Written by PINKS

15 Sep 2011

This is a continuation of the account that I put on here last week (9th Sept). It would be best to read that account first but the gist of it was Michelle and Mark, our friends, had got very drunk (as they usually do) on our last night out and this had led to me putting Michelle to bed. My actions on the night were not as a trusted friend would expect but if you read the account Michelle was not as ‘out of it’ as I had assumed.

This follows on because Mark and Michelle had invited me and my wife to help them celebrate Michelle’s birthday on Wednesday of this week. It was all arranged, Julia and I would get a taxi to their house, drop our overnight stuff off, pick them up and onto the restaurant. During the meal we had drunk three bottles of wine and were gradually starting to drift into various states of drunkenness. Michelle being the birthday girl was the centre of attention and was wearing a very fetching cream coloured summer dress that was open necked and finished just above the knee. I suspected that the waiter could see down her top because he would always glance down every time he filled her glass. Michelle seemed very comfortable with me despite my previous week’s actions and would often look across the table at me with what I took to be a ‘knowing glance and smile’. I was desperate to keep myself in a reasonable state of sobriety and on several rounds ‘ducked out ‘of a drink. My excuse to all was that I was the only one responsible enough to make sure we all got home safely. My motive was however to see if I could raise the bar with Michelle!

The evening ended up at a club and I know how drunk I felt but it bore no comparison to the others. My wife and Michelle danced pretty much non stop and then only stopped to fill up with cocktails and shots. Mark is a pint drinker and at one point had three untouched pints waiting for him. I had continued with my drink one miss one plan and although quite drunk was aware of my actions.

I poured everyone into a taxi at around 01-30 and went back to M&M’s where Michelle made some toast and coffee. At around 2-15 am Mark made his excuses and wandered upstairs to bed but Michelle hung around. Julia (my wife) fell asleep on the settee and Michelle said that I should perhaps take Julia upstairs. Michelle smiled when I prodded Julia and said “be good”; I was a little embarrassed but joked back that she was next. I took Julia upstairs and she just flaked out on top of the quilt and drifted back off to sleep. I went back downstairs to find Michelle pouring me a brandy, I sat on the settee and Michelle and I talked about the evening before she asked me if I had enjoyed last week. I initially apologised for what I had done but she stopped me mid sentence and said it was ok ‘she had enjoyed it’. She went on to say that she was amazed I stopped when I did but saw it as a form of respect She then got up and sat next to me and announced that I hadn’t given her a birthday kiss yet and promptly pressed her mouth against mine and opened my lips with her tongue, it felt so sensual and I duly responded. The kiss went on for what seemed like ages and she then drew back, I put my arm around her back and pulled her to me. My hand went down her back and after rubbing it for a few strokes I landed on the zip. Michelle looked into my eyes and asked if I was planning on putting her to bed and I said yes but I would have to get her out of her clothes first, with that Michelle leant forward and allowed me to have both hands access on her zip and pulled it down to her waist. I sat in front of Michelle and looked into her eyes while I pulled the dress off her shoulders and down across her breasts. She looked gorgeous sat there in a cream under wired bra that emphasised her recent Mediterranean tan with her small but perfectly shaped titties on view. I asked her to stand up and helped the dress to the floor as it fell down her body. I was so hard, there she was standing in a matching lacy thong before me. I was kneeling in front of her and her pussy was inches in front of my face, I leant forward gripped the sides of her thong and pulled them down her legs and she stepped out of them. I moved my face forward and took in the sweet smell of her body as my nose touched her pussy, I nuzzled her bald lips and licked along the full length stopping when I came to her hooded clitoris where I allowed my tongue to enter the folds to find it, my hands were on her arse squeezing her perfect butt. Michelle jolted like she had been electrocuted and held the back of my head as I went back in to try her pussy again. Michelle pulled me up to my feet and planted a kiss onto my lips and ran her tongue over my lips to take in the flavour of her pussy. My hands went behind Michelle and flipped open her bra and pulled it off of her arms. Her breasts were perfect, brown with very pink nipples that became very erect. I squeezed each breast in turn and sucked each nipple which made her wince with pleasure. Michelle seemed so excited, my hand dropped to her pussy and I could feel her juices started to run to the top of her legs, I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her and to my surprise she said I couldn’t put my cock inside her as it didn’t seem right. I pushed Michelle back onto the settee and slid two fingers inside while I kissed her clitoris, she lasted a few minutes before she shuddered to a climax which spurted onto my shirt. Michelle asked me to take my shirt off and as I stood up her hands went to my belt and she pulled my trousers to the floor. Her hands massaged my cock through my pants and I could feel my juices flowing, Michelle looked me in the eyes and again reminded me that I couldn’t put it in her. I was gagging to shoot my load and just said that if that was the case she had better relieve me in some way . Michelle released my cock from my pants and after a few seconds of staring at it she started to wank it off, slowly at first but them building in momentum, my hands fell to her breasts and I kneaded them while she was wanking me, at the point I thought I was approaching climax I told her I was cumming and to put it in her mouth, no sooner had she done that I couldn’t hold back any more and started to shoot down her throat, Michele took some of it and swallowed but pulled it out and allowed the rest to spurt onto her tits and she continued to milk it dry.

Michelle used my pants to clean herself up and sat back on the settee, she then asked if I was going to put her to bed. She gathered her clothes and I walked with her up the stairs, stopped on the landing, kissed her and gave her breasts a little squeeze before she wandered into her bedroom to a prostate Mark. I went into the spare room, got into bed alongside Julia and fell into a very deep sleep. In the morning with hangovers to die for we had some breakfast, Michelle was a little sheepish but kept smiling at me so I knew that she had enjoyed our little adventure. Mark was completely oblivious to what had gone on and when asked what time everyone went to bed both Michelle and I said that we had followed on shortly after he had gone up. I still can’t get the picture of Michelle in her ‘birthday suit’ out of my head and it will be the source of many of a wank for weeks to come. Who knows this could become a regular occurrence!! I will keep you posted