Written by trucker 717

10 Jul 2010

This is quite tame compared to some of the stories on here but it is 100% true.

I have always wanted my wife to flash her fit body ever since we got wed, we are both in our early 50's now but her body is fantastic after two kids, ansd still turns blokes heads when on the beach.

We were at a party and i was driving so sober as a judge, Lucy was enjoying the drinks, as we drove home Lucy a little worse for wear, i started to stroke her leg, having not recieved the usual brush off, i dared to go a little higher, she wasn't wearing tights as she won't wear stockings, i was really excited when she didn't stop me as i touched her thong, not believing my luck i pushed a finger up her and started to rub her clit, she started to breath heavy so i pushed her skirt up around her waist, now all her legs were on show as well as her cunt with my finger up her, she had her eyes closed so i pulled my finger out and starte dto feel her tits her nipples were really stood out so i started to unfasten her blouse, she just kept her eyes closed and didn't stop me. My dick was rock hard so i placed her hand on it and she strateed to rub it through my trousers, i pushed her bra up so her tits were on show, all i needed was a truck to show my wifes wonderful body instead we came along side a coach full of lads on a stag do, one of them saw my wife then they were all at the windows, i replaced my fingers in her cunt and started to finger fuck her , i told her what was happening and she kept her eyes closed but smiled as she had a huge orgasm over my fingers. I couldn't believe what she had done i nearly came in my pants. We fucked like rabboits when we got home, now she has agreed to go completely naked for me when we do it again.