Written by Tom

3 Nov 2017

I'm a 45 year old man, not bad looking and with a fairly good physique. I'm 6'2" tall and just over 14 stone. I seem to attract a good deal of attention from women and I have recently been dating a 30 year old, very slim and pretty girl. She has a lovely hourglass shape with small but very pert breasts with long nipples, she has a very nice shaved pussy with a slightly prominent pubic bone and long labia, I love the way they hang down when she stands naked in front of me. Jen is very demanding sexually, maybe her age means she is at her prime and I'm a little passed mine.

We have a great time together and play with lots of toys which help me keep her satisfied. She has a particular love for a really thick, soft silicone dildo we bought. It looks huge but she loves it and it gives her the most intense orgasms which I love to witness. Although Jen has never complained, I have one shortcoming in the bedroom department which is my penis size. I'm a little under 4 inches fully erect and I'm rather thin. My genitals are all in proportion, my testicles are roughly the size of cherry tomatoes and my bulge is quite underwhelming as my flaccid penis size is just over an inch in length. Jen has never complained and makes the most of what I have.

I've recently introduced her to some tasteful massage videos, we got all comfortable and then I started a high quality video of an attractive, clothed woman waiting for her massage client to come into the room. A tall, attractive man with a very good body walks into the room and Jen commented on his 'Nice bum' with a chuckle. As he climbed onto the massage table his long, thick flaccid penis came into view and Jen's face lit up. The masseuse got to work all over his body and eventually took his thick manhood in her hands, it had to be 3 times thicker than mine and he already appeared to be around 6 inches completely soft. We watched the video for around 20 minutes and then I decided to tease Jen a little. I put my hand down inside her knickers and couldn't quite believe how wet she had become, her panties were soaked through. She clearly liked the larger penis and this gave me an idea. I asked her if she'd like to recieve a massage from a guy like that and maybe more. Initially she was a little reluctant to admit she'd like to do that but I said, maybe a birthday treat, you never know. She giggled and said, 'you wouldn't dare'. I said 'did you just dare me'. She said 'yes, because I know you wouldn't dare'. She had a very naughty smile and giggle when she said it.

As it was just two weeks until her birthday, I had work to do. I managed to find a guy a couple of hours away who would cover a house visit in our area, the price was high but he was perfect. Great looking, 31 years old, great body not huge just very toned as Jen likes. He claimed to be 9" thick and uncut and offers a full service. I contacted him immediately and he was available for the evening before Jen's birthday. I explained what I'd planned and asked if I could watch which he said was fine, in line wih the website details. He said he could remain clothed or be completely naked or anywhere in between.

The day he was due to arrive, I told Jen about her massage and she looked totally shocked and a bit nervous but didn't seem sure if she should believe me or not. I told her he could be naked or dressed and that she could do anything she liked with him if she fancied him and wanted to. She kissed me and said, you're winding me up. At 7 o clock, I got a text to say he would be with us in around 30 minutes. I showed it to Jen and I think the reality sank in at that moment. I suggested she go and put on her favourite underwear and get herself ready. She shot off for a shower and came back 20 minutes later in her dreesing gown and some gorgeous, dark red satin panties and a tight, matching vest top. She smelled devine.

Dom arrived at the door a few minutes later and I went and let him in, he looked amazing and I knew instantly that Jen would be blown away by him. He was well spoken and very polite and gentle in nature. Smartly dressed, he walked into the front room where Jen had got up to meet us as we entered the room. Jen flushed a little and then smiled a very sweet smile, she looked nervous but I could also see she was very excited. Dom went through to the spare room where I'd made some space for the massage table and got setup in just a few minutes. He invited Jen to the bedroom and offered to take her dressing gown,she slipped easily out of it and stood before Dom looking stunning, her nipples were now erect and showing very clearly through the thin satin fabric. Dom saked Jen to make herself comfortable and asked her if she like him to remove his clothes, she glanced at me and then back at Dom and said 'perhaps topless' or even just in your underpants? Dom said, of course, whatever is your pleasure and smiled.

