Written by Satisfied Sue

16 May 2018

Incredible son in law.

This is the background to my story: My name is Susan, I’m a 44 year old brunette, I’m just 5’ tall and a size 8 I have 34C boobs, and have been married for 25 years to Bob who is a couple of years older than me, we have a daughter Rachel who is 25, and has been married for 18 months to Graham who is 28 6’ 4” tall dark hair and is extremely good looking.

I like to keep myself trim and swim four times a week and go to zumba once a week

At Easter we all decided to go on holiday together and booked a hotel in Costa Del Azahar.

On the first morning after breakfast I asked if anyone fancied joining me in the pool for a swim, Bob and Rachel declined but Graham said he would like to. When I got to the pool it was empty I had already done several lengths before Graham turned up, he sat on the edge with his feet in the water. As I approached him I noticed he was wearing a tight pair of trunks which had a rather large bulge in the front, my first thought was, what a lucky girl Rachel was, I’d never been with a well-endowed man, Bob is 5” hard and only the same girth it’s never been a problem and we have a good enough sex life, but all that day I couldn’t get the thought of Grahams bulge out of my mind.

That evening we were in the lounge and were having a few drinks then Bob decided he was tired and went to bed, leaving Rachel Graham and me drinking after half an hour Rachel said she was heading off to bed and told Graham not to be rude and leave me drinking alone and told him to look after me and make sure I got back to my room safely.

Graham and I chatted and drank for another half hour I was feeling quite fudded by drink, Graham was paying me complements he said I looked voluptuous and sensuous, he also said I look more like Rachel's sister than her mum and said Bob was a very lucky man to have such a desirable woman I was completely flattered by his attentions and feeling very horny, I asked him if he could help me back to my room, as we got in the lift I jokingly said watch yourself because I’d had too much to drink and was feeling horny, Graham leaned down and kissed me he then placed his hand inside my blouse on my boobs and started to gently caress them, I could feel myself getting wet down under, I stroked his cock which felt so big, the lift soon reached our floor and the doors opened, we stopped and Graham escorted me to my room then he helped me inside, we were both giggling Bob was snoring and never moved a muscle, Graham slipped his hand up my skirt and gently stroked my crotch over my panties then he whispered you are so incredibly sexy I want to make passionate love to you, he then kissed me and said I’ll see you tomorrow, I was feeling sexually frustrated and woke Bob up for a shag, it was alright but a bit of a let-down after what Grahams had said.

It was the same scenario about the pool at breakfast with only me and Graham wanting a swim, Rachel said she would like to go into town shopping and Bob said he would join her. I couldn’t wait and was soon in my bikini, when I got to the pool Graham was already there in his bulging trunks I joined him, this was the first time we had a chance to talk, he asked if I enjoyed last night and did I want to finish what we started.

We made our way quickly to my room and got naked, I was a little apprehensive but feeling passionate, Graham was very gentle and started to kiss me all over from head to my tits where he sucked my nipples until they were hard then down to my toe and back up to my pussy where he slowly kissed and sucked on my clit, I was very wet and receptive to his advances, I started to give him a blow job he was huge, hard and a good girth after ten minutes he slipped his cock inside me I winced as his huge thick cock entered my soaking pussy, we started to fuck slowly at first then after 20 minutes or so he rolled me over and we continued doggie style he had all of his cock inside me now it felt so good he was now fucking me hard, he reached his hand around and was rubbing my clit, I was now ready to cum and started to scream with pure pleasure I was screaming I’m coming I’m coming and told him to fill me with his spunk I felt him cum inside me.

So as to not raise suspicion we were never alone together for the rest of the holiday.

Back home Graham works from his house 3 days a week, so he comes around to mine and we have incredible sex he always makes sure I cum, I suck his cock and enjoy his hot cum, in the 30 years I’ve been sexually active I have never been so satisfied, Graham is so attentive he is the perfect lover.

We both know it’s wrong what we’re doing but I want this to continue because it’s so incredible and at the moment neither Bob nor Rachel suspect a thing, because Graham and Rachel are still active in bed as Bob and I are.