Written by jon

27 Sep 2013

This stared when we where on holiday, we where in the same hotel as a family they had two children a boy and girl in there late teens we got to know the parents we about the same age in fact we got on quite well with them there kids be off enjoying the nightlife and us oldies have a drink at a bar

As the days ticked it was obvious the boy Gary had taken a shine to my wife Denise or D for short, it became a joke we even teased him a couple of times about it, at dinner he try to sit as near as he could at the pool he watch her all the time the thing I noticed about Gary was the bulge in his trunks and when they where wet it was quite obvious he had some thing in there quite sizable not surprisingly I think D noticed as well I joked to D about it she denied noticing, but did say he chatted to her a lot and he was a nice lad I sure a few times she flirted with him if she thought no one would notice in jest I said to her you fancy him she told me not to be silly any way this was on holiday

We came home back to work, we live in the midlands out holiday friends lived down south, the holiday was early one, it was late summer and we had a phone call from Anne the wife of the people we meet on holiday she said Gary had a place in uni in Nottingham about thirty miles from us and could they pop round and see us when they took him up here we said yes love to see you, they did come round had a few hours with us before going back

I suggested when they came up they should pop over well they did even staying a night some times we got on really well with Bob and Anne I had forgotten about Gary and the holiday joke with D

What I didn't know was and D never mentioned was Anne had asked D if Gary got a problem could he phone her this had been sorted out between then the first time

On a shopping trip, I was getting dragged round as husbands do, D's phone rang I heard her say, no I can't talk we are out,I asked who that was as she almost cut them off she said one of her friends, a little later fed-up I said I was going for a coffee and sit down D said she join me later, off I went then remembered I had not said which one I was going to so I ran back D was on the phone I came up behind her in crowd she didn't notice I was there I hear her say no Gary I am shopping with him I will call you to night his going out, I stayed back till she put the phone in her bag then went up and said I be in star bucks she looked really surprised I had come back she got herself together saying okay not be long she must of almost fallowed me I only been there minutes and she came in, I didn't say any thing about what I over bearded, we chatted D said I have a couple of places I like to go to it was a normal afternoon shopping apart from the phone calls

I was wondering who Gary was, I never put two and two together it be Gary from the holiday my head went off down a different route all together

I was going out that evening with a couple of mates, D often go out with her friends

I was very suspicious who this Gary was I keep thinking of the Gary's we knew there was only a couple one was pensioner the other was guy we not seen in months

It was getting to me why did D wait till I was out the way to call him it must have some thing to do with first call I need to get a look at her phone, on the Sunday she put it on charge I got a look the log was empty

After I time I thought I was reading to much into this every thing was normal, it was later on I got home as I pulled up an RAC truck was at ours I went to see what for the guy said my wife's cam need a new starter I asked where he bought her from he said Nottingham I thanked him and he left, I said to D what where you doing in Nottingham she was stumped at first and said she gone with a friend shopping, afterwards I thought where was the friend and what shopping never known my wife to go shopping and not get some thing also she was quite dressed up for shopping

I got the car sorted new starter and checked over, I was back wondering what was going on

I still made no connection with Gary from holiday, and when I questioned about the shopping trip she stuck with that, things changed when I took a phone call from his mum to say they where coming up to see Gary and would pop over to see us and thanked me for D keeping an eye on him for them, when I told D Gary's mum had called when she was out she went quiet and asked what she had said, I said they coming up and would come and see us she said did she say any thing else I said no D looked relieved

That evening I said to D so you keeping an eye on Gary she looked I went on are you looking after him as well, she was surprised and asked what I meant she looked really guilty, it jest came out are you shagging him she went white and said no no, so you see him a very flustered reply I have done, it didn't take much for her to brake down and confess as she told me with sobs she was sorry she had sleep with him, it all came out he been fucking her for three months but she didn't love him or any thing like that she loved me now sorry she was, I have to admit I was angry but also curious not only why she done it but what she did with him, the first point she was flatted on holiday he found her attractive and with out me known he had chatted her up a few times on holiday and when she was asked to keep an eye on him she didn't think he be to please with that but he was ones he had her phone number he would call and say loads of nice thing chat her up

and wanted to meet her, she started going over, he came on to her that first time she told him no she was married and didn't do that, it didn't put him off at all,after a could of weeks she gave in

D was really hesitant about going into details but I didn't let it go , it seemed she got into snogging him that lead to petting he grope her he was good for his age he had a way of getting worked up so much she climax on his fingers she was lost, she thought if she wanked him of he be satisfied, but it was when she got his cock out it was bloody huge she started rubbing it it was rock hard he got very excited it didn't take long and he started to cum she was amazed it shot into the air maybe a foot into the air all over both of them, he was happy with that

She knew if she sore him again he want more than jest a wank but she felt guilty about doing that so she made her mind up not to see him any more but he keep phoning and that worried her hens the day we where shopping she did talk to him when I went out to tell him not to call like at weekends when I was home, all that did was make him think she was more interested,she started to worry about me finding out she tried to tell him not to call but no use, then she thought if she did see him she could put a stop to it

She said it also worried her if she did have sex with him he be to large for her but at the some time she had this picture of him cumming in her head and how hard his cock had been that turned her on each time she thought about, she told herself if she did see him it would the end but she thought she like to wank him off jest that once and that make him happy

So she did go and see him with that intention in mind but once they where together in his room it got really out of hand some how she ended up almost naked on his be he was naked

She was so horny she couldn't say no, after a time she had to have him he was on top of her when she felt that thing at her entrance it really felt to big he only jest managed to get the end inside her she struggled with that as he pushed in it felt like she got tighter when he gone past where I reach he is so much longer than me plus being a lot wider she said she never felt so full the deeper it went it became uncomfortable but she couldn't stop him there jest seemed more and more going inside her but once he was home she accommodated the lot it started to feel really good a feeling she never experienced before, when he started to fuck her she went wiled with the sensation of having that thing inside her he got her off in minutes she started to cum almost as that one finished

the harder he fucked her the more that happened he didn't last very long but to her it was like one huge climax by the time he got off inside her she was exhausted

They lay together it wasn't long before he started to get a hard on again in no time he was up her again this time it was easier she was still full of sperm and stretched he fucked for longer this time she lost count of the number of climaxes he gave her

After she left she felt really guilty about what she done saying she never do it again

when she got to the car it wouldn't start hens the RAC she hopped her and the car would be home before me, when I turned up and the guy told me where he picked the car up she didn't know what to do or say she made the story up about shopping hopping I would swallow it, which I almost did if she had bags with her and where was the friend who was with her

it was the fact that Gary's mun phoned told me some thing was up pr going on

The big question was now where do we go from here