Written by Dirty Diane

10 Sep 2013

I think we are lucky living fairly close to the Dorset coast. Though it can get rather busy in the summer months we go to the beach. A 20 minute car drive can take much longer and then nowhere to park so it's often quicker and easier to cycle. I enjoy cycling and ride to most places. I have a good figure, the exercise helps keep me trim and my legs toned even though I'm pushing fifty. 5' 6” tall, my 32b tits still pert, my bum round and firm I feel confident enough in my body to wear a bikini and go topless on the beach.

My accidental flash happened earlier this summer, July when we had that first really hot spell. The first Sunday, it was absolutely scorching. Ben, my husband and I decided to cycle to the main beach. We packed a bag each, water, towels, swimwear and set off for a leisurely ride. I was only wearing shorts, panties underneath, a vest top and being small breasted no bra, a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off.

The beach was packed with day trippers. We chained our bikes and wandered towards the end of the beach. A bit more space but still busy. We put down our bags, I got my towel and bikini pants out, intending to sunbathe topless. I took off my top, enjoying the warmth on my tits, unbuttoned my shorts, pulled the zip partly down then wrapped the towel around my waist. I had wriggled and pulled my shorts and panties down to my ankles, was standing on one foot, foolishly bending to reach my bikini when disaster struck and I overbalanced. To make matters worse I trod on the towel as I fell ripping it from around my waist. I landed on my back, completely naked, shorts and panties around one ankle, practically on top of a group of four lads. My legs splayed open, displaying everything, my pussy not even partly hidden by my bush as being summer I'd shaved that morning.

There was a stunned silence for a few moments then - “Nice tits” one of the guys said “Nice pussy too. Don't bother with your bikini” another crudely commented. I felt myself blushing, glanced over at Ben who was trying not to laugh. Displaying as much dignity as I could I grabbed my bikini bottoms and deciding I'd probably be quicker and show less if I didn't bother with the towel, turned my back pulled them on. They probably had a good view of my pussy from the rear but only for a few seconds. I stood, gave them a little bow, said I hoped they'd enjoyed the show, secretly rather pleased that they liked what they'd seen.

I lay on my front at first, and after a few minutes they started chatting, a couple of jokes about my mishap. I turned on to my back so they could see my tits, enjoying the attention, no big deal, lots of guys had seen my tits over the years on holiday. I'd decided it was hardly the end of the world them seeing my pussy, but then again only Ben had seen me completely naked since we married. Looking at them all, no more than 19 or 20 years old, fit young bodies I found that I was getting wet between the legs. I imagined that instead of putting my pants on I'd just laid there naked, legs open exposing my cunt to them. Comparing them to my slightly overweight husband, I began to wonder how big their cocks were. One things for sure I thought, they'd certainly be harder. Ben’s performance for the last year or so had been noticeably on the wane.

We stayed about 3 hours, chatting, discovered they'd just finished at the local college, shared our water with them before packing up to leave. I could see them watching expectantly when I picked up my shorts. “No chance. You've had your show for today” I laughed, putting them on over my bikini pants and pulling on my top. Ben and I had a bit of a laugh about what happened and that night had an unsatisfactory shag when we went to bed. After I was certain he was asleep I lay next to him masturbating thinking how excited and wet I’d been after exposing my sex to the young lads, wondering if I dare do flash at guys again, but this time deliberately.

I work two or three days a week normally, but had the week off. The next day, Ben left for work about eight, asking what I was going to do that day as it was still hot and sunny. When I said I might go to the beach again he jokingly told me to be careful not to flash. I laughed, but in reality I'd been thinking about it since I woke and was intending too if I got the chance. I went to the beach, this time with my bikini pants on under my shorts. If the same people were about, seeing me falling over again would have been to obvious. I walked to the same area of beach, hoping to see the young guys again but was disappointed. A Monday, fewer people, I lay topless, a few men about, many of them older. I managed to surreptitiously pull the gusset to one side and lay with my legs open, pussy uncovered but no one seemed to notice. Off to a bad start as an exhibitionist.

The next day I had no more success. I was beginning to wonder if as I got older I was becoming invisible or guys weren't interested in seeing a middle aged woman's pussy. I felt a bit disheartened by my failure but it made me more determined to succeed. The third day I decided to drive instead of cycle and to take drastic action. I had a very thin white cotton dress which needed a slip under it to be decent. I decided to wear it and remove the slip when I reached the beach. Paired with a little camisole top, of the same material hopefully I'd not be leaving much to the imagination. Particularly as the only thing I was going to wear underneath was a sheer, micro teardrop string which consisted of a tiny strip material that covered only a minuscule area of my freshly shaven mound. The thin string, I knew, would slip between my pussy lips and into my gash. A bit extreme but I was determined. I'd bought it on holiday in the Canaries. after a few to many drinks, intending to wear it on the beach to surprise Ben. Once I'd seen myself in it in the hotel room I lost my nerve and it had remained hidden in my knicker drawer since. Perhaps that was the inner exhibitionist trying to get out a couple of years ago!

