Written by Only

16 Dec 2016

One Sat night I went to my local social club for a few drinks. I had a rather short dress on, heels and was feeling very horny. I got chatting to 4 guys I'd know for a long time and after a few drinks and some flirting went outside with one of them. We started kissing whilst his hands roamed everywhere. With one hand on my breasts and the other down my knickers feeling my extremely wet pussy he asked if I wanted more. Desperate to be pleasured I said yes. No sooner had I said it I felt hands everywhere, 4 pairs!!! My breathing was suddenly rapid as they touched and grouped every part of my body, I had no control and loved every second of it. My hair was grabbed and head forced down to suck the biggest hardest cock I had ever seen. My legs were pushed apart and my arse pulled upwards as fingers, fists and cocks were forced inside me. They took it in turns moving round from my mouth to my cunt using me for their pleasure. I felt their throbbing cocks explode, 3 in my cunt 1 in my mouth. They left me standing their dress round my waist, tits hanging out, cum running everywhere, moaning and panting for more. I had to sort myself out and walk back into the club as they stood back at the bar with their wives as if nothing had happened. It was amazing fun!