Written by Marge

11 Feb 2008

Hello,it\'s Marge again,i\'m sure some of you

will remember me from my previous posts about my

lodger/partner Derek,i am you will recall considerably

older than him at 71.

I adore Derek and i\'d hate to ever lose him,but i am certain

that will never be the case,he his such a warm caring and loving

man,and he makes me feel very special,i have spoken to a lot of women

with younger male partners on forums about the subject recently and

the subject has often cropped up about sex,and one aspect in particular

has seemed to interest many of the ladies,and that is anal sex.Most of

the women i have chatted with dislike the idea,and say they\'d never try

it with a partner,that\'s why i thought it only right to put the record straight.

Derek is a very gentle and caring man,but bottom sex is very important to him,

he deserves a reward i think and i have no qualms about offering him my

bottom for his pleasure,as i have said before,Derek has a large penis he is

very aware of that fact and he is always very understanding,it does hurt a little

at first of course,but after a while those sensations become a wonderful

exciting feeling as i feel his full length slowly enter my back passage.

He begins very slowly and just eases his length in and out.

I have actually had many climaxes as i experience his big penis.

My sister June has taken it once,and she says that her bottom hole aches every

time she thinks of it.Derek has offered to do it again,though i don\'t know if she ever will,

i don\'t mind,i don\'t think Derek would run off with her.

Yesterday Derek spent a fortune on the kitchen,without so much as asking for a penny.

That night i rewarded him with something he calls a \"bum wank\",he loves this,basically

i lift my nightie and then sit my bum down slowly on his penis that is always big and hard

and ready,my back is to him as i spread my oiled cheeks and lower myself until he enters

my anus,i then do the work and take more in,and bob up and down.

Derek usually cries out in pleasure at this,and makes lots of rude comments about my

\"lovely arsehole\".

With all the wonderful things he does for me,i\'m sure i can accomodate that big penis in my bottom

for his pleasure.