Written by Ray'salaugh

29 Jan 2017

Joan was the oldest of the Chertsey Girls, and would come along a couple of afternoons each week. She was not a regular visitor, but turned up on different days and for different lengths of time. About 40 odd, she had two teenage children still at school. Her husband had an office job in Hounslow and worked for some company that did import/export of goods through Heathrow Airport.

Joan had been with her hubby since school and ,until she joined the Chertsey Girls, had never had another man. After 20 years of routine sex, always the same, and keeping quiet so the kids didn't hear them, she was getting curious about spreading her wings a bit and getting some no strings attached sex. She had read some fairly racy books that talked about "fuck buddies", different sexual positions, oral sex, bondage and all sorts of things, so she was high on theory, but woefully short of practice.

Joan was in her local Woman's Institute, and a regular at her local church. That went with the territory. Hubby was in Rotary and played tennis on Sundays in the summer. Their social life was not much more than regular dinners and coffee mornings with very similar couples in their area. Joan had got to know Sandy, one of the main girls in the Chertsey set up. Sandy was about 5 years younger and how they got to know each other goodness only knows. I never found that out, but Sandy and Joan would meet up for coffee (normally that meant a glass of red) once or twice a week, when they would chat about all sorts of things. at one meet Joan had a couple of books she had picked up at a charity shop with her, and Sandy had read them. They were both a bit naughty with plenty of sex , so Sandy commented on them saying she didn't think Joan would read such stuff. Joan put her right on that account and it soon came out how sexually frustrated she was. It wasn't anything she could or would talk to hubby about, but as nothing else worked she was reading sexy books and "looking after herself" .

Gradually Sandy introduced Joan to a few of her friends from school. In fact a few other Chertsey girls. After a while they invited her to join them at their girls night out. Joan went along and her eyes were opened. This was a risk for the girls as Joan might have stomped off in a huff. She didn't. On their second night with the girls, and with a fair bit of red wine consumed, Sandy told her about the bungalow, certain now that Joan would want to visit.

The next day Joan phoned Sandy once the hangover wore off, and asked her if she was serious, or just joking. Sandy had meant every word, and if she would like to, Joan should come for a coffee in the kitchen. She would recognise a few of the others. There would be no pressure, if she just wanted to chat and drink coffee, that would be fine. Come along when she liked and leave when she liked.

It took a day or so for her to pluck up the courage. By that time her curiosity was getting out of control. She phoned Sandy to say she was going to drop in, and drove over. She only lived about 15 min drive away. In West London traffic, that was quite close. She parked up nearby and walked to the back door, which is what Sandy said she should do. She knocked and the door was opened by a girl she recognised from the girls nights out. Hi Joan, come on in she was told. Once in the kitchen with the other girls, her morals went down hill rather rapidly.

She half expected the others to be dressed in sexy undies, looking the way tarts do in TV films. In fact they were all in dresses or blouse/skirts, stockings and smart shoes. Karen fussed in and out tidying up rooms, putting out clean towels, making sure the two bedrooms had lube, condoms, paper tissues and so on. A porn film was playing in the front room where most of the punters would wait if their chosen girl was "busy" Sandy gave Joan the tour. It was quiet at the time and both rooms were free.

Joan had never seen a porn film. She watched open mouthed. Not at all upset by the on screen antics of the porn actors, but more and more interested in how things went at the bungalow. Karen was answering the phone at regular intervals, and after one call told Sandy that a punter was due in 10 minutes. Sandy Joan and the others went back into the kitchen. Karen had said the guy was one of the regulars and wanted Jane. Jane popped off to the bathroom to get ready for her client. By this time Joan told me later, she was tingling from head to toe. There she was in a brothel with one of the girls readying herself for a customer while the others chatted or drank their coffee in the kitchen as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

The doorbell rang and Karen went off to open the door. Jane appeared out of the bathroom and went to meet her client. A little chit chat from the living room and the sound of a bedroom door closing. Karen came back with a handful of banknotes and told Sandy Jane was booked for an hour. Sandy wrote this in a notebook and put the money in a cash box. She said to Joan that to avoid problems, each appointment was recorded and the money was divided up at the end of the day, or when a girl had to leave if that was earlier A proportion of the fee was reserved for the house, as that paid Karen's wages and the other running expenses of the place. At the end of the day when everyone had been paid, the record was burnt to stop it getting into the wrong hands. Security of the girls outside lives was essential. Sandy told Joan that any new girl was always vetted by the others to ensure she would fit in with them. That was why she had been invited to the girls nights out. Only when the others agreed was she invited along for coffee in the kitchen. The rest was up to Joan. She could join the others or not, leave and think it over or anything else she might want to do.