I packed a bag, towel, water, a book to read or pretend to read, sunglasses, a clean pair of panties. I drove to the beach. Parked, got out, had a look around, no one watching, so removed the slip and put it in the car. I walked away from the car where I could see my small reflection in the door mirror. I could see my nipples sticking out through the top and the outline of the string, disappointingly not revealing as much as I'd hoped …... until the sun suddenly came out from behind a cloud. Shinning through the cloth it became completely see thru, revealing just about everything. My legs, the teardrop, and when I moved nearer the mirror, and parted my legs I could see my prominent, fleshy labia, hanging either side of my hole, the string disappearing between them into my gash. I began to have second thoughts, until I noticed a guy drive passed, narrowly missing a bollard he was so intent on looking at me. Enough to boost my confidence and a good omen.

My mind made up, I locked the car before I changed my mind and set off along the path at the top of the beach. After about 100 yards I went down onto the beach, passed a couple sunbathing, the guys eyes following me until the woman dug him in the ribs with her elbow and I overheard her calling me a slut. I should have felt insulted but didn't. I was excited that I was exposing so much, pretending I was unaware. The beach was getting much quieter away from the car park and I noticed a guy up on the path taking photos of me. I stopped deliberately posing for a minute or two, making it obvious I didn't object. A bit further on I could see four guys together, they looked like the ones from a few days earlier. I decided to walk passed them to check them out.

They turned to look as I got closer. “You're flashing again” one of them called. I was close enough to recognise them now. “Still think I've got nice tits and a nice pussy?” I called back shamelessly. “Can't really be sure. We're more used to seeing you with your kit off” one replied cheekily. I looked around, there were others in sight. “If you know somewhere a bit more private I'll take my clothes off” I called, feelin bold, getting close to them. The guy with the camera was on the path above me listening. I looked up at him. “I know somewhere. I'll show you if I can take photos” he offered, jumping down onto the beach. About 30 years old, quite good looking, fair hair nicely styled, the most amazing blue eyes, I fancied him immediately.

He explained where he thought we could go, a cove cut into the cliffs about 15 minutes walk, very secluded, a practically hidden path down to it. The four guys looked at me expectantly. It wasn't quite what I'd planned but the thought of being naked in front of them was making me wet and I told the guy to lead the way. The path was deserted and I took off my camisole, walking topless for few minutes, before stopping to remove my skirt, passing it and my top to one of them, walking the last few hundred yards naked except for the teardrop string.

By the time we got there I knew their names, Greg the older one with the camera, a semi professional photographer. Rob, Mark, Stu and Gary all 18 or 19 and students. Rob was carrying my bag, Stu my clothes. Mark and Gary helped me down the cliff path, which seemed to involve hands touching my bum and tits more than strictly necessary. Not that I objected to having two young hunks touching me. The five of them went in front of me for the last few steps down to the cove while I stopped about 6 feet up the cliff, posing while Greg took pictures of me. I followed his instructions, cupping my tits, then pulling the string to one side, uncovering my pussy. He crouched down low, taking pictures, looking up between my legs as I joined them in the cove.

By then I was feeling as randy and horny as I can ever remember feeling. Things had taken a course I hadn't planned and despite the 30 year age difference, rather than just exposing myself to them I wanted them to fuck me. The atmosphere was sexually charged. I didn't dare suggest sex, maybe fearing they'd reject me and not want to fuck a woman who was probably older than their mothers. I decided to let things develop and hope one of them would take the lead. The beach was mostly rocky and Greg suggested that I climb on the flat top of a large rock in the centre of the cove and pose for them. He gave me a hand up, quietly asking if I objected to the guys posing with me. “Yes. If they want too” I answered hurriedly, my normal inhibitions forgotten. He gave me a wink “I’m sure they will by the time you've finished. Just do what I tell you”

The first thing he told me to do was take off the string. I pulled the sides down, tugged it from my gash, let it fall it the ground and stepped out of it. Proudly standing naked, displaying all my womanly charms I looked down at the four young guys. It wasn't my imagination but I think they were all getting hard. The thought that at almost 50 years old I could still interest them and they were lusting for me was enough to banish any lingering doubts about what I was doing. Greg started taking photos, calling instructions. I stretched and bent over, stood with my legs apart, crouching using my fingers to hold open my increasingly wet cunt. He got me to kneel on the rock, bum in the air, then reaching back spreading my buttocks, to reveal my pussy and anus.

