26 Feb 2018

The request was simple I want to watch you fuck my wife!

Linda, Davies wife is a little bit shy but after a few months of pestering she agreed to fuck someone else and let hubby watch they had discussed this often as Linda had only been with one boyfriend before marrying and settling down. 4 years on they want to spice things up no strings and no chance of splitting up. I was to meet them in a quiet pub in Edinburghs Grass Market see if we all got on then take it from there.

When the couple walked in I was slightly surprised Davie was a large Rugby player type his wife little size 10 long dark hair and a rather cute smile she looked nervous as hell but dressed in a nice skirt high heels and dark what I took to be stockings a tight white top buttoned up to the neck but nipples showing through the tight material. I got us a drink and started chatting to Davie whilst eyeing up his wife. She downed her drink and told Davie to get us another. as soon as he left she said look this is his idea I'm not going to be upset if you don't fancy me or anything I chocked on my drink. You look great I reassured her she blushed. Love the stockings there tights she replied. Don't want you thinking I'm easy. Davy returned smiled at his wife and asked if we were all getting on. I assured him things were fine and Linda was a lovely lady. Shes a slut he replied Linda blushed again. She reads your stories and fingers herself rigid. I looked at her so what turns you on then Linda its the control thing she replied. I looked towards the toilets come with me. She stood up and walked towards the toilet she went to head into the ladies but I steered into the gents the long mirror above the sinks showing the stalls all empty Davie had followed us over his frame filling the door. Lift your skirt Linda looked at her husband before raising her skirt. I stepped forward turning her to face the mirror now pull your tights down and bend over. She bent over slowly pulling her tights down exposing het cute arse and her little tight pussy. Now slip your fingers into your cunt she was wet as fuck her fingers slipping in squelching as she fingered her self to a wobbly climax. She clearly thought she was going to get fucked over the sink but I had other ideas. Take your tights off and leave them beside the sink and go and sit down. She walked back through the bar one or two of the guys clocked she had just left the gents with bare legs. Davie walked back with me. Make her suck you off she always refuses to let me cum in her mouth.

Linda we are going to grab a taxi but when you get in I want you to make sure the driver knows you've no knickers on or I will make you cum in his car. I called a friend of mine to pick us up but didn't tell Davie I knew him. Davie got in the front I guided Linda into the back so she would have to slide across Allan getting a flash of pussy as she did so. As we set off the conversation began what yous up to and where you want dropped off. Take us down to the car park behind Arther Seat Allan the driver new just where to head I slid my hand up lindas leg. pulling her legs open slightly so Allan could see in the mirror and Davie got a view of his wifes cunt every time he turned to speak to me. Linda s hand was resting on my jeans feeling my cock as we went. Take it out. What take my cock out! She looked startled but as instructed she did just take it out and suck it she did as she was told Davie craning his neck to see what was happening. I pushed her head down on my cock whilst opening her legs further I spread her pussy wide so she knew the guys could see . Her skirt was up her cunt on clear display her head bobbing up and down on my cock. Play with your pussy she didn't need telling twice frigging her clit as the driver and Allan tried to watch. I'm going to cum in your mouth and your going to swallow she nodded as I unloaded into her pulling her hair back as the last few drops filled her mouth. She looked at her husband cum dribbling from the side of her mouth just as the car stopped. Now who's next she looked at me Allans cock now at the side of her face she obliged taking the driver down her throat as I lifted her onto her knees. You going to fuck her I asked Davy as I spread her arse cheeks so he could see her spread her cunt twitching and wet he slid up his wife banging her so hard she near fell off the back seat. As Linda started to cum I told Davy to stop! Now Linda what do you think we should do to you she looked her husband in the eye before replying fuck me! get out the car she stumbled out looking like a cheap whore

her legs buckling as she got to the front of the car I asked Davy to lay back over the bonnet. Now suck your husband and show him how dirty you can be. She sucked his cock and ran her tongue over his balls I grabbed her hair pushing her down so she could rim his arse Davy groaned I decided to fuck Linda sliding into her hard in one deep stroke she came Davy started to cum I lifted her head she willingly opened her mouth taking Davy down her throat as he shot into the back of her mouth. Linda was turning out to be a bit of a shag so not wishing to waste an opportunity we all headed back to their hotel it never ceases to amaze me how far woman will go if instructed by a stranger according to Davy she doesn't do cum in mouth she doesn't do anal and shes only been with one other guy a DP a few blowjobs and all three of us up her arse during our 3 hour setion I think hes on a winner now.