Written by Colette

26 Oct 2016

The first symptoms I was going through the menopause started about 5 years when I was forty five. Over the next two or three years I suffered hot flashes, mood swings as well as going off sex. Up until then we'd been very sexually active and quite adventurous, fucking several times a week. My husband wasn't very understanding, didn't take the fact that I didn't want sex to well. I gave him the occasional hand or blow job to try and keep him happy and that was it.

He virtually gave up even trying to get me to have sex after a few months and though I have no proof, I suspected he started to visit a prostitute when I found condoms in his pocket. In some ways it was a blessing, at least he wasn't bothering me. It wasn't until the end of last year, that my sex drive returned. I wouldn't say with a vengeance, but I did start to feel horny. By then I'd gone off him and didn't fancy him fucking me. Not so much because of the prostitute, but he'd let himself go. He'd put on weight and the thought of him on top of me or resting his fat belly on my bum trying to fuck me doggy did nothing for my libido.

When he suggested sex I carried on pretending I didn't want to, but when I had the house to myself I would masturbate and pleasure myself with a vibrator or dildo. It gave me some sexual release, but wasn't the same as real sex and I began to consider alternatives. I didn't want to separate or divorce for various reasons, not just financial and reasoned that if he was seeing a whore, as I suspected, there was no reason for me not to have sex with someone else. Someone I found attractive and fancied, who wouldn't want anything more than a sexual relationship. A Fuck Buddy.

One guy sprung immediately to mind. Mike, who's four years younger than me. He and I had been good friends since working together some years ago. We'd flirted and came close to having an affair 7 or 8 years ago. We met for coffee two or three times a month or the occasional lunch. After a hysterectomy a couple of years back his wife became completely disinterested in sex. Last year he'd dropped hints that we could be more than just friends but at the time I wasn't looking for sex. I felt certain he'd still be interested.

We'd arranged to meet for lunch on Wednesday the following week, which we did when we both had the afternoon off, no need to rush back to work and would give us about five hours. I thought a bit of flirting would perhaps jog his memory of the hints he'd dropped, and take it from there.

Hoping things would go as I planned, Tuesday night I decided my pussy needed a bit of maintenance. My intention was to just trim my pubes and use a razor to fashion a tidy triangle. The trimming went all right but when I started to shape it I couldn't get my pubes symmetrical and in the end decided to shave them all off. It'll be a nice surprise for him if we get that far I thought as I ran my fingers over my smooth mound, thinking about what to wear next day. Being an optimist I worked on the assumption that something would happen even if we didn't fuck and decided to wear some sexy lingerie under a dress suitable for work.

Fortunately my husband has a 90 minute plus commute to work, leaves around 6am which gave me plenty of time to get ready the following morning. As soon as I heard him driving off, I threw back the quilt, stripped off my PJ's and selected my favourite vibrator from my bedside cabinet. Laid on the bed, I spread my legs, fingering my pussy until was well lubricated. I switched on the vibe, rubbing it against my clitty, sliding along my gash, until I was ready to push it into my hole. For the next twenty minutes I fucked myself with it, imagining it was Mike's cock inside me. I'd brought myself to orgasm twice by the time I had to get up.

I laid out the underwear and dress I'd chosen and showered. I applied a little more make up than usual, a redder lipstick, eyeliner and shadow. I put on the waspie, panties and matching bra, then rolled the stockings on. For fifty years of age, I didn't think I looked to bad, the lightly boned waspie cinching my waist, covering my tummy, 30DD tits supported by the balcony bra revealing plenty of cleavage, shaved pussy visible through the sheer panties.

My thighs are a bit chunky but once I put my heels on and turned side on to the mirror they looked more shapely. In profile, my tits looked huge, tummy flatter, and bum, which I think is my best asset, round and perky. I finished dressing, putting on a knee length, tailored, shirt type dress, buttons down the front from neck to hem. Suitable for work, but also versatile, allowing me to undo some of the buttons later and reveal some flesh to hopefully tempt Mike.

A beautiful, sunny early summer morning I was full of the joys. Walking to the train station, and then to work, I looked at my reflection in shop windows, noticing guys turn to look at me as I passed. Buoyed by what I took to be their appreciative looks I was in a great mood. The morning dragged, though I got a further boost when one of the younger guys told me I looked “Hot” when I went down to the warehouse with some paperwork.

I finished at 12:30pm. A quick visit to the ladies to touch up my make up and lipstick and I was ready to meet Mike. I reached the park where we'd arranged to meet, near the restaurant we used, before him. I stopped just inside the gates and undid four buttons at the neck and six buttons from the hem of the dress before walking to the bench on the opposite side of the park to wait. I sat, looked down, decided to open the neck of my dress a bit more, unfastened another button, exposing more of my plump tits. I crossed my legs showing some thigh, thought I could risk undoing more buttons. I undid one then another, continuing, getting closer to the darker stocking top. I thought I could chance one more, unfastened it, uncrossed and recrossed my legs checking to see what I was showing. As I recrossed them my dress pulled taut, more buttons popped and the dress opened revealing my stocking tops, a suspender strap, a band of pale skin above and my panties.

