Written by New man

8 Aug 2018

My wife of 25 years has always had a wicked side, wicked in a funny sort or way. Although we had never acted on it until now she would occasionally confess to secretly wanting to watch me have sex with another woman and to herself occasionally having the urge to have sex with another woman. We would sometimes watch an erotic film and whenever here was a threesome or some woman n woman action she would get seriously aroused and we would end up very quickly having sex whilst watching the action on tv. I know that on more that one occasion she has had sex with other men and I am ok with that because I have had sex with other woman. Kelly ( my wife) went through a period of wanting to tick boxes off her list of to do’s, such as having sex with a younger man, she’s 45 and he was 18, having sex with an older man, apparently he was 71 and when she let him fuck her she was 40 but she had never played out her fantasy of screwing another woman until this story started.

Fairly recently we both went on a very nice all-inclusive holiday abroad, we were pampered daily and it was very nice but what made it memorable was a young lady I’ll call Susan. Susan who at the time was 26 was with her husband. She is extremely attractive, an amazing body which we first saw when she was sat by the side of a pool on her own. I thought she was possibly Scandinavian, she had the long blond hair and blue eyes and I couldn’t take my eyes off her amazingly long legs. Her breasts were small and clearly firm and as we walked past her to a pair of vacant sun beds she smiled, tilted her head and said ‘hi’, Kelly said hi back and they started a conversation.

I sat on a sun bed for over an hour before Kelly came to sit with me. She told me that she was from the UK and that her husband was obsessed with golf hence she was on her own, my wife asked me if I thought she was pretty and I just laughed because it was a silly question but Kelly looked at her almost in a trance and told me how amazingly hot she thought she was.

Sometime later Susan got up to leave, Kelly called her over and made arrangements to meet up afterwards for a drink. That afternoon we met for that coffee which led to a bottle or two of wine, Susan’s husband wasn’t expected back until much later, possible early evening so we spent the afternoon chatting and drinking. Then it was decided that we would all go back to our room. There was no hint of a sexual reason, it was jus getting too busy and loud in the lounge of the hotel, so a room was quieter. Kelly seemed to be studying her intently fascinated by her stunning looks and perfect skin. I caught my wife looking at Susan’s chest on more than one occasion, she wasn’t wearing a bra so the shape of her breast was clear to see as were the large and seemingly firm nipples but it was Susan and not my wife that made the suggestion that we go to our room for a bit of peace otherwise I would have been worried that my wife was going to try something stupid and embarrassing like try and talk our new friend into a threesome.

I sat on a chair with my feet on the bed whilst Kelly and Susan sat next to each other on the bed, backs to the head board. Kelly went to the bathroom and when she came out had clearly taken her bra off and it was then that I gave her a look that I had hoped would warn her off doing anything stupid. The last thing I wanted was to have to avoid Susan and her husband for the rest of the holiday because we had tried an failed to have sex with her.

After a while we had finished off the last of the wine, none of us were drunk, just chilled but this was when it all started. Kelly looked directly at Susan’s breasts and told her how amazing they were, I think she said something like ‘ fuck, your tits are amazing’. Susan giggled and opened a few buttons on her blouse and pulled the blouse apart slightly. Kelly leant over and looked into the opening and said a long drawn out ’O…M…G’, mine are so soft compared to yours. Susan giggles again and said ‘lets see’. In an instant my wife’s blouse was open, Susan opened hers and the two of them giggles like children stat there, blouses open and breasts on show.

My cock was so hard it was uncomfortable but I still didn’t think it wold go any further but Kelly commented on how hard and perfect Susan’s nipples where going on about what a perfect shape they were then my wife takes one of her breasts, leans over to Susan and rubs her nipple round one of Susan’s who was back to giggling. The two of them looked into each other’s eyes laughing and I thought for the first time that this might be happening.

Susan bit her lip which (if it was possible) made her look even hotter and reached over and squeezed Kelly’s free breast, the two of them chatted and giggled exploring each other’s breast with hands and fingers and then the two of them kissed open mouthed. I couldn’t see if tongues where in action, but I suspected they were. I needn’t have worried about my wife making the mistake of going too far, it was the gorgeous Susan who let go of my wifes breast, slid her hand down my wife’s tummy in into her skirt until she was massaging my wife’s pussy.

She was clearly struggling because Kelly’s skirt was still zipped so I helped her out but undoing a button on m wife’s skirt and unzipping it and then pulling it off along with her nickers.

My wife tried to do the same with Susan’s jeans, so I helped her as well by slowly pulling them down and off, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. My wife hadn’t shaved her pussy for a few days so wasn’t totally smooth, but Susan was.

The two of them kissed and chatted about how nice the place was and whether either of them had been here before and about how nice the wine that they had just drank was whilst all the time fingering each other’s pussies and occasionally flicking tongues.

