Written by Anonymous

5 Jul 2019

The comments were well received thank you and my wife thought I captured the moment. That is good because trying to make some things attractive can lead to exaggeration, and that was not the case. The simplicity of the actions joining seamlessly was just how it was, a spur of the moment thing for her but an erotic situation as much as an unexpected one. Being that little bit older also helped. She has been drawn into some very sexy scenarios by me over the years and has almost always given the recipient full value with her body, (figuratively speaking of course). So the boss had been discreet, charming and generous so to reciprocate, she allowed him exclusive use of her slim and sexy body, taking of course a generous portion of satisfaction herself.

It was a week to the day that he wandered through the store again and finished at her department. Sales had been good and he congratulated her on the improved figures, due to a fair number of friends and neighbours coming to see what was new and available. It made her smile as they commented on the cut of some thongs and mentioned hoe uncomfortable certain bras looked, but once they were tried on, sales climbed steadily. He stopped and checked nobody was passing and then whispered 'About last week, I am very grateful you have not spread any rumours about what happened, your discretion is hugely appreciated. There are those around us who would have a field day if they discovered what had occurred. Are you rushing off tonight or will you help me lock up again?' 'Of course I will' she said smiling sweetly. 'Lovely, then if you wait down here, I will do the upstairs first and meet you down here if that's OK?' He stroked a mannequin dressed in very sexy gear, looked steadily at her with raised eyebrows and then turned and left.

The clock seemed to drag by but eventually she heard the main doors clicking in the locks and bolts being drawn, the window alarms set, and the store silent except for a man's footsteps, steady and deliberate. Liz had not been idle, she has found some very sexy black accessories to attach her stockings to, stripped naked and adorned herself in the alluring gear. Her black court shoes she worked in were not high heeled but still went well with her borrowed underwear. She had time to slip to the perfumery section and get some make up on before his footsteps grew loud enough to suggest he was very close. Looking up she saw he was standing at the top of four steps just looking at her. She twirled slowly letting him see all her body carefully concealed in the most sexy way. 'Perfect my dear, Liz you make my heart jump with joy, you have a body to die for' 'I'd prefer you remain alive and please me with your body' she said in a sultry tone. He descended the stairs and took her in his arms. They kissed, long and slow and she felt his heart thumping against her breast. His hands explored her bum, the thong buried deep in her crack. He led her to the stairs and asked her to strip for him and leave her clothes on the stairs where they fell. So the bra fell on the first floor and her thong on the second and then they continued into the men's department where he kissed her deeply against the changing cubicles then led her through a curtain. His cock was free and she helped get him naked too, lavishing kissed and sucks to his cock.

He stood her up an slipped two fingers deep inside her then asked 'Would you be free to come to my house one evening soon?' he looked intently at her and said 'I want to sleep with you, I get very lonely and you are exactly what I need' Liz thought for a moment and then answered 'Yes, I will tell me husband, he will be fine with it so no problem, just say when' 'How about this weekend then?' 'Will you fuck me first and then it's a yes'. He sat her on the bench in the changing room and she got him naked probing his bum with a finger as she sucked him. He gasped loud and shot his spunk across her face, most going in her hair. A little disappointed, she looked at him and he was smiling as he revealed he had taken Viagra some time before and he was confident of remaining erect for a fair while yet.

They moved to his office and sat close to each other, kissing and stroking. His cock was around six and a half inches, seeming smaller for some reason than the first fuck the week before, but he was glowing and saying how perfect she was.

Over the next hour and a half they talked about likes and dislikes and any fantasies they had. He said she had realised most of his already and sleeping with her was another. Threesomes came up and a weekend away at his house in the Lakes. Liz admitted I liked her flashing and being fucked and so they screwed again before he gifted her the underwear and he drove her home with it on and just her coat, her work clothes in a store shopping bag, paper of course.