Written by Lioncouple 8

21 Aug 2014

My partner and i have always had an okay sex life but just okay. No great shocks.

She isnt the adventurous type to be fair and will only go as far as the odd fantasy.

Previously she has admitted to me she likes the idea of a young guy with a good torso,fairly muscular and reasonable looking fucking her hard but she said she would never go through with it.

We talked about the possibilities several times but she wants a young guy to get to know us both for a bit,make friends then after a while gradually seduce her. I had to admit the chances of finding the sort of guy willing to take his time is slim,especially in Rochester where we live. (lol).

After a recent chat she did however admit she did get turned on by the idea of being accidently seen/watched.

I thought long and hard about this and one Sunday i asked her to put a wrap around dress on,bra but no knickers and come with me out for a drive.

I had a few places in mind but we ended up driving around for a bit as most places were full of families,walkers/dog walkers etc.

Eventually we ended up at a local beauty spot where you can see down over the local area.

I parked at one end of the small wide car park in a corner and we wandered down the steep hill. It was warm but had rained during the night so i took a heavy rug with us.

We found a spot between two bushy trees halfway down the hill and i lay the rug out.

After a minute or two of admiring the scenery i started kissing her.

We were both soon fumbling about and i managed to glide my hand up her dress and my fingers were soon sliding over her freshly shaven creamy pale pussy. She was wet and my fingers slipped easily inside her.

She was soon rubbing my cock through my jeans as we snogged.

With my help she undone my jeans,as she unzipped them my cock sprang in to her hand. Her fingers started carressing my cock and soon she was wanking my shaft.

As we lay there a couple of people had wandered past but not close enough to really see anything. However now i heard footsteps/noises quite close by.

I sort of moved my body over and against hers so we were pressed together in case anyone could see. Seconds later a guy walked right alongside us with his dog.

The dog noticed us first and trotted over to us.

We stopped what we were doing naturally and she stroked the dog until the guy walked over to retrieve him. He smiled and apologised. He pulled the dog away and soon they wandered off.

I said "Now where were we?"

She said "You were about to fuck me until that nice young man came along".

I started laughing and said "Well i can always call him back".

She grinned and said "I bet you would love that","Just fuck me".

After a quick look round i dragged her dress up,tugged my jeans down and plunged my cock straight in to her.

This wasnt going to be a lengthy session and within a minute or so she came closely followed by me.

I moved off of her and she drew her dress back down and over her,i started to fasten my jeans as she started laughing.

I asked her what was funny and she said "You didnt see that guy watching at all did you?"

Confused i said "What guy,the guy who was just here?"

"Yes",she said. He wandered back once you were on top of me and i could see him crouching near us watching.

My cock started to twitch at the thought.

"Did it bother you?"i asked her.

"For a second or two then i was past caring,it kind of added to it". "He seemed nice anyway" she said. I nudged her and she told me to behave.

We soon walked back up the hill to the car.

The people near us had gone and our car was more secluded now.

"Come on" i said. "I want you again,now".

Normally this would have been out of the question but she said "Come on then,fuck me again". Wow i thought this is a first. I got her in the back of the car,dress up and was inside her in seconds. I was past caring if anyone saw or not but i tried to take care. Her dress was soon fully undone and her lovely breasts were almost on display in her low cut bra.

A couple of minutes of this and i asked her to turn over on to all fours.

The back door of the car was still open allowing more room and as she adjusted her position i stood for a second to see if the coast was still clear.

I immediately saw the guy we spoke to with his dog leaning against the nearest car.

He got the dog inside,closed the door and smiling started to walk over.

She meanwhile had turned over,had her beautiful pale bottom in the air and was anticipating my cock. I smiled at the guy then ducked back inside the car,it was awkward but i soon had my cock deep inside her and we resumed fucking. She reached between her legs and played with herself as i fucked her. I could feel her long nails flickering against my shaft as we fucked.

Glancing up at the other window i saw the guy now standing there watching.

He pointed at the door,i assumed he was asking for permission to open it.

I gripped her firmly in case she decided to cease the fun and taking a chance i said "We have company","Its your young man".

I expected her to stop everything,get annoyed and tell him to sod off or at the very least to lose her temer at me but she did neither.

She simply said "Dont stop"!

It wasnt the easiest position to be in but i carried on fucking her,she was groaning and was clearly very wet again. She had stopped playing with herself and although i couldnt see her face i could tell she was looking up at the guy watching us.

