17 Feb 2017

We have been asked more than a few times to divulge the juicy details in a holiday picture we posted a year or so ago on SH: Madge naked on a beach with two guys all having fun, so we have agreed it’s about that time we explained ourselves re this sordid tale!

First a little about us, the authors, We are a couple, be together over 30 years, expanding our sexual horizons to include others for maybe the last 15 years, and it’s still nice work in progress

Madge, almost the big 50, 5 .1 inch tall, Blonde hair, big blue eyes, size 14-16 with fantastic firm 36 d breasts, and a very sweet nicely trimmed pussy. Does like to mix her fun 80% men 20% ladies, naturally slightly Sub, however, recently Dom in certain circumstances

She would like to be taller!

Rod 6.2 16 stone , past the big 50 6 years ago

Gave up on hair on head years ago, Goaty Beard Reasonable Thick 7” Cock. Trimmed not shaved into: Ladies, would be mainly Dom, but recently looking into mild Cuckold scenarios.

He would like a six pack

So we begin...

We had spent a wonderful couple of weeks in Spain with the family and friends; a really nice time... all had been fun and laughs, however, restrictive in the Dark Side Dept

Madge, does love the sun, it never fails to make her horny as hell, but as we were not alone our little sexy adventures had been put on hold.

Madge had struggled with all over tan she so loves achieve.

The bedroom walls were so very thin, our sex life during this holiday had been mainly: Sucking, Licking, Frigging and Wanking, sometimes followed by quick quite shag in the shower, which was nice, but not for two weeks.

Our normal return off the beach, through the door, Madge announcing “I’m so wet and I need Cock, Fuck me now!” had also not been happening!

So dropping them all off, waving Goodbye was not so bad, us having a couple more nights to ourselves was needed.

As it was now early evening, we decided to have an early night, to include a nice slice of noisy sex and then to sleep.

The plan was to get up early in the morning, get the villa cleaned up, pack most our bags, then enjoy the rest of the time on the beach sunbathing as we like it..

The next morning we were up nice and early, Cleaning and packing as planned. Madge sorted the beach bags out, now including Cava, and an assortment of Black lace novels, whist I sorted out the coffee.

As she had only wearing a flimsy T shirt and no knickers the whole of the morning, it did make sense not to miss an opportunity.

Madge never takes a lot of persuading when it comes to a quick one over the kitchen table. I bent her over, lifted the T shirt, then roughly rubbed her clit, explaining this was going to be a Fuck, for me and a starter for her.

She does like being taken, so she took no time in parted her lips, “Ok come on then, give it to me good and hard now!”

Wasting no time, I gripped her hips and forced my 7” cock straight in. She was not yet fully aroused, so it did make her squeal as it ripped in!

The table was a perfect height, I was simply standing and fucking her deep and hard, Madge loving it, and pounding herself back onto me,“ Come on then , fuck me harder, give it to me then” I gripped her hips and rammed as hard and fast as I could, only caring for my orgasm, and boy was it great, started from my toes, my legs were buckling, my arse cheeks were clamped together and finally I came , hammering her balls deep on each spurt, a fantastic come.

I do love taking a woman this way, and Madge enjoys being roughly taken in the right circumstances

After getting my breath back and some blood in my legs, I slapped her arse, “Come on, it’s time for the beach”

She stood up, nicely flushed, her fanny red and swollen, now dripping with nice hot cum!. “Well! Now look what you have done, I’m all wet and horny, and I have to go to the beach, read a filthy book, and flash my swollen wanton pussy at strangers!”

Madge: That was a nice start to the day, he finally took the hint, I had no knickers on and a short T shirt, of course I wanted it, and enjoyed taking it quick and hard, gave as good as I took, milked him dry !

It was just what I needed to start the day

So after a quick shower we’re walking along the beach for a nice relaxing day in the sun. It is a fantastic long sandy beach, backed by loads of huge sand dunes .We walk past the beach bar, about 5 mins walk, to the edge of the nudist section. Set up next to the dunes, about 20 mts from the sea.

Towels down, Umbrella up and cool box in the shade.

As it was still quite early the beach was quite empty, time for a snooze and some serious sunning. It was about 30 mins later when the beach started to fill up, a Spanish couple settled down just in front of us, early 40’s both looked good, and looked better once they stripped off to shorts and tiny bikini. They both had lovely tans with all the latin looks.

The guy short dark and handsome, and the lady petite with long dark hair, They then nicely oiled each other up and we chatted, he gently slapped her arse as he finished and laughed , they certainly were not shy!

We offered to share a drink, they thanked us, but explained they had a long drive home later. Their names were Paco and Maria.

We all settled down, Maria closest to the seafront, Paco nearest to us.

