Written by bonneville38

10 Jan 2008

I have always had a thing for much older women even since my teens 40 years ago, I'm now in my late 50's.

Now its called intergenerational sex but for me saggy tits, wrinkled faces is what its all about.

About 10 years ago my work started taking me to the North Bolton area about 2/3 times a month and I remembered my first landlady E from the early 1970's, I had fancied her and she was 30 years older and though married was quite flirty but I was too inexperienced to push it further. I looked her up and she was in the book, gave her a call, now living 78 after 8 years of widowhood.

I asked if I could call to see her and she was delighted and over the next few weeks called in for coffee when I could building up her trust and comfort with me.She knew of course that I was a married man.

She had pure white hair, was about 5'2, 7 stones, small 34" tits on a petite body where most of her little curves were saggy.

Then one day I phoned her and told her of my real interest, she was astounded that a man of my age (30 years younger) would find "an old woman like me desirable" but I assured her she was. I asked her to think it over and told her I would phone the next day for her answer just ahead of my next visit to the area.

I called and E said "stop, before you say any more the answer is YES, I want you to see me and have sex with me!".

I arranged to call late the next afternoon around 4.30 and she opened the door still plainly dressed and with no make up.

She grabbed me and gave me the most sensual kiss and wrapped her body round me telling me that she had not been "fucked" since before hubby died and she had forgotten what sex was like.

She said " I don't care if you regret what you offered but let's get you into bed and fuck me".

I had no idea she ever swore and it was 9.15pm that night before she let me out of bed completely shagged and totally empty.

This was just the start of an incredible sexual adventure which lasted nearly 10 years until recently when at nearly 87 she had to go into a care home.

What an insatiable lady for ALL types of sexual adventure, all true and which I may recout in greater detail soon.