Written by Paul

12 Sep 2013

I had now found evidence Claire was fucking two other men , it was really hard to believe

we have been married all this time I trusted her never dreamed she do this

What could I do if I confronted her it could lead to divorce maybe what I need was absolute prof you imagine if I had got it wrong I didn't think there be much chance I had I may of been hopping I was wrong at the time

The thing that got me was how normal she seemed there been a few things before that I didn't pick up on at the time but could see now I think that could of been her feeling a bit guilty at first

Back at work in my shitty cheep hotel I was staying in to save money, I tried to get my head round it, the phone calls home where the worst my wife seemed to pleasant happy I called but now I knew when the excuses came why she be out or her phone maybe off I knew she be on her back another mans cock up her I guess they not use condoms or why would she go on the pill so the bastard shot his spunk inside her god I bet she suck him off as well I don't get that now a days

I started to keep a log of when I got the excuses or I call and there be no reply it was quite regular three or some time more a week but thinking about if two blokes where looking after her she be at it most nights the bitch

The next weekend home the neighbor had a word with me and told me there was cars there at night I said don't worry its friend making sure Claire is okay when I am away

He look puzzled and grunted some thing and said some afternoons as well must be good friends I said yes which afternoons every Friday and some times in the week , so she is getting it a lot more than I imagined , that fitted with why she not keen on sex when I get home on a Friday she already been cocked before I get home so she not wanting any more off me, the resin I was to find out later was she was frightened she still be full of spunk and I would relies that, it seems my wife had become very good at desertion or thought she was I think she may of get more latex as time went on but I was looking more

I had another six months on this job in London at lest, I hatched a plan it meant me driving home with out her knowing, it have to be day time when she be at work I wanted to fit spy cameras in the house which I went out and got they would replace the burglar alarm senses in the lounge and bedroom and one in the kitchen as I got a free one which I did the recorder in the loft once done I had to wait for a weekend home like a cat on hot bricks I waited, I got home on the Friday Claire had said she was going out with her friends so it gave me time, well after she gone I got the disk put it in the computer there lots of her about the house the first one of interest was her coming home she had tea then went upstairs showered and got dressed bloody hell it was the lot stockings every thing a short dress she stood looking in the mirror she went to the kitchen then the lounge the door bell rang she went then came back with a bloke I recognized from her firms do one of the bosses its that Simon hell his ten yours or more older than her

They sat together chatting what got me he looked like he owned the place he was really comfortable in my house, they then got to snogging he touched her up this went on a bit

The moved to the bedroom, this got me she played up to him stripping for him to her underwear, she stood and watched she then came over to him and started to undress him his shirt came off his not fat but not skinny a bit of tummy that's sitting at a beck all day she undid his flies then his belt he unhooked her bra my wife got lovely tits quite big she got his trousers down then his boxes she was in the way to see his dick

but when she knelt down to help him get his trousers off I sore it bloody hell it hung there maybe semi stiff but still quite limp not enough to stand up by its self but Christ

even so he is bigger than me when I am slack I no where near that big the thing that surprised me was jest how wide the thing was and he had no foreskin I could see why it been cut off the end was huge that is a true bell end his got

He was out of his trousers and pants as Claire came up he lifted to her face with her mouth wide open she took it in and stated sucking I could see it grow he let go her hand took over I am dam sure her fingers didn't meet round the thing

She was now in full flow given him a blow job she stopped and licked all the way down the shaft when she got to the bottom it was sticking out past her head almost then back up and got to work on the helmet Simon looked about ready to burst he got hold of it and took it away from her my wife looked up as to say didn't I do well, Simon was rearing to fuck now he wanted to get that thing in my wife quickly I am sure

Clair must of known that as well, she scrambled onto the bed taken her panties off at the sane time she wanted it as much as he did, Simon stood there watching Claire was rubbing her pussy as if inviting him to get in there Simon was now rubbing his cock he looked quite funny white body and jest his socks on I wondered if my wife could accommodate that thing but there again she must of had some practice, he joined her on my bed scooping her legs up on his shoulders as he did he aimed his cock at her pussy she lay there waiting legs bent over her he lunged forward fucking hell he drove it in she yelped then gasped

two more god thrusts he was almost home one more did it he gasped the bastard was ball deep inside my wife her knees almost on her chest they lay together for a few seconds joined by his meat I didn't expect him to do what he did next he held her legs down forcing her bum up he pulled him self back a long way keeping in her then it was like a violent thrust she gasped and squealed he repeated that maybe four or five times before starting to fuck and bloody hell did he fuck he had Clair trapped under him I never seen any one fuck the way he did he was fast but some how his strokes where long and the same time she went wild I have never seen her like that I can make her climax but not the way he did, it went on a few minutes the pounding, and the noise she made

It seemed she started multiple climaxing she wriggled a lot he let her legs go she got both feet on the bed and lifted till she arched right up it looked like she tried to get more cock inside her she was going mad under him he seem to go faster for a minute or so then slammed right in her he seemed to shake his bum clinched he was emptying his balls in her

He lay on top of her for some time both out of breath, he did roll off they both looked exhausted he had a arm round her neck, they started talking I will not go into all that a few things stand out he asked when I be home next and added you have to put up with him then but it was her reply yes he don't do much for me now he said your had a taste of James that's why so have you thought about the three of us getting together he didn't get a reply he said well she said thinking about

She started playing with his cock it didn't seem to respond Clair asked you not taken your pill before coming over he said no run out should get some more tomorrow then you get a fucking my wife laughed oh god you go all night with them Simon added you need it now my wife grinned

Time was getting short now so had to put things away before she got home