After about 10 mins Madge decides to stand and remove her bikini top, Now only in Thong, Hat and Dark glasses she applies a little too much oil on her 36 d boobs, resulting in her having to spend an age rubbing it in, making sure her nibbles were well protected and erect.

She does have wonderful firm boobs, with nipples, always begging to be sucked hard, always a great turn on for her. Through her dark glasses she can see who may be enjoying her show. Gentlemen or Ladies

She now knows Paco is going to enjoy her tease today He has certainly enjoyed the view so far, whilst not reading his paper.

She then settles down, lying on her back, head towards the dunes, pussy towards Paco, and begins to read her Book.

Not mills and boon, or romance, a hard core thriller, the picture on the front, is Master standing over a collared Slave Girl dressed in stockings and corset. His Lady by his side, leather Basque and stockings. A theme always guaranteed moist results in Madge’s knickers department.

With the cover on show, it often gets a double take from passing walkers.

Paco, had clocked it almost immediately, and seemed to report it straight back to Maria, she rolls over and takes a peak, they have a little chat, giggle and get back to sunbathing. Maria has a fantastic tan, so must take sunning seriously! Afraid still in a tiny bikini, hope those little Titties do make a show at some point!.

I’m not so good at sunbathing, so do get a little restless, often popping off for a swim, or a walk, checking out the lovely ladies as one does.

On my return from a walk, we shared a glass of cold cava, Madge explains, she is having great fun teasing Paco. Maria was often on her phone, and walked about as she was on the phone. On one occasion in her absence, he stood up and removed his shorts, giving me a nice show of a very nice semi hard cock and firm arse, he had also spent more time than maybe necessary oiling himself up as he looked at me, a very nice show too, “I’m sure he could see me staring, whilst I was pretending to read my book, Maybe he could see my eyes behind my dark glasses?” I looked, sometimes you could!

“He then lay on his front, leaning up to read his newspaper, but I could definitely see he was just having a good look at me, I was pretending to be well into my book, but now and again my hand did find its way to my pussy mound, and I was dreamily stroking it.” A short time later he rolled over, revealing a nice hard cock, not massive, but with a very nice big mushroom end. Maria seen this, gave it a little fun slap, whilst raising her eyebrows to Madge, “What are these men like eh,?” she giggled, Madge just smiled, and tried to look surprised at the site of Palco’s nice erection! “He better put some cream on that before he gets it burned!, Don’t worry about me, boys will be boys, and we would not want it any other way would we?”

We all settle back down, for some serious sunning and in Madge’s case serious teasing. After about 15mins it was time for thong undone, sunbathing on front, and finally after about 20 mins, it was thong off, pussy out and enjoying the sun. I was also enjoying the whole scenario, it was electric hot, and getting hotter. Paco, had almost given up pretending not to watch, he was fully hooked and in voyeur heaven. Madge still reading her book, still sometimes finding her hand rubbing through her triangle of hair, sometimes lifting her knees up, slightly apart, giving him a real view of her very wet throbbing pussy, all innocently of course whilst reading her filthy book. I am again laying on my front, my cock in full bloom, trying to sun bath, but struggling not to keep watching the fun.

Madge rolls over yet again, and whispers to me “I am so wet, its running down my cheeks, Paco has just had a slow wank of his cock, whilst staring straight into my eyes, I smiled back, and gave him a better view of my pussy, he then winked and blew me a kiss, its so horny, I ‘m loving it!” I told her, I was also enjoying the fun, and showed her my throbbing cock. She blew it a kiss.

Suddenly, Maria stood up, “I need to nip to the ladies, I will call at the bar for some drinks on my way back, is that OK?

“Yes , that’s a good idea, plenty of Ice please” I replied, and with that she blew Paco a kiss, “See you all in a while” she said then walked off, starting to speak again on her phone.

Paco then stood up and move his towel next to Madge’s, saying the sun had moved.

Madge: I could not believe how quickly he moved, setting himself up right next to me, I had two horned up guys, one each side of me, Lucky girl I thought! I lay on my side, looking at Paco, he too was on his side looking straight back at me, now slowly wanking his nice cock, not massive , but what a turn on. In my book, the sub girl, who had been nicely abused for 3 chapters had now turned the tables on her master, she had now got him as she wanted, begging her to take him, she was teasing too, it felt like I was in a dream, part of the book, watching this stranger wank over me!, it was great!”

