3 Oct 2016

Sorry for all the readers that are not underwear lovers but there are a couple of more tales to tell, the phone rang and it was our friends wife, she said that they had a film the last showing on Thursday and they thought it would be quite, she said it was at the same cinema they he gone to and she felt comfortable there I said no problem and we were looking forward to our adventure, she suggested they picked us up and we stopped for a drink first fine look forward to it.

I explained to my wife the arrangements and she said fine, Thursday came and we got ready, I asked her to wear her school girl outfit, which comprises of a white blouse and a navy pleated skirt that just showed the hem of her petticoat, black stockings and white suspenders and knickers, she came down ready and looked gorgeous we put our coats on and heard the car pull up, we walked to the car and she was in the front seat I said open your legs when you get in so he can see up your skirt, she opened her coat and spread her legs as she got in he had a wonderful view as he turned around, his wife had no idea.

It was about 15 minutes to the pub and cinema, my wife was sitting behind his, I moved her skirt up to her knickers and slipped my hand down the waistband and played with her, his wife was unaware of what was happening but never stopped talking, we arrived and sat for a couple of drinks, it was so hot we all took our coats off, she had pale blue blouse and matching skirt and looked very sexy, I asked them if they liked my wife's school uniform, they laughed and he said I can see what you mean love the petticoat.

We left and entered the cinema, we followed them in and she chose the seats, the lights were still up and the two girls sat together with us either side, I looked around and hardly anyone in except a few couples a single men, as we waited for the lights to dim I unbuttoned my wife's blouse parst her bra and put my hand in as they both watched, the lights dimmed and my wife moved close with her legs slightly towards them, we started kissing, I could see him watching as I was, I unbuttoned the rest of her blouse she looked so sexy sitting with her bra on show as I felt her through the sexy material, his wife looked around to see me touching her, he put his hand up her skirt and she moved forward in her seat and opened her legs, he moved her skirt up passed her stockings so her pAle blue knickers were on show his hand was touching the front and she was moving against his hand,I'd forgotten where we where and looked around but the few people that were there were watching the screen.

My wife asked what was happening and I told her the the situation, she lifted off the seat and I moved her skirt and petticoat up to her knickers, I moved over closer to her, my arm moved onto his wife's thigh I felt the edge of her knickers, he knew what I was doing, my wife said are you touching her and I said yes, her knickers feel so sexy, do you want me to wank you, no it's to early. She said she had to go to the loo she left and I sat watching him with his fingers in her knickers, I opened my flies and my erection stood out, he told her and she looked around, he nodded and I sat next to her I started wanking, he moved his hand away and I put my hand in the leg of her knickers and put two fingers in very easily, he moved away and watched as her hand went on me, my wife returned and sat next to him, she told me later that she asked him if he was enjoying the view, he said it was incredible, she opened his trousers and put her mouth around his cock,I moved his wife around so she could see what was happening, I whispered that I wanted to fuck her, she said she wanted to but not here, my wife stopped and carried on with her hand we both watched as he came over her hand, her knickers were so wet , I said I needed to come and said I want to come in your knickers , she slid them down and put them around me and wanked me while the others watched, it only took a few strokes.

We left and back in the car we sat in the back again, we all agreed that we had some fun, we suggested that they came around to us the next time we met, she said have you still got my knickers my wife said I'm wanking him into them again, she looked around and could see her knickers being filled with come again. We left the car and said we would be in touch.l