Written by Wifey

10 Dec 2016

As a couple we like to keep our sex life with a little spice in it. It’s also good to be different. This is just something we do and why we do.

Caging and denial definitely sit at the kinkier end of the sex spectrum. One of the reasons I love it is because I use it to actually recentre the balance in our sex life!

I don’t think caging is as way out as other kinky stuff and it is easy not like some of the other weird things.

Caging is brilliant. I use it to get him focused back on the kind of sex I enjoy most.

Men tend to have higher sex drives than women, or they think they do. That’s certainly true in my marriage. I was well aware my husband was masturbating and looking at weird stuff and not focusing on me as his main fantasy and sexual outlet.

So firstly caging is ingenious because it’s turns what might be negative frustration of not having enough sex, into positive frustration that you’ve put his cock in a cage!

Then when we come to actual sex, while kinky stuff is fun, I really like just good old plain fucking. I’ve used the cage that he wanted to make him focus back on what I enjoy most.

It does feel a bit forced at first to use it this way. But does it work to get him back into good habits of wooing you and taking his time giving you pleasure. He’s so horny by the time I let him out that the sex ends up really passionate. It’s also upped the oral sex I get quite a lot and I love that!

So there’s two parts to this, firstly making sure that when he’s caged I tease him and keep him horny. It is a mixture of just reminding him that I like him locked up and also regularly playing with either his nipples or unlocking and feeling him. This keeps his imagination focused on me!

Then secondly making the unlocking a fun part of just normal sex where I get it off him pretty early and then we just enjoy straight sex and he takes on his normal role of taking the lead.

Some of the other things I do are.

I make sure I lock the cage, or ideally I put it on him. It’s really sexy for him. I don’t make him do it all.

Then I also make sure I unlock it, and remove the cage. It’s actually really hot as hubby gets hard so fast. I wipe his cock with a tissue and then lube him and play with it for a bit as he’s usually extra sensitive.

If he’s struggling to last because he’s so horny, I then put a condom or a penis sleeve on him. This reduces the sensation for him and it is easier for him to last longer.

Any gentleman knows ladies come first…

As a way of keeping him sexed up, texts are the low maintenance way to keep him horny.

I send ones like these. “I love thinking about your cock in that cage” or “I’m thinking about you inside me right now, maybe I’ll let you tonight”.

I have also sent this, “Fancy a blow job?” He replies “yes”. I reply “Shame you’ve got that cage on”.

Or “How are you going to convince me to unlock you tonight honey?”

I love seeing him wearing it and trying to hide the bulge especially when we are with others.

I just love caging.