Written by Scott

29 Apr 2016

It was back in Febuary I told you how I watched as my wife Ellen had sex with a black guy, I told you how we both agreed we wanted it to happen again.maybe even make it a regular part of our sex life.

Well after that discussion she never mentioned it again, We went back like if nothing had happened.If anything it was me rather strangely that seemed to want it to happen again, Then suddenly out of the blue she said I was sorting my bag out and found that XXXXs number,I knew that was a lie as it was in her phone,So said what you want to ring him for some more then, Her cheeky grin said yes.I just said well ring him. You know you liked it,but inside I was thinking yes,Only when she rang the number was not recognised ,So I said we will have to go back to The Spa,

We went the following night and on entering was s little disappointed he was not there. But in the corner where he had sat there was about 5 other black guys,We went and got changed and as before Ellen never went naked but did go Topless,Obviously these guys were there last time and knew what happened and wasted no time inviting her over..

I won't waste time going through the next couple of hours but suddenly she came over and said lets go, I went to get changed and on returning found her waiting but holding hands with one of the guys,

This time it was different as soon as we got through the door their lips met,and she lead him straight to the bedroom, They were both naked in no time and fell onto the bed,his hands were everywhere and this time I was as hard as a rock.He suddenly pulled from her and standing sat her round and give her his cock to suck,which she took into her mouth, I was looking at his blackness going into her white mouth a white mouth I had kissed so many times and can't describe how much it was turning me on.I wanted him to fill her mouth with his cum, but he had other plans moving her back on the bed he moved her legs apart and entered her, Unlike last time he was fucking her for his pleasure and it was obvious he did not care if I was there or not,

This was roar sex and it was obvious Ellen was enjoying it as much as him,I clearly heard him saying I am coming and watched as Ellen wrapped her legs around him so he could not pull out.She wanted his cum in her,I could take no more and rushed to the bathroom before I cum in my pants,When I went back they were laying in each other's arms,there was a awkward couple of minutes when he then broke the ice by saying man you have a hot wife, They began kissing again and he pushed her down to suck him again which she did I could see the pleasure on his face as she sucked him,This time he kind of recognised I was there and said to me your wife loves the black dick man,She's ours now so get ready for some mixed race babies, Although that sounds a bit nasty he said it with some truth in his voice and watching the way she was sucking him convinced me even more she was theirs,She moved so she could straddle him and so she was in control, I watched as she rode his black dick only slowing to kiss his mouth tongues meeting and joined in the middle,Again I heard him warn her he was cumming and she just pushed down to take his cum deep inside her,

We went back into the lounge for a beer,and after a while he dressed and left.Ellen admitted she had enjoyed the evening,I said next time we will get someone to stay the night or maybe even Two,Just to see her reaction,She said no way two as ones enough.I just had to ask her about what he said,So said that's the second black guy you have let cum in you and you must have heard him say about mixed race babies,is that what you want,Her reply knocked the wind out of my sails, She replied don't ask questions you won't like the answer to,