I was revelling in what I was doing, enjoying being the centre of attention, lewdly exposing my most intimate parts to them. When Greg told me to lie on my back and spread my legs I did so with out hesitation, reaching down to hold my cunt open again. The poses were pornographic and I was wandering what I could do that was even filthier. “What do you do when you're in your bed” Greg asked. I looked at him puzzled. “If you haven't got a bloke and you're randy” he hinted. “I use a vibrator or masturbate” I answered. “And you don't have a vibe here, just your fingers” It dawned what he meant. I giggled nervously. “Do you want to watch me masturbate?” I asked, suddenly excited by him suggesting that I perform such a private act publicly. “Only if you want too” he said soothingly. I wanted too!!!

I settled back and got comfortable, spreading my legs wide. I started by caressing my breasts, tweaking and teasing my nipples, just as I would at home on my bed. I pinched my nipples got them hard before moving my right hand down over my belly, floating over my shaven mound until my fingertips brushed my clitoris. My pussy was already very wet, I pushed two fingers in, wetting them with my sex juices, moved them back to my clit and began to rub. I shivered, sighing contentedly, my clit stiffening under my touch I began to masturbate. With my eyes, almost closed I could see Greg moving around me, but mostly between my legs, whispering encouragement, urging me to push my fingers in my cunt.

I always enjoy playing with myself. With the added thrill of being watched masturbating in what was after all a public place I was soon fingering my pussy uninhibitedly and enthusiastically. The world around me almost shut out as I got closer to cumming. I was aware of them talking and heard Greg's voice close to my ear. “That's good, really good. Push all your fingers in your cunt” I did as he wanted. I opened my eyes, they were all watching me. all had their cocks out wanking. I looked at them longingly, comparing the different sizes. I'd never felt such sexual freedom or desire. Craving their young hard cocks, I looked at Greg pleadingly. Hoping he'd understand that I wasn't confident enough to ask them to fuck me, myself, I silently mouthed “I want to be fucked” To my relief he understood, confirming by asking “Do you want them to fuck you?” Though I knew I shouldn't, It was exactly what I wanted. “Yes. All of them” I replied. Being taken by four young guys, the desire to be fucked, out in the open, on a public beach, overwhelming any rationality or prudence.

I stopped masturbating, propped myself up on my elbows, feeling relaxed now they knew what I wanted. “Who wants to fuck me first then?” I asked confidently. They stood looking from one to the other. “Gary. You can fuck me first” I decided for them. He climbed up on the rock, knelt between my legs, lowered himself on top of me and guided his long thin cock into my waiting pussy. I held on to him, drawing my legs back, wanting to be penetrated deep, feel his cock inside me. He began humping me, sliding his cock in and out slowly at first. I'd been so aroused masturbating, excited by what I was doing, it only took a dozen or so strokes before I felt the first flutters of an impending orgasm. I gasped that I was going to cum and told him to fuck me harder. Five or six hard thrusts and I climaxed, moaning that I wanted him to cum in my cunt. He obliged, ramming his cock in to the hilt then holding still, pumping his spunk into my receptive cunt.

Three more like that and I'll be a very happy satisfied woman I thought, pushing him off, telling Mark I wanted him next. I like doggy and wanted to be taken from behind. I turned over onto my knees, resting my elbows on the ground for support, I moved my legs apart, bum raised, my spunk filled pussy ready to take a second cock, this one quite short but thick. He moved into position, put his hands on my hips, cock aimed at my hole and pushed it inside me. His cock entered me, displacing some of Gary's cum. I felt it running down my thighs as he began to shaft me. I glanced back, Greg was standing over me, taking photos of me being fucked. For the first time I briefly wondered what he intended doing with all the pictures. I had more important things to think about, enjoying the sensation of being fucked for the second time in only a few minutes. I could tell that Mark wasn't going to last much longer and began to push back, happy to take his spunk even if I didn't cum. I heard him start to grunt, fucking me faster, then a groan as he drove his cock up me hard and ejaculated. He withdrew slowly, followed by a gush of spunk from my sodden cunt.

