Written by northeastcoupleuk

21 Jul 2013

off we went to infusions friday night wondering what the night would bring ,been in for a hour sitting at the bar chatting to folk , we had already walked round the club seeing the changes since the last time we had been.

very happy to see they had one of them fucking machine £1 for 3 minutes ,so after a bit got us some pound coins and off she went to get changed lingrie and into holdups ,she lay on the bench i blindfolded her lined up the dildo on the machine i turned it on nice slow strokes after a few minutes we attracted a bit of a crowd .

slowley turning up the speed and giving her longer strokes i invited a cpl of guys to play one started to play with her nipples the other licking her clit as the machine went deeper then after a bit we had 4 men playing as i cranked up the speed faster stronger ramming into her by now soaking pussy finishing with a powerfull squirt.

then i got her onto a bed i offered 2 men to come join in ,soon she was on all fours taking one cock and sucking the other the one taking her doggy fucked her hard and fast 2/3 times she squirted till he exploded into his condom , then i lay her down legs opening ,her still trying to catch her breath as the 2nd lad with really big cock entered her he held her legs high as he slammed into her soaking wet cunt as she shouted for him to fuck her harder and harder his balls slapping against her then he groaned as he emptyed into his condom , as i looked behind was a canny crowd good end to a great night , cant wait to go back to try that fucking machine