I'd been so engrossed that I'd neither seen nor heard Mike approaching until he spoke. I looked up. He was about10 yards away, grinning from ear to ear. I started fumbling with the buttons “Leave them unfastened. It's a lovely view” he said hopefully. I knew he was half joking, but realised this was as good a way as any for me to get things rolling. I moved my hands from the buttons. “Anything to please a dirty old man” I quipped back with a grin, before suggesting he sit beside me.

“Come on. I'm not going to eat you. At least not yet” I encouraged suggestively whilst patting the seat next to me. There was a look of uncertainty on his face at my unexpected reply as he hesitated. To my relief he smiled and, looking down my dress at my tits, sat next to me. I uncrossed my legs, parting my legs far enough apart to keep the dress open. My sheer panties, tight across my pussy revealed I was shaved and I knew he could see the top of my gash. He said I was looking very sexy when he managed to drag his eyes from my and tits and pussy.

My heart thumping, tummy doing somersaults I went for broke. I told him I didn't fancy lunch, but had another hunger that needed satisfying. Looking him in the eye, I reminded him of his suggestion the previous summer of going for a drive in the countryside. Just so he was under no illusion as to what I was suggesting, I took his hand, placed it on my thigh and opened my legs a bit wider. He'd recovered quickly from his initial surprise and didn't need inviting to slid his hand up my thigh to my stocking tops. He briefly fiddled with the suspender clip then moved his hand to the gap between my stockings and panties. I opened my legs wider, giving him more room. He began to rub the side of his hand against my pussy, had just pulled my panties to one side about to finger me when two joggers approached. We stopped before they realised what we were doing.

As soon as they'd passed I turned to him, put my hand on his cock gave it a squeeze and whispered that I wanted him to drive us out to the countryside and fuck my brains out. I didn't even think to button my dress. We were half way to the car park before I caught a glimpse of myself, dress flapping open, revealing not just my stockings, but my see through panties too, as we hurried along the busy street. I only had one thing on my mind. COCK! and no intention of wasting time stopping to button my dress.

So much for being discrete, though the chance of being seen by anyone my husband knew was remote and crowded pavements actually prevented to many people noticing me flashing. The only exception was two guys in a stationary van who got an extended flash. Long enough for them to realise they could see my pussy when a gust blew and held my dress open as we crossed in front of them. I didn't care and found it a bit of a turn on.

Once in his car I asked if he had any ideas where we could go. He had a few, some of them dogging sites that he'd read about on SH and visited a handful of times in hope of a fuck or blow job, I later learned! It was about a twenty minute drive to get out of the city and into the countryside. Then we wasted a further hour, pulling into three or four places which though probably deserted at night certainly weren't in the afternoon. Finally he turned down a country lane, turned off on to a track which led to some woods and parked on a concrete hard standing next to a derelict brick building.

I leant over, kissed him on the mouth, stroking his stiffening cock through his trousers. Fully erect he didn't feel as large as I'd hoped but more than adequate. I unzipped and unfastened his trousers put my hand inside his pants, pulled his cock out. As I lowered my head and took him in my mouth I guessed he was about 6 inches, but thicker than any of the guys I'd had sex with in the past. I sucked him for a minute or two before deciding that the handbrake sticking in one tit and gear lever jabbing the other it was to uncomfortable in his small car.

I placed his hand on his cock told him to stay in the car and wank. I got out, on the ground were several used condoms, a pair of knickers, hanging from a shrub a pair of ripped tights. We obviously weren't the first to visit for sex. I walked about five yards in front of the car, and turned to face it. One by one I unfastened the remaining buttons, pulled my dress open revealing my lingerie. I turned my back to him and slowly let the dress slip down my arms, catching it before it fell to the ground. I wiggled my bum at him, before turning sauntering over to the car, dropping the dress on the bonnet, before moving further away again.

He opened the door to get out I wagged my finger and told him to stay where he was until I was ready. He sat back, watching me cup my tits, squeeze them together, then reach behind my back and unclasp my bra. I turned my back to remove it, strolling away from the car, holding it in my hand before draping it over a nearby branch. It may not have been the sexiest strip but I was enjoying teasing him. Now about twenty yards from the car at the edge of the concrete, the ground beyond to soft for my heels, I slipped my fingers in the sides of my panties and slowly pulled them down to the top of my thighs, uncovering my shaven pussy. I moved one hand between my legs and began to rub my myself suggestively, swinging my hips, my tits swaying, all the time moving slowly back towards the car, stopping in front of it.

