then again after we returned. I'd bought a new digital camera and she let me take some photos of her topless on the beach and more of her naked at the hotel, some out on the balcony where she could have been seen, a number of the shots very explicit, legs spread, her smoothly shaved pussy open and wet, persuading me to take several shots with my cock in her before we fucked. After the holiday everything carried on as normal and I put down her behaviour as just a holiday thing.

A few weeks ago, around Easter we had to attend the christening of her best friends baby. Afterwards it was drinks and buffet at a nearby hotel. I took my camera with me and wondered out into the hotel gardens just taking random pictures. It was a warm but breezy day and I noticed Andrea standing on the patio admiring the view. I was hidden in some trees, snapped a few shots of her and had a look at them. I hadn't noticed when I took them that her wrapover dress was blowing open, revealing her stockings, in one a glimpse of her white panties. I set the camera to take multiple frames, hold the button down and it keeps going till you release it, watching to see if it happened again. As the wind picked up again I held the button down. Several gusts, the dress blew open 3 or 4 times, the material flapping to one side, stockings, suspenders, panties revealed before the wind dropped and the dress closed. She turned and went back in and I followed, noticing that close by were a group of lads who had just been treated to an accidental flash. I couldn't find her for 10 minutes then spotted her coming out of the ladies going to chat to her friend

It wasn't until I downloaded the pictures later that it became obvious that it was not accidental, far from it. Clicking each frame in turn was like watching her in slow motion. The gust of wind parting her dress, her glancing down seeing how much she was revealing. Lifting her head looking in the direction of the group of lads, turning more towards them, her hand briefly touching the dress when it started to close keeping it open, another downwards glance, shifting a leg forward all done as if she was oblivious to what was happening. At normal speed it would have been practically unnoticeable, as individual frames what she was doing was clear. It occurred to me that she could only accomplish this level of apparent casualness with practise, some instances when she'd flashed her underwear, apparently by accident coming back to me, leaving me wondering how often I'd missed it. I went through the pictures several times, stopping at ones that revealed the most, my cock hard, knowing that out of frame was the group of lads. I decided to show her the pictures and see what she said.

I took the laptop up to bed and we sat looking at the christening pictures until we got to the ones of interest to me. She rested her head on my chest, watching them, her hand sliding down to my cock as the first flashes of stocking appeared, completely unfazed, commenting “Not bad. Not showing that much. Look you can see my panties, shame I had any on though” We got to the end, “It was deliberate then?” I asked. Matter of factly she replied “Of course. I've been doing it for years” No trying to deny it, a giggle and a brief explanation, it excited her, turned her on, made her wet. “I went straight to the toilets and played with myself when I went back in the hotel” she told me. I wanted to know, did she ever expose more. “Yes lots of times” she said. My cock was hard in her hand as she told me that once she'd spent a whole evening in a night club, sitting on a raised area by the dance floor, wearing no panties flashing her pussy. She had been out wearing a similar dress to that days with nothing underneath letting it blow open. She'd been doing it for years, long before we married, encouraged by a previous boyfriend who went out with her, when she flashed. She told me that several times when we'd gone out she'd not worn panties and had exposed her pussy getting in and out the car, in pubs, a picnic in a park, without me knowing or noticing. I came at that moment, she slid down and licked my spunk up then said “If you like we can go out tomorrow and I'll flash my pussy.”

The next morning I watched as she shaved her pussy, she'd let it grow back after the holiday, then dressed, stockings and suspenders, no bra, no panties. Over the top she put on a knee length dress, buttons up the front, allowing her to reveal as little or much as she wanted. Telling me not to forget the camera we set off for the south coast. As soon as we hit the M3 she undid the lower buttons up to her waist and pulled the dress open, sitting in the passenger seat her pussy uncovered. From the corner of my eye I could see she was rubbing herself, getting her cunt wet, masturbating. The occasional van driver might have seen, no one else. We hadn't been going long and the three lanes came to a halt. She covered herself, leaning forward looking in the door mirror until a van came up alongside and she flipped the dress open. I couldn't see but she said he was looking, and opened her legs, touching herself, fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit. Stuck in traffic I could watch most of what she was doing, as the van kept alongside for about 5 minutes until she came, the traffic freed and he pulled ahead. My cock was rock hard and we'd only been out about half an hour.

She asked me to pull off at the next services to stretch her legs, telling me to park where the lorry drivers could see. She got out and sat on the bonnet for a minute where any driver in his cab could see as she flashed her pussy. I was looking around nervously and when I turned back she was halfway across the lorry park, dress flapping open, calling back to get some photos of her. She walked along the front down the side and back between two lorries, dress completely undone tits and cunt uncovered. She stopped by a cab and held the dress open, the driver trying to get her to get in the cab, before pulling it closed. She walked quickly back to the car and we drove off. She sat looking pleased with herself, asking if I'd got photos, telling me how wet her pussy was, asking what I thought. “Fucking horny” I told her. During the day she flashed in about a dozen different places, some of them quite crowded, where she just flashed her pussy, crossing her legs, or getting out the car. In one quieter place she posed naked with a couple of blokes while I photographed them with their hands on her tits.

We headed home using country roads when she told me something else she used to do before we met. After going out flashing with the same boyfriend, they would both be so turned on they'd stop on the way home to shag. “Is that your way of saying you want to stop for a fuck?” I laughed. “Please. Can we” I was just as keen by now, telling her to look for somewhere to pull off. We went about 5 miles when she told to turn left, then right, she seemed to know where she was going. “Just up on the right there's a turning in to a parking area” she instructed. I'd have missed it if she hadn't said. We quickly parked, out of the car fucking next to it on the grass. Afterwards I asked “How did you know about this place. Any other little secrets you want to tell me?” “Um, only one. I used to come here and fuck strangers while my boyfriend watched” By then, considering what I'd learned in the previous 24 hours, the revelation didn't exactly come as a surprise. During the drive home she told me everything. It was called Dogging, which I'd heard of, how she and her boyfriend had gone to various locations, usually prearranged, once or twice a month and she would be fucked, often by several men. “Why did you stop.” I asked. “Only because we broke up” she replied.”Is that the only reason?” I wanted to know. “Yes” “Does that mean you'd do it again. Go dogging. Have sex with strangers?” I pressed her. “Yes. But only if you'd come too. Would you you take me and be willing to watch other men fuck me” She'd turned the tables on me. Like most men, I imagine the idea, the fantasy of seeing their wife with another man had crossed my mind but now she'd put me on the spot. After seeing her exposing her tits and pussy to numerous people during the day, the thought of seeing her go further was certainly arousing.

I told her I wasn't sure, but the more I thought about it more I liked the idea of seeing her being fucked, eventually telling her two or three days later, asking how we should go about. “Leave it to me. All you'll have to do is drive. Oh, and watch” Since then she's been on line, contacting people she knows, making the arrangements. This weekend it's going to happen. We're going out and I'm finally going to see her getting fucked. She refuses to say how many men are going to be there, “It's a surprise” she says. I can hardly wait!!!!