My dick was hard and out of my trousers and I was wondering if this was as far as it was going to go until she asked Susan if she liked the pool, to which Susan replied ‘ do you care’, they giggled and Kelly said ‘ shall we just fuck’?

There was no answer, Susan slid onto her back and my wife covered her tit with her mouth and stared to suck, the two of them moving from finger fucking each other to massaging each other pussies and clearly getting closer to bringing each other off. By now I was starkers and having a good slow wank watching my wife and this blond stunner fucking. Susan pushed Kelly over onto her back and whilst gripping my wife’s slightly larger and softer breasts started to grind her smooth pussy against hers. I watched the two of them grind against each other, moaning and whimpering. Fuck did I want to shag one of them, preferably our blond friend.

My wife must have known what I wanted and almost before I had finished thinking it asked Susan ‘can my husband fuck you?. Susan’s reply was an almost inaudible ‘yes, that’s fine’ but I heard it.

I knelt behind her and pulled her towards me by her slim waist. I pulled her bum towards me and she lowered her head so as to lap up Kelly’s wet pussy and I took my cock and slid it into her. She was tight but I managed it first time and as she flicked her tongue and lapped at my wifes pussy I gently fucked her and it was amazing.

I managed this rhythm for quite some time whilst the two of them moaned and groaned, Kelly had slid down by this time and the two of them sucked tongues and tits, I felt my wife’s fingers beside me in Susan’s pussy whilst Susan moaned at how amazing my cock felt inside her.

The three of us where well on our way to cuming, by now I was banging Susan hard, her and my wife were almost fighting, sucking nipples, breasts and tongues crying out both begging to be fucked harder , Susan has most of her hand in my wife and my wife had several fingers in Susan’s pussy next to my cock. Again a womans intuition kicked in and Susan was begging me ‘ stay inside me’ and ‘cum inside me, its ok I want you to cum inside me’.

Then the two women let out screams and cries and I emptied my balls into Susan several times. There was a rush, Susan lay on her back next to my wife who I entered and fucked hard whilst the two of them grabbed and felt each other whilst the tongue action continued and I impregnated my wife with the last remaining cum and the three of us climaxed again.

After we lay there for a few minutes I had to visit the loo to clean up and I left the girls to gently fuck whilst coming down from the orgasms they had clearly both had.

Susan left a little while later and Kelly and I lay there laughing at what had just happened. Se wanted to fuck again but my balls were empty so I performed a hand job on her and brought her off yet again that way.

If that had been the one and only time we had done that then that would have been fine with me but that evening we had out evening meal with Susan and her husband which was weird and stressful, I had to think long and hard before I said anything just in case I said the wrong thing.

The next day the three of us fucked again and afterwards Susan told us that her husband was so disappointed that her hadn’t joined us. Kelly and I looked at each other and in unison said ‘he knows?’. Of course, he does silly was the reply ‘and he can’t wait to fuck you’ she said gripping my wife’s breast and giving it a shake.

We could hardly refuse but I didn’t; know what to think of it, as stupid as it sounds I had never thought about another man fucking my wife with me knowing about it. Susan laughed and said that her husband loves fucking someone and watching her being fucked, it’ll be fun. I had this horror come over me that not only was I going to know it was happening but my wife was going to have a guys cock in her next to me.

I had another two days to have it race around in my head before t happened, clearly gold if more important to him than sex but the afternoon arrived and I was fucking Susan with a nice slow rhythm whilst right next to me on the bed was her husband deep inside my wife fucking her hard. Whist his wife’s titties wobbled with my every thrust my wife’s tits bounced as he shagged her like a teenager shagging for the first time, the two girls holding hands tightly as we fucked them.

Towards the end Kelly was out of breath but managed to tell her fuck buddy that she wasn’t on the pill and not to cum inside her so at the last minute he pulled out but instead of Cumming on her belly or tits he lunged forward, put his fingers in my wife’s mouth, opened it and shot cum on her lips and into her mouth, so much so she coughed and splattered cum on her chin. Susan screamed for me to do that to her so I pulled out, shoved my cock in her mouth and emptied myself down her throat. It was clearly something she was used to and she swallowed every bit.

There was a little more fucking and then they left. Susan, Kelly and I fucked once more and Kelly and Susan’s husband fucked in one room whilst I fucked his wife in ours, that was amazing experience, Susan was so light I could walk and fuck her at the same time but she was insatiable, I had to fuck her three times before she was happy and content. Kelly was a little reserved when she came back to our room later admitting that he had cum insider her a couple of times and pushed her onto her tummy and fucker her ass which she said ‘ was an experience’. I reminded her that she could have said no but admitted that we had cum so hard so often that she couldn’t talk or move and let him do what he wanted. Luckily for us her pregnancy test came back negative but I think we have both got the bug and will be on the look out for other couples to fuck from now on.