25 Aug 2016

You may like to read. More than we bargained for.

Having a 19yr old fingers wrapped round my 45 yr old cock might seem like heaven to most men, it felt wonderful and thankfully my cock responded by soon becoming hard as Karen wanked me slowly. My thoughts turned to Jacqueline who i dearly wanted to have a relationship with, true we had shared a few kisses and cuddles when we managed to get away from prying eyes, Jacqueline's controlling husband and not wanting to add fuel to my already difficult divorce.

Images of her in that tight top and mini skirt with the knee length boots, wrist tied to the headboard, legs with boots on over my shoulders, hands under her top, mauling her tits with my cock deep inside her.

Awaken from my dreams with the sensation of Karen's hot lips wrapped around my cock, for a young novice she could suck and play with my cock for ever, the ex would never do anything like it.

As she moved down the bed, looking back at me with those big blue eyes, like a baby with a new toy, fingers wrapped around my cock,sucking my balls, this girl is a natural or else she has been telling lies about only being with her boyfriend, could do nothing but enjoy the pleasure.

Panic!!!! hear the front door opening, who the fuck's that, never has my cock gone limp so quickly.

Whisper to Karen to go into to bathroom and lock the door until i find out who has come into the house, the ex still had a key.

Struggled into some clothes, ran down stairs, panic over , only my student lodger, came to get some clothes as he and his girlfriend were going out for a meal and he won't be back till late Monday.

As he left put my keys in the locks, nobody could get in now.

Two minds, one should really get Karen home before her boyfriend starts trouble, two have the house to myself until Monday evening and a young sexy girl with big tits locked in my bathroom.

As a gentleman, should get her home, but fuck it,she had not seemed in any hurry to leave.

Knocked on the bathroom door, everything is fine

Karen, replied, is it okay to take a shower?


Ah well a nice thought, end of fun, she is having a shower before going back to her boyfriend

Live in hope, stripped and got into bed, thinking it had been an unexpected pleasure with Karen

Hearing the shower stop and within a few minutes hear the door unlock, Karen walk's into the bedroom naked, her long hair still wet, her sexy young body, big firm breasts glistened

Thought you might like me like this, holding a bottle of baby oil she had found in the bathroom, pulling the quilt off the bed, watch with delight as she climbed up the bed, droplets of oil on her erect nipples, soft, warm, oiled sexy body into my arms.

For a young girl you have a very good imagination and sexy thoughts

Rolling her onto her back. watch her spread herself, arms wide, legs open, firm oiled body before me

Take me! Take me! do what ever you want with me, i know you will not hurt me, i trust you, make me feel wanted, please!