16 May 2019

It started with a text

Connie is on a short break in Spain

My phone went off with a message from Connie

Been invited to a roof top party tonight will tell you all about it when I get home, This is what she told me.

We were on the beach messing about in the sea when our beach ball floated next to a group of lads when she went to get the ball the lads started talking to he and asked if her and her friends wanted to go to a rooftop party (they jumped at the chance)

Shower and dressed up (short cream dress small black g string) the girls went off to the party, After an hour or so and a few glasses of wine one of the lads from the beach started to chat Connie up he asked if he could walk her back to her hotel and she said yes.

It takes about 20 mins to walk back to the hotel, On the way john as he was called held Connie’s hand and the next ting his arm was round Connie’s waist, it didn’t take long before his hand was on her bottom this started to get Connie a bit excited.

They stopped by a wall and John started to kiss Connie which she responded too, john led Connie to small wooden walkway down to the beach it was about 2am so it was dark, John stood behind Connie and started to kiss her neck as he was doing this he started to feel her boobs Connie could feel his cock growing in his shorts it was pushing against her arse, John slipped his hand through her dress and started to feel her tits and play with her now hard nipples Connie put her hand round her back and started rubbing johns now rock hard cock,

Turning round to face each other john started to kiss Connie as he was doing this he put his hand up her dress and started to rub he puss through her knickers, Connie opened her legs so john could poke her wet pussy, Connie stopped rubbing Johns hard cock and undid his shorts so she could wank his stiff cock, John had 2 fingers in Connie’s pussy and was giving her a good fingering only stopping to rub her clit, John put his other hand up Connie’s dress and pulled her soaking knickers off as he did this he slipped his tongue in her wet pussy and started to lick her pussy and taste her juices. After giving Connie’s pussy a good licking John stood up and Connie took his cock in her mouth and started sucking his cock, After giving john a good cock suck Connie got up off her knees John lifted Connie’s dress over her arse and he bent her over the wooden rail of the jetty, John slid his cock up Connie’s wet pussy and started fuck her slowly (as she told me long slow thrusts in and out of her now soaking wet hole) As john fucked Connie from behind he started rubbing her clit this had Connie Cumming over Johns cock John started fuck Connie faster from behind she said she could feel his cock getting rock hard with each thrust, John pulled out of Connie’s pussy and shot 3 lots of hot spunk over her arse after rubbing his cum over Connie’s bum she turned round and dropped to her knees and licked and sucked his cock clean.

After they had finished John walked Connie back to the hotel he gave her his mob number as he wants to meet her again in a few weeks for some MFM fun.

Connie left her knickers in Spain i do hope we get them back.

This is an update as the story appears to not be on here anymore.

Up date

John has been in contact with Connie and he is coming to see us, He has her knickers and is bringing them back.

will let you know what happens after he has been.