I could feel the warm sun on my naked tits, something I'd always enjoyed on beach holidays. I ran my hands over my body, lifted my tits one by one, sticking my tongue out, flicking my hard nipples. I moved my hands back to my pussy, stroked it again, pulled my panties down further, then turned around. Back to him, I bent over, lowering my panties down to my ankles and took them off. I opened my legs wide, looked between them, ran my fingers along my gash, then gripping my fleshy labia stretched my cunt open, displaying my pink hole to him.

My pussy was literally dripping, a string of my clear sex juices, dangling from my hole, swinging and stretching until it broke and dripped on the ground. Much wetter than I'd been in along time feeling horny as hell, I straightened, turned, walked towards the car beckoning him to get out and fuck me. I was pleased to see that my strip had kept Mike aroused as he stroked his erection walking to the front of the car, leaning against the bonnet. Crouching I pulled his trousers and pants down and took his cock in my mouth. I wrapped my hand around the base, wanking him as I sucked, slipped my other hand between my legs fingering my pussy.

I only sucked him for a short while, my fingers rubbing my hard little clitty got me worked up, tingling, wanting to feel his cock inside me. I let his prick slip from my mouth stood up and told him I wanted him to fuck me. I bent over the wing, tits touching the warm bonnet, reached back, spreading my buttocks as I spread my legs, offering my neglected cunt to him.

Holding his cock he guided it into me. The glans entered me, then I felt his thickness opening me, stretching my hole as he slid his prick inside me. He placed his hands on my bum, I moved mine, hanging onto the car with one, sliding the other under my body until my fingers touched my clitty. He'd buried his cock inside me and began to fuck me with slow steady strokes, his slick shaft sliding against my fingertips as I frigged my clit. What he lacked in length he more than made up for in girth. If anything I found being filled, my hole stretched more satisfying than being deeply penetrated by my husbands and other guys longer cocks.

For a guy who, as far as I was aware, hadn't had a fuck, only masturbating for about two years, he held back remarkably. It all got quite frenzied, both of us having our first fuck in years. I could hear him grunting, I was urging him to fuck me harder, moaning, sighing, panting, getting louder as my pent up orgasm built. He fucked me until I climaxed, before thrusting into me faster for another minute, maybe two, before ejaculating. I felt his cock pulsing three or four times as he pumped a heavy load of spunk inside me, flooding my cunt, splattering my cervix with his creamy seed.

He withdrew his softening cock. I lay sprawled over the bonnet, his spunk pouring from my hole, running down the side of his car until I stood, and fetched a some tissues to wipe myself. I looked at my watch, half past two. Mike had to be home for six, I had longer. “How long before you can fuck me again?” I asked hopefully. “An hour, hour and a half” he replied confidently. “Let's see if we can get you hard sooner” I told him, standing, undoing his tie, unbuttoning his shirt, removing the rest of his clothes. I stripped him naked and we laid on a strip of grass nearby, kissing, fondling, stroking, caressing, sucking, licking each other.

It took just over an hour. With his cock in my mouth sucking, I got him fully erect again. My pussy wet and gaping after being licked and fingered was ready and waiting. I knelt with my bum up. He slid his cock up me for the second time and began to to fuck me. We were going at it hard, fucking noisily, but we both heard the sound of a branch snapping nearby by as if someone had trodden on it.. We slowed, looking. I couldn't see anyone but Mike kneeling leant forward mouth close to my ear. “There's a guy watching, just to the left of where you left your bra. Do you want to stop?” he whispered.

Being watched having sex has been a fantasy of mine and there was no way I was stopping before Mike had cum again. “Let him watch. Carry on fucking me” I replied breezily. While Mike continued to fuck me I eventually spotted the guy watching. I couldn't see clearly but his arm appeared to be moving and I imagined him wanking. For me it was a bonus, a real turn on, knowing that a guy was watching us fuck. As my orgasm approached I was tempted to invite him to come closer to watch, part of me wanting him to join in. I didn't, but when I climaxed I let go, cumming noisily, urging Mike to cum in my cunt, when I felt him jerking, spurting more of his semen inside me.

There was less spunk and less mess second time, I wiped my pussy clean. Still naked except for my waspie and spunk damp stockings I strolled over to where our voyeur had been. He'd disappeared as had my bra. We dressed, Mike dropped me at the station and I was home in plenty of time to shower and change before my husband got home.

Neither of us can use our homes to meet. I've got a nosy neighbour who I'm certain would tell my husband. Mikes Mother in Law lives with them. In some ways that's been a blessing in disguise. Throughout the summer we've only had sex outdoors returning to those woods a number of times. A couple of times we've taken a risk and had a quickie in the multi storey car park, next to his car in broad day light. We almost got caught both times, people walking passed in the next row over without noticing us. I admitted that the thought of being caught and watched having sex turned me on which is when Mike told me about SH and why, when we finally got the opportunity to get a whole day and evening together, we drove to the coast, to a nude beach.

That, as they say, is another story.