Written by JuicyFruit_jf

28 Sep 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve written any more of my escapades on here, and after reading a few horny stories about other young girls my age with older men, I thought it was about time I told you a bit more about my current ‘arrangement’ with Rob (60). I’ve had a birthday since the last time I wrote so I’m now 19 but still up for anything Rob wants to do to me.

His son Paul (35) was on the scene with us for a while but he bought his own place a couple of months back and moved out so now there’s just the two of us – until, of course, when Rob invites people over. It’s become a sort of ritual. How did I become a personal sex slave slut?

It started off simply with Rob using my body one night to satisfy himself, Paul and a couple of men that were in the house when I turned up on his doorstep drunk. After that night, he knew there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him so Rob started having private little parties, with me as the main attraction. It’s very exciting for me to be in this position, to be adored and appreciated by men old enough to be my grandfather. I adore old men – the older the better - and they probably get a kick out of having someone young at their disposal, who’ll give them what they want, no questions asked. For many of them, it’s been a while between bouts. Rob is always in attendance so there is never any doubt in my mind I’ll be taken care of. I’m his special girl.

On one occasion, Rob had planned one of his “Super Saturday Specials” and told me to dress up in my school uniform. It hadn’t been that long ago that I’d left school anyway and I’m only tiny so the uniform still fits. Of course I’ve ‘modified’ it somewhat to make it look sexier. I bought a really tight white blouse where the buttons don’t quite meet all the way together, making my small tits protrude over the top. This was to be a ‘school’ night and the guests were going to be ‘teachers’. I was a bit worried things might go too far with 'discipline’ but Rob said he’d be watching and guiding the action so that put me more at ease.

With the six guests and Rob assembled downstairs, I was ‘summoned’ to the headmaster’s ‘office’, to find them seated on the couches surrounding my platform. (Rob had built it out of timber and covered it with carpet and he drags it out for his parties.) “You asked to see me, Sirs?” I stammered from the edge of the room. “Come in, girl, and be quick about it. Stand where we can see you.” I stood on the raised platform, my white thigh high stocking tops exposed and short skirt barely covering my thin white cotton underwear. “It has come to our attention that you have been showing your bare arse to the boys behind the bike shed. Is this true?” “No Sirs, I wouldn’t Sirs. I’m wearing knickers.” “You must walk past each one of us, sit on our laps and show us what you have on under that skirt.” At Rob’s instruction, I walked up to the first man and lifted my skirt. He put his hands on me and started feeling my fanny and arse through my underwear. I turned around and ground myself on his lap for a while. It turned me on and I let out a groan. I then moved on to the next old man and continued this pattern until each one of them had copped a good long feel. By the time I got to the last ‘teacher’ I was really wet as Rob well knew I would be and most of them had their pants undone, openly wanking.

“You are a liar, young lady and must be punished. Take down your panties.” “But Sir…” “Take them down or we’ll take them down for you.” I slowly peeled them down and off, getting more and more excited by the second. “We’ve also heard a rumour you’ve been smoking. Where are the cigarettes?” “I don’t smoke, Sirs, and I have none.” “Let us see what you have hidden inside your top. Open your blouse.” I undid each button and did as requested. “We can’t take your word for it, girl. Give us a closer look.” Again I started at the beginning of the line of men and groaned as each one felt inside my bra and fingered my now bare wet fanny and arse. When I got to the third man it was too much for him and he shot his load on my bum as I ground into him. This seemed to be the indication to the others to forget about restraint and they circled around me, rubbing themselves up and down my body. Rob called order and made me continue my rounds. He then grabbed my hand and bent me over his knee and the teachers started feeling me up. A couple of them smacked me while the rest were content to wank over my upturned arse. Rob alternated smacking my bare bottom and dipping his fingers into my wet, wet pussy. Then there were hands all over me and more fingers up my arse and vagina. I was so turned on I came hard, writhing on their fingers and groaning. My vagina was in spasms, contracting with a huge orgasm.

“You naughty girl,” one of them said. “You need a good pounding for being so wicked.” And then I was tossed doggy style onto the couch and the first of their stiff dicks was inside me, pumping away for all it was worth, to be replaced by another then another. I was in ecstasy and had cum so many times I couldn’t tell you how many. Some of them liked to spank me while they fucked me but others just gripped my tiny hips and rammed into me for dear life. Rob said later that he was very proud of me and that I’d played my part well. I was just so happy to be spunked up by old men.

This was just one of Rob’s Super Saturday Specials. If you’d like to hear more about some of our little parties, just let me know. Rob and I will be turned on to get the feedback.