I'd decided which order I wanted them in but changed my mind wanting to try something I'd read about footballers doing. Rob had the largest cock probably a good 8 inches and he was definitely going to fuck me. I told them I wanted Rob to fuck me while I sucked Stu's cock. I think most guys are happy, if not grateful for a blow job as much as a fuck. They didn't object anyway. They moved, Stu in front, Rob behind. Stu knelt, stroking his erection inches from my mouth, I felt Rob's hand between my legs sliding into my pussy then out again. I turned to see what he was doing. He leant forward, held out his hand, fingers dripping with cum, offering them for me to lick and suck. I opened my mouth and licked and then sucked them clean. At the same time I could feel his cock head, nudging my cunt, almost but not quite entering me. I gave his fingers a final slurp, then reached between my legs, searching for his prick. I found it, wrapped my fingers around it and guided it into my cunt.

I felt my sex stretching to take him, his cock filling my tight hole nicely. It was certainly much bigger and definitely much harder than my husbands. Rob began to shag me. I turned my head towards Stu's cock, opened my mouth and took it between my lips. I greedily sucked him into my mouth, sucking him hard, my mouth moving up and down his shaft in rhythm with Rob's cock pounding my pussy. Stu started to fuck my face, I had to bite down to stop him pushing it in to far, he quickly understood, sliding his cock into my mouth only so far. It become increasingly difficult for me suck Stu's cock, my breathing quickening, another orgasm building. Rob was fucking me deep and hard, several times almost forcing Stu's cock down my throat.

Rob moved his hands to my buttocks, I felt him spread them, and dribble on my bum, saliva running down my crack to my anus. I felt a finger touching my bum hole, spreading the saliva, pressing it firmly against my anus opening it. He worked his finger in then broke through the tight resistance and slid his finger up my arse. I shuddered with lust, experiencing the wonderful sensation of having a cock in my pussy, another in my mouth, while taking something in my arse, albeit only a finger, for the first time. In my heightened state of arousal I imagined I had a cock in my arse too, determining then and there that I wanted to try Anal Sex, may be not that day but soon.

The feeling of two cocks in my body, the sounds, smell, taste of sex and the sight of all that cock overwhelmed my senses and I had the most amazing, prolonged orgasm. I seemed to just keep on climaxing in wave after wave, having multiple orgasms, another first for me. My cunt seemed to be convulsing, contractions rippling along Robs shaft. Stu jerked in my mouth, his cum filling my mouth, I couldn't spit it out and gulped it down, followed my a second load before he pulled out. With cum dribbling from my mouth I screamed at Rob it cum in my pussy. He obliged after several more rapid thrusts, his cock throbbing inside as I took a third heavy load of young virile spunk in my fuck hole.

I collapsed onto the rock, managed to roll onto my back with my legs spread when Greg asked me too. I lay, smiling happily, well satisfied, spunk pouring from my pussy while he took more photos. There was a huge pool on the rock when it finally stopped dribbling from my hole. Rob, Mark, Stu and Gary had dressed and said they had to leave but hoped they'd see me again. I hoped so too or guys like them. I looked at Greg, “Why don't you put your camera down and fuck me? I'm sure I can manage one more” I grinned, rolling on my side to undo his jeans.

I undressed him, he lay on his back while I sucked his already hard cock. I mounted him, guided his rampant cock into my greedy, cock hungry cunt and rode him. I took my time, riding him slowly, taking him deep, then letting it slip from my hole, sitting with it in my gash, rubbing it back and fore against my clit until I was close to cumming again. I took him back inside me, rode him harder and faster, felt him thrusting powerfully into me. We were both close, Greg grunting, me moaning and gasping. I climaxed first, and laid on top, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock inside me until he came.

Afterwards we sat in the shadow of the rock while he showed me the photos he'd taken, hundreds of them, me posing, masturbating and then being fucked. I described what had happened, that led to me being on the beach. Falling over accidentally, how turned on I'd been, being naked and exposed in public and that was all I'd intended to do that day. Not that I regretted letting him and the four young guys fuck me. In fact it had whetted my appetite for more. Finally I reluctantly dressed, put on my panties under my skirt so I was half decent. Walking back to the car I asked if I could meet him again, go somewhere I could view the photos properly, may be have another photo session too. He suggested the following day, I had work, followed by the weekend and work the start of the following week. In the end we swapped mobile numbers and arranged to meet in the middle of the following week.

It was the longest week ever, only brightened when he sent me a text with the web address of a site he'd uploaded some of my pictures too, ones that didn't show my face. I enjoyed reading the comments from guys, describing how they'd like to fuck me. We exchanged more texts about our next meeting, what we could do, what I should wear, where we should go. By the time the day finally arrived I was wet, horny, in dire need of fucking, and desperate for lots more cock.