Written by Alkaz

29 Sep 2017

Following our weekend at Mike and Sue’s we chilled a bit for the next couple of months and then one evening when I came home Kaz seemed a little hornier than usual the reason was her online shopping. Now we had never bought sex toys but she had treated herself to a 9” dildo with a girth to match mine plus a bit and although keen to try it she had waited until I’d returned from my weekly golf trip.

Up to the bedroom she stripped and applied a little lube to the toy and to herself before mounting it gasping as her fanny began to get a stretching it probably hadn’t had since she gave birth grinning with triumph as its entire length disappeared into her completely. “ fucking hell that’s filled me “ she gasped beginning to ease herself up and down as I rubbed her clit and kissed her transferring to her nipples as her breathing became heavier as her orgasm built and her own lubricant took over trickling down the monster inside her as she cried out her climax pressing hard down as she peaked. Then as she subsided falling forward to grip the head of the bed as it slipped out allowing me to enter from behind pumping her loose sloppy fanny until my own deposit mixed with her second cumming. .my cock not slipping out but falling out with her gash gaping open showing right in to her inner folds my spunk pouring out with little to keep it in. We snuggled together her leg thrown over mine as we faced each other. “ I want one near to that for size” she announced “fuck me that’s opened me up”………….

Kaz works in the office of a utility company and as the “senior” she tends to get any visiting staff to sort out for meetings etc she’s had her chances over the years for extra marital fun but never strayed however now all bets are off. and she had to collect Ian from his hotel for a meeting. Kaz now takes over

Ian was a nice enough chap a Brummie and good at his job. Aged around 45 quite balding but close cropped and about 5’6” we had chatted about our lives at timeout sessions and I agreed to dine with him at his hotel after I often do this but unlike all the times gone before I’d decided if I got an offer I’d take it. We had both talked about our partners so it was a bit out of the blue when I got the “do you want to come up for a drink” line. I excused myself to the toilet and rang Al. Go for it he said.

I returned I think he thought he’d frightened me off so when I said “what about this drink then” his face lit up. And we headed for the lifts. A mid 30s couple shared our lift they had pulled apart as we entered Ian and I smirked at each other and got out leaving them to it and on to his room. My knickers were beginning to dampen as my pussy was telling me I was in for it. We entered and he got us drinks and we sat on his couch carrying on chatting he then brought up the subject of the “lift couple” I said I think she’d scored he laughed his face coming closer to mine my nipples now bursting in my bra and my pussy now willing him to make his move.

He did closing in for a kiss. He was experienced and must have known that my acceptance of his drink offer was a green light. Our lips met and I opened my mouth to his invading tongue . When we stopped I stood I think he thought he’d blown it before I pointed out I was wearing my business suit and didn’t want to ruin it so I slipped my jacket off slowly unbuttoning my blouse before unzipping my skirt allowing it to fall to the floor as I stepped out of my shoes.

“You know what you want” he said removing jacket tie shoes and shirt down to his boxers in record time as I arranged my clothes on the chair and unclasped my bra allowing some air to my aching nipples we kissed again he now fondling my breasts gently though . “Considerate” I thought my hand straying into his boxers then I got my shock he was big the cock of my dreams almost as big as the dildo my hand wrapped around it wanking him as his mouth sought my nipples his hand now into my knicks his middle finger pushing into my smooth pussy as it flowed its appreciation we moved to the bed fortunately the firm pays for double rooms I dropped my knickers as he shed his boxers and we dived onto the bed snogging like two teenagers him two fingers in my pussy me wanking that cock furiously before breaking as I headed south I wanted to see and taste this beast. I enveloped the head drinking his precum relaxing my throat pushing down allowing it to slide down my left hand grasping the base while my right cradled his hairy fat balls he began to push fucking my mouth while still fingering my pussy I removed my left hand sure I could swallow this right down as with Mikes before and I succeeded I think I surprised Ian at this his hand now stroking my hair as his hips humped my face before he tugged gently on my hair. I took the hint pulling off. “Wow” he groaned that was amazing but I rather fuck you properly. “ no problem and no condoms “ I answered “ You don’t need them at my age” I lay back in anticipation raising my legs and spreading wide blatantly showing my womanhood to him inviting him in. He rolled on top sucking my nipples his cock finding my entrance that large purple head forcing my labia apart as he eased it gently in until I was fully impaled. Fuck me it felt good I liked the stretch from my dildo but this was real, living , warm and it was now going to violate my pussy. He began to push slowly at first but beginning to speed up my first climax hit and I screamed my appreciation he didn’t slow causing orgasmic waves to overtake me as I reached my fourth ( or was it fifth) he began to pulse as he emptied copious quantities of his seed into me.

We lay together cuddling for a while before I retreated to the bathroom for a clean up. On my return he was on the phone to his wife. He did the usual asking about his children etc and her day before the surprise he was then telling her briefly about our encounter. “See you tomorrow darling love you” he said before they hung up. I’d been careful with the drink at only water with my meal and one before fucking I asked if he wanted me to stay or if he wanted sleep. “If you don’t mind” he began no “I don’t but next time you are in town you are welcome to meet up of stay with me and my husband if you wish” His turn for surprise realising we were kindred spirits.

“Linda will want full details when I get back” he confided “ then she’ll want fucking senseless” “ My Alan the same” “Can’t wait” we said together “ She’ll be impressed I found somebody to swallow me right down It’s a trick she does but I’ve not met anybody in a good while you give an excellent BJ he praised” “you are a wonderful fuck “ I said stroking his ego hoping we could meet again. He agreed I looks like I have an albeit occasional fuck buddy……………..