Written by HJB

19 Mar 2018

I married Jayne when she was 22, I was 25 years old. Now 4 years on we have separated, Jayne lives in our house on her own or so I thought. Jayne is a petite blonde 5ft 2” with beautiful 32b 24 34 figure just as it was at 17 yrs when we first met. During the 7 months of our separation Jayne has by all accounts been making up for lost time and increasing her sexual tally from two, me being number two, to if rumours are correct to nearer two dozen. One night as we occasionally do started texting, by her text I new she had had quite a few drinks so I broached the subject of her alleged promiscuous activaties and told her of the two dozen rumours, which she quickly denied, she eventually confessed to have being fucked by 14 different guys, it all started when she got a part time bar job at a local cricket club this got her a lot of attention and she started dressing more and more revealing clothes, As a result she went on a few date and within the first month she had been on dates with 3 of the younger guys all of which fucked her, this became a regular thing, with a night out followed by one of these guys taking her back to her house, this all changed one evening after a club event which she went to but was not working, as you can imagine she was extremely popular as most of the younger guys and some of the older ones where aware of her being a fuck toy to 3 of the member, another young guy took her outside where she gave him a blow job, unknown to Jayne two other guys one of which was already fuck her were watching before she new it she had 3 large dicks in her face and being the good girl she had become she swallowed each one in tern. Once back inside it wasn’t long before she was bundled into a taxi and taken home by the other two of her regulars, back at her house she was quickly stripped and bent over taking one at each end it was then she saw 3 guys she had blown earlier who must of followed in another taxi, this is when she was gangbanged by all 5 of them, at this stage I cut out the texting and called her, she confessed that the guys had videoed her on their phones and from this point on she was truly their little fuck doll, for the next fortnight she was visited most night by the 5 guys, some time individually sometimes in two or three at a time, it all changed one evening when one of them turned up with two of the older members (35 ish) from the first team, at first she protested but they already had the video on their phones and told her she was gorgeous and paying her every compliment and after plying her with a few wines they started touching her up and being the good slut she had become it wasn’t long before she was up to number seven. I then asked Jayne what happened next. The following Friday after she had finished her shift the two older guys took her out for a meal, they were soon joined by the club professional who is a West Indian man, yes you guest it a bottle of wine later, they are all back at her house, Jayne was stripped to her knickers as she was only wearing a little summer dress no bra, the West Indian guy was soon stripped and shaking a black cock infront of her face, I asked the obvious question to which she replied it was a bit smaller than a couple of her other guys but it was still a good thick 7”, that night Jayne did all three guys and took her first black fucking, so now she is up to number 8. For the next 3 months the black West Indian professional living at her house or should I say my house, the other guys had to take a back seat with only occasionally visit, so how did Jayne get from number 8 to 14, well the cricket season came to an end and her temp bar job was over, the black West Indian guy we will call Joe, was returning home for our winter season back to the Caribbean, so he took Jayne with him for a two week holiday, Joe was very proud of his little white fuck dolly and freely shared her with his friends as he did back in the Uk, during the two weeks Jayne had a total of 6 new black cocks regularly fucking her in group of three and four at a time, and a couple as she put it were huge 9” plus, on the night before she came home a group of 6 including Joe gang fucked her. Since that evening phone call Me and Jayne have started seing each other and whilst we are not back living together, we are sleeping together, god she is so sexy and the thoughts I have when fucking her is that 14 cocks have penetrated her petite body probably hundreds of times in total of which 7 have been black. We have discussed what next, but I have to consider the new cricked season starts next month and she intends to go back to her part time bar job and Joe has asked if he can move in with her for the season.