Written by Carl and sandra

7 Sep 2018


I would like to introduce myself i am Sandra and married to Carl and if you have followed the previous installments you will know that my best friend is Jenna. Although we are friends we are very much like sisters so we are very close. Jenna has a boyfriend by the name of Glen and he is a very fit black man. I have long had an image in my head of sleeping with a black man and i finally got the chance as Jenna said that we could swap for the weekend.

I was a little nervous not knowing quite what to expect on arrival at her house. I am not a woman of easy virtue but getting this chance to be with Glen for a weekend had me so worked up. When i got out of the taxi and knocked on the front door i was greeted by Glen who was dressed very smartly. He invited me in and i just stood there not knowing what to say or do, he said dont look so worried i am not going to pounce on you.

He asked if i would like to go out to dinner so i readily agreed and we had a lovely meal. Glen made made me feel at ease as we talked about each other. After the meal we went for a drink and to my horror he took me by the hand to his local. I felt really awkward as it was like he was showing me off as his conquest , They all knew he was with Jenna and I felt really uncomfortable so after one drink i asked can we go now to which he agreed. He held my hand as we walked back to Jennas place and as we reached the front door he took me in his arms and kissed me full on the lips.

Once inside he bent forward and picked me up over his shoulder with my short skirt around my waist and he put his hand on my bottom. On entering the bed room he put me down and in a voice that was more like a command he said take of your cloths. I just stood there looking at him come on now, do it now , i have never been spoken to like this before but i slowly undressed. He stood there looking me up and down then said fucking amazing you are just one amazing hot wife. He then quickly stripped and said right girl tonight you will become a woman.

Having said that he laid me on the bed and i looked on at his manhood, i have no idea of how big i just know it makes my husband look small. He lent over me stoking my thighs while he kissed me , here i was a faithful married woman letting this black man have access to my naked body. His hand reached my pussy and i felt a finger slip inside me first one then two with his thumb rubbing my clit. I was so wet i could feel my juice on my inner thighs Then he started ramming his fingers in and out so fast and i have never had a feeling like this ever.

I was so worked up i began to pee and lay there saying sorry, dont be sorry , and with that he took his fingers from my pussy and offered them to my mouth. I closed my lip as i thought this was dirty then there was this order open you mouth bitch and suck your piss of my fingers. Once again i did as was bid and for the first time in my life i tasted my own pee. He repeated this this before laying on top of me rubbing his cock on my pussy lips and i l lay waiting to feel him penetrate my married pussy. He was teasing me asking me if i wanted him this was cruel of coarse i wanted him .

Then it dawned on me he had not put a condom on which was what i had agreed with my husband, Glen Glen put a condom on Glen. He said i dont use rubbers so do you want me to stop the bastard knew i wanted him so i just screamed fuck me then but please pull out. Then i felt his cock enter me ,oh my god how wonderful it felt being fucked by this black man in contrast to my white skin. He fucked me fast then slow repeating his rhythm. I was in another world when he said can come inside you I never answered and so he took this as a yes. Next thing i felt my pussy being flooded with his sperm but i was past caring as i lay there having fulfilled my fantasy. This was just the beginning of the weekend so there is more to tell and also how life with my husband is now.