Written by biguycabapino

16 Jun 2011

Other people have written about Cabopino dunes near Marbella in Southern Spain and with good reason - it's a great place for a sexually aware person.

I am a bi guy - now 54- when did that happen? - and I've been visiting Cabopino whenever family commitments have allowed - probably an average of a couple of times a month for the last ten years. I don't think I've ever left without having had a good - and sometimes exceptional - sexual experience,

There have been so many good times - enormous knobs, transvestites, groups, a couple of whores who were prepared to fuck any guy who came along without payment - I shot my load that day too soon and never had the chance of trying what was on offer. Sucked a guy off one day and then realised too late that he knew me and my family. We didn't realise who each other was until we had parted - how the knob dominates the brain - and I haven't seen him since. Adventures!

Last night I was not able to get there until quite late - about 9,00 knowing there was an hour of daylight left. I mooched about feeling horny - made eye contact with a couple of guys but without really connecting. Strolled along the beach and saw a naked woman flirting with her man but they started to get dressed just when it was getting interesting.

Drifted back into the dunes thinking of finding a young guy - preferably well hung. Made eye contact with a 30yo dark-skinned young person and followed him into some bushes. Slim, tall, casually well-dressed. This could be fun. Stood a few metres apart just deciding if we were going to take this any further ... stroke my nipples, he outlines his cock thro black jeans. we get closer , exchange a smile. He strokes my cock through my chinos, his cock feels hard already as my hand wanders to him. He is Spanish - and tells me in Spanish that he is a passive. I tell the truth - I am flexible - up for anything fun.

Fly buttons are undone, trousers are lowered - his pubes are thick and very dark, his knob not huge but attractive - swelling and with a slit that stays closed as he strokes it. I pull down my Hom underwear - blue and very brief - best underwear in the world. Most of my oubes are shaved - just a small tuft at the base of my cock - and he stares before reaching out and stroking. This is good. My cock slowly rises to his manual attention. I pinch my nipples because that always makes me hard but he doesn't notice or offer to play. Shame but hey you can't have it all.

Unusually for me, I find myself on my knees and stroking his cock hard - bringing it nearer and nearer to my mouth. Someone else has come to watch- younger guy but not very interesting. He watches for a minute and drifts off. I get that cock into my mouth and suck him deep. I keep my teeth out of the way and just rub with my tongue and push his hardness into my cheeks so that he can see the silhouette. He swells and I bob my head pulling his arse towards my face. Deep throating - his head is down my throat - and it is making my mouth water. I spit my saliva all over his drenched cock.

Back to bobbing - and deep it goes again. He is fucking my throat now and making my eyes water as it is goes deeper. This feels good , very good. Someone else has appeared - a 35 yo, also Spanish - slightly chubby - trousers already open - yellow D&G boxers with his hand rummaging inside. He gets his dick out and brings it close to my face as I suck deep on number one. Not a huge cock but clean and I can't resist a taste - neutral flavour - getting harder.

He gets a couple of condoms out of his pocket .... wanna know more? Let me know and I'll post part two