Jen was lying on the massage table by now and Dom was unbuttoning his shirt, Jen didn't seem to know where to look so I said 'Jen, just enjoy every moment, I am' and smiled at her. I think she relaxed then and focused properly on Dom's torso, he had a very strong and lightly tanned stomach and chest with just a little neat hair. Dom unzipped his trousers and lowered them, as he picked them up and folded them, Jen's eyes settled on the outragously large package in his underpants. I could see the outline of a very large penis and it hadn't escaped Jen either. Dom stepped towards Jen and placed his hands on her stomach and gently caressed her,he slipped his hands under her top which she sat up slightly and eagerly removed. Her nipples were very hard and a wet patch was becoming visible between her legs as her excitement soaked her panties. Dom got to work with his strong hands all over her body including her small breasts, Jen groaned with enjoyment as Dom touched her. As Dom slid his hands down under the edge of her panties, Jen lifted herself slightly so Dom could slip them off, they were really wet by now and that seemed to make Dom smile.

Now completely naked and with her legs a little apart, Dom was able to gently touch her wet labia which was making Jen pant and almost orgasm from the lightest of brushes. Her whole pussy was glistening with moisture at this point. I asked Jen if everything was to her liking to which she responded 'perfect'. Dom continued and Jen continued watching his bum and his bulging underpants as he moved around her. Dom noticed her looking and said 'would you like to touch'. Jen smiled nervously and moved her hand a few inches accross to where his white pants stretched tightly around his genitals. Her hand cupped and gently squeezed, the size of his package made her hand look so tiny and she gasped as she felt what was within. I said to Jen 'would you like Dom to remove his underpants so you can really get to enjoy what he has there'. Jen asked if I minded, I said, no I'd love you to get the most from this and even I'm a little curious, I've never seen anything quite like that either. Jen looked at Dom and said 'please can I see a little more'.