The door bell rang and another punter came in. He had not pre booked, so Karen let him look into the kitchen to choose a girl. He did. It was not Joan. The girl chosen winked at Joan, smiled and went off with her client. Karen came back with the money and Sandy wrote it down.

Joan was in heaven. Surrounded by women only a little younger than herself, all friendly and non judgemental. They were selling their bodies and were happy to do so. No pimps, no drugs, no violence. It was nothing like she had expected, but yet so very, very appealing. She asked Sandy, that if she decided to join, what sort of thing would she be expected to do? Sandy told her. She would be undressed till she was naked, the gentlemen would want to play with her breasts and pussy. They would want sex, but all penetration was with a condom. That was a rule of the house. She would be expected to do oral. She had never done that, not even with her husband. Sandy said, not to worry. If she decided to join them, Sandy would pick one of their regulars who was sympathetic and gentle to lead her through things. He would, Sandy said "Break her in gently". It was getting late. The kids would be out of school soon, Joan would have to go and would let Sandy know when she had thought it through.

As Joan pulled on her coat, the bedhead of the bed in the small bedroom started to bang rhythmically against the wall.

That evening Joan was in a daze. Trying to act normally to her family, while deciding if she should become a paid part time whore. This was her chance to try out the things she had read about, to find out if all penises felt the same, to discover what it was like to have her pussy licked. Could she do it?

She woke the next morning, saw hubby off to work with a kiss, made the kids their breakfast as normal and saw them off to school. She had made her decision. She was going to do it, just a few times. She still loved her husband and family, but she thought it would quench the fire she had in her belly and might even make her a better wife and mother. She picked up the phone, spoke to Sandy, and went to jump in the bath and chose some nice but respectable clothes for her first day at work.

Joan had some things to do at home, so turned up at the bungalow about 1pm. Sandy welcomed her like a long lost friend and told her not to worry, and if she decided to bottle out, well she wouldn't be the first. She made herself comfortable in the kitchen and got out her knitting. Might as well be useful while waiting to see what would happen. Karen, as usual was answering phones. She spoke to a guy who's voice she knew (no, it wasn't me) and told him they had a new girl on that day. Joan heard Karen describe her. A very weird feeling. Karen told the guy that if he went for Joan, he would have to be very slow and understanding, and look after her. Joan felt like the condemned woman with the hangman standing outside the door of her cell. She looked at Sandy who reached over and took her hand. Karen put down the phone. The guy was a regular client. He had had all the girls and was well liked. He wanted Joan and would be over in about 15 minutes. Don't worry Sandy told Joan. He's a nice guy and I've done him a few times. He will look after you.

It took the guy nearer half an hour to reach the bungalow and ring the bell. Joan jumped at the sound, and her heart went into her mouth. The others had been giving her tips and telling her what a good bloke her first was going to be. They had all had him. She would be fine. Karen brought him into the kitchen. An average looking guy about 5 foot 8 inches tall, wearing glasses and a business suit. He smiled at Joan and held out his hand. Karen reminded him about the fee and asked how long he wanted to stay. He booked 30 minutes, handed Karen the cash and lead Joan into the Master bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Joan didn't know what to do. She knew what she wanted, but didn't know how to proceed. The guy took over. Asked her to "do a twirl" and then took her in his arms and kissed her. She had been expecting to be stripped almost at once, but the guy took his time. His tongue went into her mouth. She was being French kissed! she responded and felt him run his hand over her breasts, She wanted him and let out a sigh. He found the zip to her dress and slowly pulled it down. She felt the dress get loose on her body. He lifted it over her head. She stood there with her arms up above her head too make it easier.

He stood back and looked at her. "You have the most amazing boobs" he said." Would you mind if I took your bra off and looked at them properly?" How could she refuse? She nodded, unable to speak. He reached behind her and unclipped it with one hand. He had done it countless times before. Her bra was lifted off her by him and suddenly she was standing in front of a man she had only just met naked from the waist up. Suddenly, she wanted to get naked and have sex with this man. She couldn't remember his name, but she wanted him to have her, and do it right now.