I had slowed slightly but it felt really intense as i pistoned in and out of her,in fully to the hilt then sliding completely out again.

I jumped slightly as i heard & saw the guy open the other door. I felt her jolt too.

He opened the door very slowly and fully then crouched down in the open doorway.

My cock was as rigid as it had ever been,the surprise of the whole thing adding to the situation. I watched him lean in and gently stroke her long blonde hair. His hand then moved under her and he was obviously feeling her breasts in her bra.

I was close to cumming as i watched.

He sat back a little then bent down to her face. They kissed!!

It may seem tame to most on here but the sight and sound of my lady snogging another guy was highly erotic to me and i felt myself start to lose it. I thrust in to her three or four more times and filled her again with my cum. She ground back on to my rapidly softening cock and within moments i had to slide free. She still hadnt cum and i was very aware of this.

He sat back,stood a little and i was mesmerised as he started to unzip himself!

What will she say or do i thought.

She watched as he shrugged his trousers and pants down and revealed a hard erect cock. The first different cock she had seen for years.

It was only about a foot from her face and he started to stroke himself,pointing it at her face.

She moved her position quickly and sat upright on the seat. Her dress had covered her again. I looked at her and i knew she wanted to cum again,i could tell she was frustrated. She looked at me all flushed and had an almost apologetic look on her face. "Do whatever you want,please" i said.

He was wanking his firm cock quite near her now.

She parted her dress to reveal her pussy to us both. This alone made my cock recover.

I looked on as with her left hand she started to flick her wet clit,occasionally dipping a finger tip inside herself. As i knelt there helpless to intervene i saw he reach up and brush his hand from his cock. Her hand circled it and ever so gently stroked it. She made circular movements over the bulbous red tip with a finger. Then she started to wank him. Slowly at first,up and down then speeding up a bit. Her tongue wet her lips.

The hand between her legs was a blur at times. He reached in the car and i saw him softly stroke her belly and thighs. He managed to slide one finger between her wet pouting lips though only briefly before she moved his hand away.

This all seemed to take an age but the whole thing probably only lasted a few minutes.

She soon started to buck and groan. I saw she had inserted two fingers fully inside herself as she started to orgasm.

He kept telling her she was a good girl,such a good girl. Then he said he was going to cum. "Cumming",cumming now he said. He told her to open her mouth but she didnt. He told her to stick her tongue out but she didnt. She did turn her head and move herself closer to his groin though and i wondered if she was going to suck him.

She was still mid orgasm herself as he groaned loudly.

As she pulled on his cock i saw him spurt his cum over the material of her dress,over her shoulder,over her hair and onto her bra. It had run over her hand and down her wrist. Her orgasm had passed now but she still held his firm leaking wet cock.

Quite shocked at the events and hard again i watched as she moved her head closer to it. She really is going to put in in her mouth i thought.

I think i was holding my breath as her face was within inches of his wet cock. She still held it and to the guys credit it hadnt softened at all. She just kept very slowly wanking it and staring at it.

As if to break the moment and push her over the edge i said "Suck it".

She didnt reply.

"Suck it" i said again.

Still nothing. "Suck his cock" i said a third time.

There was a moment when she stopped and nobody moved,she glanced back at me then turned her head,opened her lips wide and i watched her take the whole red sticky cum soaked end of his cock in to her mouth. She started sucking him and i knew she was lashing the end of his cock with her tongue. Its what she always does.

He had kind of stood now,leaning on the car roof with his groin pressed in the car doorway,she sucked him in and out of her mouth.She slid it slowly in then out again. I reached over and started playing with her clit for a second then started to pump one,then two,then three fingers in and out of her pussy.

About a minute later she pushed down hard on to my fingers,i thought she was going to break them. She shook with another orgasm. His hand gently stroked her hair and i saw her throat and cheeks contracting as he emptied himself once more but this time in to my lovely lady's mouth.

She soon spluttered and he slipped his cock free. I looked at her face and saw his cum had leaked over her chin,neck and lips. She was gasping as he withdrew.

I have never seen her have such an intense orgasm.

Amazingly her never said a word. He gently closed the door to and wandered away.

It took a while before we righted ourselves and made our way home.

She spent a couple of hours in the bathroom and wouldn't speak the rest of the night.

The next day nothing was mentioned and we have only spoken about it once since.

She simply said it was an "experience" and that she felt bad afterwards.

This week however we have started making love again and is is clearly more intense than ever before. I said it seems the odd experience can enhance things.

She didnt disagree so i am hopeful for the future.