Written by southcoastboy1

11 Jun 2014

A cliche title I know, but this story is 100% true.

It goes back five years when I got a job working away, I stayed over a couple of nights a week and commuted the rest. The job was fairly senior in a company and meant that I shared a PA with the other 2 managers. She was hot, simple as that, blonde, well dressed, took care of herself (hair, nails etc) and only being a few years younger than I we hit it off pretty well (it's worth noting that I was young for the job I was doing, so I was far less stuffy that most).

As the title of the story says we had a very intense and short lived affair which meant we fucked a lot. This story is about the last time we fucked. By this time I knew she had a filthy side and was up for most things, we'd arranged a night out with some colleagues do i thought I'd try my luck knowing full well we'd end up back at my hotel. Pretty standard night out really drinking, curry, more drinking and a club. What made this horny as hell is that she had some remote control eggs in her all night, with me controlling the remote!

Watching her have small talk with people whilst I was pressing the buttons was amazing, she also said it's the first time she'd ever cum in a curry house!

We ended up at a club, trying not to be too obvious as no-one from the office knew about us, we dancing and rubbed against each other loads and she dragged me off the the ladies and gave me her soaking we panties.

By the time we got back to my hotel we couldn't keep our hands off each other that night and then in the morning we did everything imaginable that 2 people can do together, the highlight was as she was riding my cock she reached down and inserted 2 fingers into my ass. I've never screamed so loud and cum so hard.

There were other times too, like when I instructed her to turn up to my hotel only wearing her/my fav underwear, killer heels and a coat. Now that's another story......