"What did you say your name was? " she asked. He told her. "Would you do something for me please?". Of course he would if he could. " she held out both arms to him "Will you take me please, right now. I need you to have me now" He smiled, kissed her again and slipped his fingers under her half slip and panties and lowered them until they dropped to the floor. Still in stockings, with her court shoes, but otherwise naked, he moved her to the bed and pushed her slowly until she lay back. Leaving her there, he undressed himself. No film star physique, and a penis no bigger than hubbies he was just an ordinary man, but hard and ready for sex. He took a condom and rolled it on himself then moving her knees apart so she opened her legs, he quietly climbed on the bed and mounted her.

She felt him penetrate her and it was as if a dam had burst. She was having sex with this man What did he say his name was. It didn't matter this was good. He took hold of her breast. He was calling them "her tits" Yes, he was sucking her right tit and playing with the nipple of the other one. It felt wonderful. " I'm going to fuck you now" he said. "Please", she said "Yes, I need you to fuck me" she responded. "The guy was on top of her looking into her eyes supporting himself on his elbows while he played with her tits. She must remember to call them tits with her gentlemen from now on. Also when she wanted sex she must ask to be fucked. She was learning. The guy looked at her and asked her if she could feel his cock in her cunt? Oh yes she most certainly could. Another lesson learned. It was no longer a penis, it was a cock, and its whole purpose in life was to fill her cunt. She liked that She decided to play this new game. "Fuck me harder" she said, amazed that she could say the words. "I want to feel your cock filling my cunt" An hour ago, these words were only seen on the pages of some of her books. Now she was whispering them to this man while he did to her what only her husband had ever done before. She put her arms around his neck and french kissed him again. This had an unexpected effect on him. He pushed hard into her and let out a groan and came filling his condom. "Keep going for gods sake", she said. He did, as best he could, but enough to send her over the edge and hit her first orgasm. Who was this ordinary looking man who out of nowhere made her come? Even her husband only managed that now and then.

She was surprised to find that 20 minutes had already gone by. "I don't have time to have you again" he said apologetically "Maybe next time I see you" Goodness, he would see her again! "Could you try and give me a blow job for the next 5 minutes or so" he asked. She had never done that before and told him, so he taught her what to do. She was a willing pupil, anxious to learn. She tasted sperm for the first time in her life. A little salty, not unpleasant at all. She sucked him some more. He gave her a few tips. She should lick his ball sack and shaft. "Try and keep eye contact, it drives the guys wild. Go slowly. Stick out your tongue and lick the end of my prick" she squirreled it all away for next time.

Karen knocked on the door to let the guy know his half hour was up. Joan was sad it was over. She had learned more about sex, sorry, fucking in the last half an hour than she had in the last 20 years. She lay there naked as the guy dressed. Wait, she couldn't lie there like she did at home, she must dress as well. She slipped into her knickers, found her bra and locked up her ample "tits" until next time. Yes there would be a next time she decided. Wiggling into her dress, she zipped it up as the guy leant forward for a goodbye kiss. "Hope to see you again soon" he said then turning he opened the door and there was Karen to let him out.

Joan floated more than walked back into the kitchen. The others looked at her the unasked questions in their eyes. Are you OK asked Sandy. "Oh yes" she said" I don't think I have ever felt like that in my life. " I want more, and soon" Big smiles spread over the faces of the others. They had been proved right. Joan was a "natural" Karen came in to the kitchen. Always a bit straightforward she looked at Joan and asked straight out "What did you think of your first fuck?" Joan had liked it very much and told Karen so. "He had a good cock and knew how to fuck me. I loved the way he sucked my tits". Karen laughed,".

Time was pressing. Joan had to get home for the kids and to start dinner. She took her money, more than she expected for half an hours debauchery, put on her coat and left telling Sandy she would be in touch soon. She laughed to herself all the way home. Oh my, if the ladies of the Woman's Institute only knew what she had been doing that afternoon they would all die of heart attacks.

Joan was back within the week for more cock and more fucking. I met her and had her for the first time a couple of weeks later.