Written by Owned

4 May 2014

So, she has asked me to tell her about what I want to happen next time we get a hotel. She wants me to give her instructions on what I want he to do and then email her it. Well, instead I've decided to post her instructions on here and she doesn't know yet!

Slut, I want you to go shopping. At my expense you are to buy underwear and it must consist of a thong. Also the shortest skirt you can find, if you would wear it on a night out with your mates then it's not short enough. Top, nice and tight, something that shows off those massive tits of yours and plenty of cleavage. You will also need plenty of makeup and your killer heels. All purchases are to made with me in mind only, not whether you feel comfortable in it or not, that is not in the slightest bit important.

You will arrive at the hotel before me and you shall get ready, heavy make up and your new outfit. When I arrive at the hotel you will come out to the carpark to meet me, you will walk through reception in your new outfit and you will lead me up to our room.

Once in the room you will parade round for me, teasing me, showing off. Once you have done that you will return to where I am stood, you will tell me that you are my property and then you will drop to your knees. There you will take out my cock and you will lick and suck my balls like the eager slut you are, then you will move to my cock, you will spit on my cock and suck me, you will take me deep, I expect to feel my cock enter your throat and watch you gag. You will drool all over my cock, I expect to feel your saliva running down the shaft of my cock as you suck me.

When I am satisfied I will drag you to the bed by your hair and throw you to the bed face first. You will feel your skirt yanked up and your fantastic arse exposed. You will feel the short sharp spanks as my hand or paddle comes down on your arse cheeks one by one, continuing till your cheeks are nice and pink and your begging me to stop. Then to counter any stinging you will feel my tongue running over your pussy, the entire length of your sweet sopping lips and continuing till it gently runs over your tight tiny arse, I will carry on a number of times hearing you gasp, feeling your juices running freely down your lips. Over and over sliding your juices up to your pink arse massaging it in with my tongue. Once suitably lubed with your juices I shall take your arse, I will bury my entire cock deep in your forbidden hole and I will fuck it hard and deep. All you will be able to do is grab the bed sheets and you are pinned to the bed by my cock in your arse.

I will then reach between your legs and with your dildo I will fuck your pussy at the same time I am in your arse, I will carry on till I can see a puddle of your juices on the floor between your legs, which I know won't take that long.

Then I will flip you over completely, on your back your head dangling off the edge of the bed, then straight from your arse you will suck me again, you will take my cock from your arse to your mouth. Using the whip I will alternate it between your tits and your pussy, one by one seeing which makes you yelp on my cock most. Then I will use the paddle again till your tits are the same light pink colour as your arse cheeks all the time fucking your throat as your head hangs off the bed.

Then, when ordered I will stand above you as you give the few last strokes of my cock before I begin to shoot all over you, the majority covering your tits and face. Till my ball are empty.

Folks - let me know in comments if you wanna know how she gets on and I'll post how she got on in the near future

R. comment yourself, tell every on how many read your instructions before you