Madge then turned to me, “I think Paco may need a hand, what do you think?” I looked over to Paco, he did not try to hide his cock, I smiled and said. “ I think your right, if you think you can help in any way, it would be rude not too” I gave a thumbs up Paco, “enjoy matey”. I did expect Madge to lean over at this point, lay closer and take him in hand, or try a quick blow job, but before anything could happen, Paco stood up, and wrapped his towel around him and his stiff cock, and then offered Madge his hand. She looked quite shocked, but also stood up, wrapping herself around with a sarong. Paco, held her hand, saying, “ you come , to the dunes please” Madge looked over to me, I shrugged and says, “ well you had better go then” With that she picked up a cold water from the cool box, whispered “ You sure?” “Yes no problem, go for it “ I replied. With that she gripped his hand and started to go. I was a little dazed, horned up as fuck not quite knowing how to feel. I called, “What about Maria?” Paco replied “ Don’t worry, she will be fine” with that they were off. As they went, I must admit I did have mixed feelings, we have played together as a couple, always same room, always with another Lady to occupy me. This time, I’m alone, and my mrs with her throbbing pussy, has just disappeared into the dunes with a guy.

I tried to busy myself, tidying up, getting towels straight, but all the time wondering what they are up to now, these two were both gagging for it, and when Mad’s on heat like this, she will be a fantastic dirty whore. After about 5 minutes, I thought I heard cries of pleasure, my cock was rock hard, my heart thumping, I was not sure, I listened harder, but as the waves from the sea came in, I could not hear. A few minutes the agony became a little too much, I needed to go and see just what was happening.

I quickly put my shorts and top on, and set off. The sand was so hot, flip flops not the best footwear for dune climbing. I climbed to close to top of the one I had seen then go over, and then slowly peeked over. They were not there! My heart pounding more , and my feet almost burning i climbed up the second one, slightly steeper and higher, Again I peeked over.

There they were, I kept quiet, they were so into it, I don’t think they saw me. Paco Standing up, Madge on her knees sucking his cock like a pro, taking it all in, looking up towards him as she slowly sucked in and out. The relief all was well and watching this show almost made me spurt my cum into the sand I was so horned up. She grabbed his arse as she sucked, he then grabbed her hair, he was fucking her face, and she was helping, normally she would be gagging, but not this time, she was pulling his cock into her face, and her nails were clawing his arse cheeks as she took it.

It was pure animal. I thought he can’t last long, she will get him to the edge, pull off and bring him off with her hands so he cums over her face a tits, this is her preferred way, and I know it’s great. But suddenly Paco is buckling, he is not letting go, he is filling her mouth with cum, he grunts as his last drop is shot into the back of her mouth. Madge keeps sucking until he almost begs her to stop. She finally pulls off, she looks up at him smiles a cum smile, and licks her lips. She then looks up towards me, She had seen me, she shows me the last cum on her tongue, then swallows, not a drop wasted, she had cleaned up the lot, she looked like the cat with all the cream.

It did take a lot of self control not to shoot my lot, I could have in seconds, however, the sand was so hot, I was at the top of the dune, in full view, and, if all is as Paco said is true maybe Maria could help me out! They looked all finished now, so I thought I had better get back.

Madge; I must admit i was a little blown away when Paco stood up and offered his hand. It was a moment of lust, his cock had been pointing towards the dunes, my pussy was throbbing so much,I checked with Rod, he seemed cool, I thought well, why not, this is magical. I slipped on my sarong, grabbed a cold water and we were off! I fully expected Rod to follow, but he didn’t! He only shouted over about Maria. I looked at Paco, he says “Don’t worry, she knows, she is cool” I did not question, I was just soo horny. He helped me up the side of the first dune, helping himself to a good handful of arse on the way, I certainly was not complaining. We then got to the bottom of the dune, out of site , he pulled me close, kissed me hard, then said, ”You are a very Sexy Lady, and a very big tease” I pulled him closer to me, we were both so hot and horny. He quickly roughly fondled my boobs, I grabbed him arse, pulling him closer still.

The problem was, the sand was so hot, we could not lie down. We then decided to go over to the next one, it was a bigger climb, but once we got over, there was a small area of shade.

We stood, paco then dropped his towel to the floor,his cock now as hard as it could be, I dropped my sarong, both now naked, and in full lust.

He gropped my tits and loved them, Maria had a great body, but smaller tits, he was certainly having fun, sucking on my nipples hard, just as I love it, his fat fingers were soon exploring my soaking pussy, I could have cum there and then, it was heaven, almost too nice. I had to stop him, I wanted to be in control, just as the girl in my book!

I told him, put your towel down, and kneel, he did without question, looking up at me with his big brown eyes, I then said, “Do you want to eat my pussy? “Oh yes “he says , and leans forward, I pull back, “Please?”

Oh “Yes please” he cried, The truth is, I could not wait any more, I pushed my pussy out, “So Lick me Paco, its what you have been wanting, lick me good” It was fantastic, he lapped and licked me like an expert, he had a great tongue, I was loving it, his fat fingers digging in my arse as he pulled me onto his face. I could feel my orgasm coming, “Lick harder, do not stop”

He was good, lapping my clit like a man possessed, then it hit me, “ I’m cumming , I’m fucking Cumming” it was so intense, my legs almost buckled, I had his head in my hands, pulling his face into my pussy, my juices covering his face, I was using him, and it felt great.