The next moment was incredible, the biggest turn on ever. Dom pulled down his underpants and out tumbled the most incredible manhood I'v ever seen. It must have been over 7 inches long and really thick as it hung limp and heavy in front of Jen's wide eyes, it was especially thick around the wide head and then tapered off to just the foreskin for an extra inch (over eight in total). His testicles were huge too, two huge plums hanging neatly below. Jen's face was a picture, like all her Christmas' had arrived at once, she looked like she wanted to eat what she saw, her jaw dropped and she said 'WOW!! oh my god, it's gorgeous'. Dom smiled and said, thank you, help yourself, feel free to explore and enjoy as much as you like Jen. Jen sat up a little and took Dom's flaccid penis in her left hand and lifted it 'it's so heavy' she chuckled and brought her right hand across to help. His size made her hands look so small compared to when she touched my penis. Dom moved slightly further up the table and Jen lifted his huge soft penis towards her mouth, her lips parted and she put her mouth around the end and sucked gentle on the loose foreskin at the end, when her mouth reached the thickness of his head she couldn't quite get it into her mouth, just a little too thick. I slipped my pants off and I was already hard, Dom looked and saw what I had but was very gracious and refrained from a grin or any negative reaction. I asked Jen if she would like to move onto the bed and she said 'are you sure it's okay'. I said, it's okay if you want it, it would seem a shame to miss the chance to feel Dom inside you. Jen looked so excited at the prospect and was on the bed in a flash and said 'that's an opportunity I definitely don't want to miss, this is the birthday treat of a lifetime'. Dom was beginning to thicken and stiften as Jen touched him. As he rose it grew still further, his foreskin dropped back over his huge head. Once Dom was fully aroused, I asked how big he was, he said 'I put 9" on the website but I'm a little bigger depending on how you measure'. I couldn't believe how big the head was, Jen was licking away at it but couldn't fit it in her mouth. She was rubbing his bum and chest with incredible enthusiasm. I was using my fingers to play with her pussy which was literally soaking wet, I've never known her so aroused. Dom positioned himself between her legs and introduced the end of his massive penis to her pussy lips. He gently worked at it until the head slipped inside, stretching her dark, slick pussy lips wide apart, Jen took a sharp breath but pulled him hard towards herself which pulled in a third of his manhood. Jen screamed with pleasure and said, oh fuck, that feels so fucking nice. Dom slid gently in and out giving a little more each time. After a few minutes, most of his massive cock was inside her, Jen had the most intense orgasm she's ever experienced. I asked Jen how it felt to enjoy such a nice big penis and she said it was the best sex she's ever had and the most satisfied she has ever felt. I kissed Jen and she pulled me hard towrads her and kissed me back and said thank you so much. Over the next twenty minutes Jen stroked and kissed Dom's penis, fascinated by his size and his foreskin (I'm cut, so it's quite a novelty). She jokingly asked if she could keep it, Dom said, well you know where to find me and I'd be very happy to come and see you again, good discount next time and smiled, Jen kissed his mouth and they continued to kiss passionately for a few moments. Jen returned her attention to her favorite new toy which was still rock hard. She sat astride Dom and gently lowered herself onto him, she rode him carefully for several minutes, she was so flushed and red and screaming with pleasure and then exploded with another climax like the first, she seemed to almost cry with pleasure as she fell limp onto the bed. Having fun, I enquired. She smiled and asked how often she can do this, I laughed and said, we'll see. She recovered and then had Dom and I lie side by side, we were both hard and she stroked us both, her right hand travelling all the way from the base up the shaft and over the head to the tip of Dom's monster, long strokes each making him breathe a little deeper. Her left hand remained in the same position on my little cock, her small hand concealing me almost completely and her fingers wrapping all the around me. Her fingers couldn't even reach half way around Dom's thickness. I exploded and filled her hand with my cum which she licked off and then used that hand to give Dom two handed attention. My cock reduced back to it's flaccid state. The whole of my genitals, testicles and penis combined were considerably smaller that the head of Dom's penis. Jen concentrated hard on the head of Dom's manhood with her hands and tongue and at last he exploded. She eagerly opened her mouth to let his cum in but couldn't manage it all. Seems he has more than his share of that too. Jen stroked his retreating penis as it shrank back to it's original state (massive). Jen kissed Dom again and said, I hope to see you soon. You just gave me the best sexual experience of my life. You have the most impressive cock I've ever seen and you are the best lover in world, you must be. Dom said, I enjoyed you very much too and hope to be back. Jen turned to me and said thank you again, I love you so much. We dressed, my little cock almost undetectable as I pulled on my boxers and Dom was carefully arranging his long dangling equipment back into his underpants, like stuffing a sleeping bag back into it's pack. Jen watched with fascination and even asked if she could help. Dom smiled and said, of course and removed his hands. Jen struggled to get his penis, which I noticed hung half way to his knee back inside his underpants but my god did she enjoy trying.

After Dom had left, Jen and I had a really nice chat and very loving close moments. I said it's good to discover new things about what pleases you. Jen said she has always been curious about penis size and hasn't ever experienced anything more than around six inches. She says she loves sex with me despite me being her smallest, we do lots of anal and find other ways to satisfy her needs, the latest of which is Dom and her favorite by far. She said she's happy to have had the chance to discover her love for a large penis, she loves the look and the feel both inside her but also in her hands 'I especially love the thickness'. She admitted that she and her friends often check out men to see if they can tell their size and that they all talk about their men with each other, apparently I'm the smallest, no great surprise. Even though her friends know I'm small, they want to try me out, so says Jen. Her friend Sally has a new fella called Josh and she said he's enormous and very good in bed. They all went to the beach the other day and Jen said that it seems Sally is telling the truth from what she saw. I said maybe there's some more fun to be had there then and smiled, Jen said, well i'm not sure really......oh go on then, he's fucking gorgeous and laughed. She then admitted Sally had got Josh to tense his butt and they'd all been having a good squeeze. I said, you're such a bad girl but what fun.