Written by Tongue tease

20 Feb 2018

We moved into a new house around a year ago, recently we have had a few things go wrong with the central heating and other stuff so have had to get in touch with the landlord. Anyway my wife called me the other day to say the heating wasn't working and that she would need to call the landlord. A short while after, she text and said he was at the house and was trying to fix it. I was already on my way home from work and when I got there the landlord was still there. Soon after i arrived he said he had fixed it and heating was back on. After he left my wife said how nice our landlord is and it was then I wondered how she meant this or if it was just my mind thinking other things. I thought I may mention his name later when in bed to see if I get any sort of response. So when we went to bed she stripped off naked which is a normal sign that she's horny and we started kissing etc. I moved my hand down between her legs to touch her pussy and it was so wet. I looked at her and asked why it was so wet already and she said I don't know. I took the opportunity and said I think it's because the landlord was round earlier and he's got you wet. Saying this made her take a deep breath in as I continued touching her clit. I said it again and that she wanted both of ours cocks together and she moaned in agreement. I continued asking about why she was so wet and teasing that I was going to text him to come back, she was loving it and getting wetter by the second. She then said she couldn't last any longer and needed to cum and let out a load moan of pleasure. She then got on top of me to ride my cock and made us both cum. After wards we didn't really say anything about the landlord and I don't think either of us could do it for real but it definitely turns us on talking about doing something like that.