He finally escaped for air, I Said “I’m not finished yet!” He quickly pushed his fat fingers into me, started to finger fuck me, it was fab, but not quite hitting my clit, I reached down, and started to frig myself staring straight into his big brown eyes, in seconds I came again, and then again, each time shouting loud filthy abuse as I did almost collapsing onto him as It was pure beautiful Lust.

We then had a quiet moment, to catch our breath, this was amazing.

I instructed him to stand up, I then Kneeled down on the towel, facing his lovely throbbing cock, I thought, he is now going to get a blow job, he will never forget. I looked up, whilst slowly licking the pre cum from his throbbing helmet, it tasted good, quite strong but pure animal. I then took his whole cock in my mouth, it was a perfect size, not making me gag as larger ones do. It was covered in sand, so i needed to stop, I took a drink from the cold water. Then poured some over his hot cock, he squealed, it was still cold, then I took another mouthful, this time not swallowing, then taking his full length in my mouth, the cold water surrounding his cock. He gasped, but remained very hard, he was loving it. I also noticed Rod peeking over the top of the dune, I thought he ‘s going to get a great show, I sucked and licked that cock like it was to be my last, Rod’s Mrs was a dirty Cock sucking slut, enjoying a strangers cock and loving it!.

I was going to take him to the limit, then stop, and then slowly wank him. Making him shoot he cum all over my face and tits.

Paco was in the zone, gasping, talking fifth and swearing in Spanish, “Ahh Take it, suck it Dirty girl Arrh perfecto” Suddenly he grabbed my head tight, he was fucking my face, I could not pull away, he gripped harder, “Suck me dirty bitch, take it all” I had lost control, he was now using me! I thought, Ok , I will take it, I will suck you dry until you beg me to stop!

I held his arse and pulled each thrust towards me, He grunts, seconds later the first shots of thick cum hits the back of my throat, then another , then another, I was almost drowning in cum, Paco groaned as he despatched the last drops of sperm in him into my mouth, I sucked more, finally he gave up, saying “No More No More I am Finished!”

I pulled away, swallowing hard, he had certainly pushed me to the edge, I have never seen , or tasted so much cum, I ate it all, showing him, (And Rod) the last drops on my tongue, then finished it off , licking my lips and showing them it was all gone like a go whore would!.

We both then stood up and hugged in this post orgasmic moment, Wow what just happened? I said, “Something very special sexy” he replied

We kissed, I could taste our sex, it was great!

So I get back to the beach, head in a spin having seen Madge gorging on cock, and certainly enjoying it too! Had he fucked her first? If so how? It must have been quick, Madge was gagging for it. I couldn’t wait to hear the sordid details, my cock was rock hard.

Suddenly I was out of the moment, Maria was approaching, the lovers still not back, I hoped it was not Paco’s cock speaking else we all could be in deep do do!

She skipped along the beach, carrying a jug of drink with glasses, she looked good, see through sarong, tiny white bikini over her lovely brown tan. Despite being a little worried, my throbbing cock was hoping all was well, and just maybe...

She smiled as she arrived, passed a glass over to me, “Sangria, very weak as we need to drive soon” I thanked her, she then spotted Madge and Paco coming back from the dunes, Hand in hand! “They look like they have fun?” Maria said, I replied “ Looks that way for sure”

They both get closer, and then Paco, holds Madge close, gives her a big kiss, then says hi to Maria! She then says something in English/Spanish,

I think, “So you two been rude in them dunes? Naughty !!”

Paco Nods and says “Yes all very good, Madge is a very naughty lady! No mess to clean“ She then passes a drink to Paco, and then moves over to Madge, “I think you may need a drink, I know what he is like!! “ She then kisses Madge on the cheek. “Sure I will find out what you two have been doing as we go home, it will make a good journey”

So all was well, Maria was cool and in on the game. it was not long before we all packed up, a 3 hour drive was on the cards for our new friends . They told us, they like to flirt and play on the beach, but had never actually done anything until today. It had been a fantasy for them for Paco to enjoy another lady, whilst Maria was happy to only hear about it. So I’m afraid, there was not to be a happy ending for Me and my throbber

We exchanged phone numbers and all walked to the bar. We said our goodbyes, and they were off! I ordered a large G and T asked if Madge wanted a cocktail, She looked down the list, “arh Sex on The Beach or Screaming Orgasm ? well I’ ve had both today, so think another one wouldn’t hurt, don’t you think?

I slapped her arse, we sat down, and I said, “OK, I need to know every detail, My cock is about to explode, so spill the beans the durty cock sucker!”

Ok she said, I’ll tell all blow by blow after I come back from the loo....